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Islamic Awakening

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Topic: Islamic Awakening
Posted By: whitelion553
Subject: Islamic Awakening
Date Posted: 14 December 2012 at 11:31pm

Supreme Leader of Iran in International Conference on Islamic Awakening (2012/12/11 - 20:09)

"Islamic Awakening and its influence on the Islamic Ummah is a great event which has penetrated the whole world and which has resulted in a number of revolutions and regime change in certain countries."


Ayatollah Khamenei reiterated that Islamic Awakening is a deep and widespread movement. He added that the enemies are afraid of the phrase ″Islamic Awakening″.

" They are trying very hard not to let the phrase ″Islamic Awakening″ be used to refer to the current great movement in the region because the enemies are terrified of genuine Islam."


His Eminence stressed: "They do not fear the kind of Islam which is based on money, corruption, aristocracy and the kind of Islam which is not supported by the majority of people. But they tremble with fear when they see the kind of Islam which is supported by the majority of people and which is based on action, reliance on God and divine promises."


The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution reiterated: "We believe that the current great movement is a true example of Islamic Awakening. This movement will continue in the future and it will not easily deviate from its path."


Ayatollah Khamenei referred to the reasons why this movement is called an Islamic movement, further adding: "The people's Islamic slogans in the regional revolutions and the role of Muslim believers in organizing public demonstrations and overthrowing corrupt regimes are all proof that this movement is Islamic in essence."


His Eminence added that the people's votes in favor of Islamist parties in the elections which are held in these countries is another reason why this movement is Islamic and stressed: "Today if a free election is held in many Muslim countries and if Islamist leaders and politicians participate in this election, people will vote for Islamist politicians."


The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution referred to the need for identifying the problems of these movements and revolutions especially in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, and stated: "Besides identifying the problems, we should highlight the goals of these revolutions because if it is not clear what the goals are, there will be confusion."


Ayatollah Khamenei added that getting rid of global hegemony is one of the objectives of Islamic Awakening and stressed: "We should announce this openly because the notion that global arrogance - headed by America - may get along with Islamic movements is a mistake."


His Eminence added: "Wherever Islam and supporters of Islam prevail, America does its best to destroy them while putting on a friendly smile."


The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution stressed that the regional revolutions should distance themselves from global arrogance, further reiterating: "We do not say that they should go to war with global arrogance, but we say that if they do not distance themselves from global arrogance, they will be deceived."


Ayatollah Khamenei stated that global arrogance uses money, weapons and science to dominate the world. "Despite possessing these means, one of the current big problems of western countries is that they do not have any new idea to help humanity. This is while the world of Islam has new ideas and a roadmap to help humanity."


His Eminence said that Islam offers new ideas and a roadmap, adding: "This issue is one of the strong points of the world of Islam. If we delineate our goals on the basis of these ideas, then the money, science and weapons of the west will not be effective as they were in the past."


The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution reiterated that another important goal of Islamic Awakening is to make Islam and sharia the pivot of things. He added: "There is an all-out effort to claim that sharia is not compatible with progress, change and civilization. This is while Islam answers all the needs of human beings and it is for all eras and all centuries."


Ayatollah Khamenei said that it is a matter of deep regret that some dogmatic movements try to promote the idea that Islam is not compatible with progressiveness. He reiterated: "What is important is to promote the idea that Islam answers all the needs of humanity."


His Eminence stated that building a governing system is another goal of Islamic Awakening and referred to a number of past events in North Africa which failed to succeed due to a lack of a system. He added: "If a governing system is not built in countries which have carried out a revolution, they will face dangers."


He added that one important thing to do regarding the regional revolutions is to strengthen popular support and stressed: "The real power is in the hands of the people. Whenever the people unanimously support their leaders, America and even powers that are greater than America cannot do anything to harm them."


The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution highlighted the importance of keeping the people on the scene, further adding: "Intellectuals, authors, poets and especially religious scholars play a significant role in regional developments. They should help the people remain vigilant by specifying the goals and the problems and by warning them against their enemies."


Ayatollah Khamenei highlighted the need for unity among Muslim countries. He added: "The west and America are trying to create discord among Muslims under such pretexts as Shia and Sunny, ethnicity and nationality. Therefore, all of us should be vigilant and we should address and respond to this issue from this perspective and we should also adopt positions in this regard."


His Eminence stressed that despite the efforts and plots of global arrogance, the world of Islam is moving forward, further reiterating: "One of the examples of this progress is the 8-day war. On the one side, there were the Palestinian people who lived in a very small area - namely Gaza - and on the other side there was the Zionist regime which claims to have the strongest army in the world. But it was the Palestinian side that set conditions for a ceasefire."


He added: "Would anybody have believed this ten years ago?"


The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution hailed the Palestinian people, Hamas and Islamic Jihad for their courage in the events of Gaza.


Ayatollah Khamenei expressed his gratitude to Palestinian soldiers for their sacrifices, their efforts and their patience.


His Eminence stated that the 8-day war in Gaza is an important lesson for the Palestinian people and for all Muslims. He stressed: "The war in Gaza showed that if all of us stay united and show patience when we face difficulties, God Almighty will fulfill his promise of bringing comfort after a hardship."


The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution referred to the issue of Bahrain and added: "Unfortunately, the world of Islam is silent about the issue of Bahrain. This silence is because of the wrong attitude towards this issue."


He reiterated: "Some people have a denominational bias in the issue of Bahrain. According to these people, you can help people who have risen up against their corrupt government unless these people are Shia like the people of Bahrain."


Ayatollah Khamenei stressed: "If we want to adopt a comprehensive outlook on the regional developments, we should take the plots and machinations of the enemy into consideration."


The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution stressed that Iran's position on the issue of Syria is based on such an outlook. He added: "The Islamic Republic of Iran is against shedding even one drop of blood from any Muslim. But those who have dragged Syria into a civil war, destruction and fratricide are to blame for the current situation in Syria."


His Eminence reiterated: "The demands of all peoples should be met in conventional ways and without using violence."


Elsewhere in his statements, Ayatollah Khamenei stated that training young people and achieving scientific and technological progress are essential issues for Islamic countries, especially those countries which have carried out a revolution. He reiterated: "This is possible and the Islamic Republic of Iran is a living example in this regard."


Ayatollah Khamenei stressed: "Islamic countries should follow the example of the Islamic Republic of Iran in this regard and the world of Islam should reach a point where it can be an authoritative source of reference in scientific areas."

i try to say only facts

Posted By: Matt Browne
Date Posted: 16 December 2012 at 7:40am
In this context Islamic Awakening is an euphemism for the spread of oppression and theocratic fascism.

A religion that's intolerant of other religions can't be the world's best religion --Abdel Samad
Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people--Eleanor Roosevelt

Posted By: whitelion553
Date Posted: 28 December 2012 at 1:11am

 words of  Leader of iran

opposite front the forces of falsehood having faced repeated retreats and having lost vain hopes of the earlier years alter in disunity uncertainty and bewilderment "The United States itself their principal supporter is confronted with insolvable problems in the Middle East and faces mounting hatred of the regions nations or rather the entire world "The NiletoEuphrates agenda is slashed to that of security within the wall that the usurper draws around itself knowing no other means to confront the arisen Palestinian nation except tanks bombs prisons and bulldozers "The same means whose use through the past decades has transformed the Palestinian nation into hardened steel "Henceforth too their effect will be no other than to make them yet more hardened and resistant "Brothers and sisters "Today the Palestinian nation is in the midst of a difficult and longterm jihad This struggle is not limited to Palestine Rather it is the prominent part of the wide front of the Muslim worlds struggle against aggressive murderous and marauding impe rialists "The Islamic world has awakened and all over the Muslim world the slogan for Islamic governance tops the agenda amongst the youth the intelligentsia and the universities "Islamic Iran which has developed and implemented the idea of religionbased democracy continues to advance and grow in strength "Genuine Islam propounded by Imam Khomeini as a teaching purged of syncretism bigotry and obscurantism has extended beyond to the political stage in many countries and taken roots in the Islamic world East and West "The venom of Western liberal democracy which American propaganda slyly tried to present as a healing medicine has hurt the body and soul of the Islamic Ummah Iraq Afghanistan and Lebanon Guantanamo Abu Ghraib and other secret dungeons and above all the towns of Gaza and the West Bank have translated for our peoples the meanings of such Western terms as freedom and human rights so brazenly and impudently preached by the United States regime "Today Western liberal democracy is as much discredited and despised in the Muslim world as the socialism and communism of the erstwhile Eastern block Muslim nations seek to obtain freedom dignity progress and honor in the shade of Islam Muslim natio ns are sick and tired of the two hundred year domination of foreign colonial powers and are fed up with the poverty humiliation and imposed backwardness "We have a right as well as the ability to respond to the humiliation and hubris of hegemonic powers This is the genuine sentiment of our nations and that of this generation of Muslims all over the world from East Asia to the heart of Africa This is a struggle that is complex diversified difficult and prolonged It will not be exaggerated to say that Palestine is the symbol and banner of this struggle "Today the entire Muslim world should consider the Issue of Palestine as its own problem That is the key to relief of the Islamic Ummah Palestine should be restored to the Palestinian nation The entire country should be a single Palestinian state and a government elected by all Palestinians The fiftyyearlong effort of Britain the united States and the Zionists to erase the name of Palestine from the world map and to dissolve the Palestinian nation in other nations has failed Persecution injust ice and brutality have produced the opposite results "Today the Palestinian people are much more alive daring and effective than their ancestors 60 years ago This trend which emerged in the shade of faith Jihad and the proud intifada should continue until the Divine promise as declared by God material izes "Allah has promised those of you who have faith and do righteous deeds that He will surely make them successors in the earth just as He made those who were before them successors and He will surely establish for them their religion which He has approve d for them and that He will surely change their state to security after their fear while they worship Me not ascribing any partners to Me And whoever is ungrateful after that it is they who are the transgressors (2455) "Achievement of this higher goal on a wider plane that is freedom of the Muslim world from imperialist dominance intimidation and interventions and life in the shade of Islam is certainly possible However it depends on another kind of struggle one which has a bearing on science politics and morality The Iranian people have tested this thesis for the last 27 years and they have tasted its sweet fruits This struggle is based on a three fold pursuit the pursuit of faith and scholarship/science and empowerment of the people The reward of his path is that each steady step forward makes the next step yet steadier each stage covered makes the next stage more accessible "Whether it is jihad for Palestine or for the Islamic world the main condition of success is staunch loyalty to principles The enemys constant aim is to banish principles By deceit promises and threats he persists in his efforts to force others to disregard them When principles are abandoned or overlooked the Islamic world will lose its compass as a result putting itself at the mercy of the rules made by the enemy with obvious consequences "Often some of our own people following the enemys cue advise us to abandon our principles thinking it to be some kind of tactic or expediency Whatever their motive whether it is weakness mixed with ignorance or greed accompanied with treachery t he following words of God apply to them "Yet you will see those in whose hearts is sickness rushing to them saying e fear lest a turn of fortune should visit us Maybe Allah will bring about a victory or a command from Him and then they will be regretful for what they have kept secret in their hearts (552) "They will derive no benefit by helping the enemy The United States and the West have repeatedly demonstrated that They show no mercy to those who surrender and quite simply discard their collaborators as soon as they cease to be useful "Some others try to inspire awe for the enemys power and warn those who struggle for a just cause against resisting A dangerous fallacy underlies such suggestions "Firstly the judicious person avoids conflict only with an enemy that does not threaten his identity vital interests and his very existence "To resist an enemy that does pose such a threat is a definitive judgment of human reason Because it is evident that certain damage resulting from surrender to him will be the same as the probable damage proceeding from resisting him along with the add itional disgrace and humiliation "Today global imperialism with the US president as its spokesman openly threatens the Muslim world and talks of a crusade against it "The imperialist network of Zionism and the US and British intelligence agencies is engaged in subversive activities throughout the Muslim world "Islamic sanctities are openly insulted with the help of their funds and with their encouragement "Even the celestial visage of the supreme Messenger is not secure from their insolence "Thousands of movies computer games and such stuff are produced and marketed with the purpose of casting aspersions on Islam and Muslims "All of this is besides their crimes of encroachment on Islamic countries the massacres committed in Palestine Iraq and Afghanistan and their brazen interventions in Muslim countries aimed to secure their illegitimate political and economic interests "Surrendering to such an enemy is totally contrary to the judgment of reason and resisting him is the sole prescription of reason and religion "Secondly exaggerating the enemys power is itself one of his tactics Money political and military force and stockpiles of modern weapons overawe governments that lack the support of their own people "Military victory against a regime like that of Saddam who did not enjoy his peoples support and whose army was stranger to the notions of faith and jihad is not an evidence of strength "However the United States could not subdue the Iraqi people To the same extent that Iraq has contested and unmasked US pretensions of bringing democracy to the Middle East it has also challenged and mocked the pretentions of absolute American power a nd invincibility "If governments relying on popular support possess the asset of faith in God and selfconfidence they will never be defeated if they pursue a policy of defying (imperialist pressure) "Their steadfastness in face of the hardships resulting from resistance will be rewarded with victory and it will destroy the myth of the invincibility of the aggressor enemy "This has been proved in the present as well as in notsodistant past and God willing will continue to be proved henceforth "The connected chain of US plots against Iraq Syria and Lebanon with the aim of establishing its dominance over the Middle East under the auspices of the Zionist regime will never succeed and will not earn American leaders anything but fatal ruin "If fortuitously the United States should deign to follow the dictates of reason and conscience it should abandon its obstinacy against the will of the Iraqi people and defer to their vote in favor of their elected government "It should respect the government elected by the Palestinians and harness its lawless and vicious ally the usurper Zionist regime "It should immediately free the wrongfully held inmates of Guantanamo Abu Ghraib and other secret US prisons "It should stop its plots against Syria Lebanon and the Islamic Republic of Iran and refrain from inflaming with its naivety the sensitive region of the Middle East and the Persian Gulf "Finally this is what I have to say to the brave and resistant Palestinians "Becoming an exemplary nation you have brought honour to the Islamic world with your splendid struggle steadfastness and resistance The heavy burden of this great ordeal did not bend your back and the noble blood of your martyrs has hardened and deep ened your resolve and firmness Your enemys brutality and bloodthirstiness the massacres destruction and kidnappings perpetrated by him and his barbarism could not make you turn your backs and today you are stronger than ever "Until now the blood of such great martyrs as Shaikh Ahmad Yasin Fathi Shiqaqi Rantisi and the blood of your martyrdomseeking youths and victims of oppression has triumphed over the sword and with Gods power and might will be increasingly victoriou s hereafter "We in the Islamic Republic of Iran as well as the mass of Muslims and freedom loving people of the world share your sorrows and sufferings Your martyrs are our martyrs your sorrow and grief are our own sorrow and grief and your victory is our own "The great Islamic Ummah cannot remain silent and indifferent unlike the devious West toward the wrongs perpetrated against you or extend its friendly hand toward your enemy Whoever does that will be your enemy and definitely the Islamic nations stand absolved of such a great sin "It is the duty of the Islamic Ummah to offer you all the help hat it can and assist you in persevering upon this blessed path "Keep your trust in Gods promise Bear patiently your sorrows and the crushing pain inflicted by the unjust bloodshed of your dear ones and your daily hardships for the sake of God And say with the Doyen of the worlds martyrs Hussain ibn Ali May Pea ce Be Upon Them who when his baby was slain by a poisoned arrow while he held it in his arms said "The only thing that makes it easy to face this is that it takes place right before Gods eyes" "You should know that God has assured the ultimate victory of the faithful and those who strive patiently and the word of your Lord has been fulfilled in truth and justice (6115)" Wassalamu alaykum wa rahmatullah.

i try to say only facts

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