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What is The Hadith

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Topic: What is The Hadith
Posted By: MMohsin
Subject: What is The Hadith
Date Posted: 17 November 2012 at 1:18am
What are Hadith?
Ans: Hadith are occurate historic records of what the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said and did throughout his prophethood. They give us detailed information about the Prophet's life and about all aspects of islam.

Who wrote the Hadith?
Ans: The Hadith were traditions that were taught from the first generation (Sahabah) to the next. This knowledge was carried down until it reached the great Hadith scholars.

Which are the Most famous Hadith?
Ans: The "Sihah as Sittah" are the six most authentic Hadith collection; Sahih Bukhari; Sahih Muslim; Abu Dawud; Tirmidhi; Ibn Majah and an-Nasai.

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