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Original Sin & Nudity

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Topic: Original Sin & Nudity
Posted By: JonathanBohemia
Subject: Original Sin & Nudity
Date Posted: 12 November 2012 at 7:55pm
The love and grace of God be with you!
I have a question about Islam.  If Muslims deny the theology of original sin, then why are Muslims (particularly women) required to cover their bodies?
I'm an Eastern Orthodox Christian, and we believe the theology of original sin (so fundamental to Protestants & Catholics) to be a heresy.  We understand humanity, and specifically the body, to be inherently good.   It's likely the reason why a lot of Eastern Orthodox Christians (including myself) are nudists (nudity is part of our tradition).  So if Muslims likewise believe "original sin" to be anathema, then why do they shun public nudity and require their bodies to be covered? 

Posted By: 5purplemarbles
Date Posted: 25 December 2012 at 7:18pm
Hello Jonathan,

1. Allah swt says women are to be modest and cover ourselves, our private parts, our hair. So we do as Allah swt tells us to, as everything from Allah is beneficial to us and wants to take care of us.
2. Modesty is taught so much to us women in Islam...we need to not be showy, we need to be modest so as to be respectful to our husbands. Only they should see everything.
3.To protect the desires of men, by covering ourselves the men will not get excited. Everyone has eyes, but the muslim men are also taught modesty to lower their eyes so as not to see anything. Because being excited is not good in the eyes of Allah swt.

But if each woman tries to do her part to be modest and every man tries to be modest and respect woman then i think this world would be a better world void of infidelity and everyone walking around excited all day. It leads to sin.

sin also being your origin of this question, why we as muslims cover our bodies has nothing to do with us not believing in original sin. It has to do with how Allah swt wants all of us to live good lives, happy marriages, he knows best. And also Adam and Eve were naked because it was the two of them, knowbody else to see them.

Salaam alaykum

Salaam Alaykum my dear sisters and brothers......May Allah swt Bless You always....

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