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Truths that will change your life part 02

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Topic: Truths that will change your life part 02
Posted By: samirfaithful
Subject: Truths that will change your life part 02
Date Posted: 26 October 2012 at 9:44am



villa     The question that most bothers Darwinist-materialists is; "Who is it that SEES the three dimensional, bright image that is formed in the brain?" As we know, everything we see is an image formed by electrical signals reaching our brains. Stimuli entering from the eye reach the visual center in the brain, and the brain forms a three dimensional, colorful image conveying a flawless sense of dimension.

     Books on biology, physiology and biochemistry give a detailed account of how this image is formed in the brain. However, you will be unable to find the most important fact about this issue anywhere: The image is formed in the brain. But, who is it that watches the image formed there? An image without an audience is of no use. So, where is this audience located in the body? No one has so far encountered a being in the brain that watches this image.

     The one who watches the image in the brain is not a being made up of flesh and bone. It is rather man's consciousness, that is, his soul. Because they do not want to accept the existence of the soul, Darwinist-materialists always avoid this question. Once the issue is raised, they strive to silence the speaker in a panic. You can try asking a Darwinist-materialist that question yourself!



tv     If someone asks you how far away a friend of yours is from you as you chat to him, you will most probably answer, "A few feet." Yet, that is not an accurate answer. Your friend is not a few feet away at all; he is in the visual center in your brain. The direction from which you hear his sound and his three-dimensional image conveying a perfect sense of depth makes you think that he is a few feet away from you.

     This sensation is so strong that proving otherwise demands a lot of explanation, as is the case right now. However, what we are discussing here is not a philosophy or a system of thought. The fact that what we call "the material world" is created in the sensory centers in our brain is also verified by science today. 

     The TV set which you think exists in the corner of your room, the music you hear, the roses you smell, your friends you enjoy being with, the ice-cream that tastes so good, in brief, everything in the outside world an image formed in your brain.



     God knows;

     That you are reading these lines right now, 

     What crosses your mind while you read these lines,

     What you will be doing in a moment,

     Everything you will do until the end of your life, 

     Everything you assume you have witnessed alone. 

     In some sections of society, we observe the prevalence of a distorted understanding of destiny. This distorted concept of fate holds the superstitious belief that God has determined a "destiny" for everyone, but that these destinies can sometimes be changed by people. For instance, if someone comes back from the brink of death people make superstitious statements like "He cheated fate." Yet, nobody is able to change his destiny. The reason the person who comes back from death's door does not die is because he is destined not to do so at that particular time. It is also the destiny of those people who deceive themselves by saying "I cheated fate" to say so and maintain such an erroneous mindset.

     All events, whether we witness them or not, occur under God's knowledge and control. Destiny is the eternal knowledge of God, and for Him, Who knows time like a single moment and Who rules all time and space, everything is determined and done with in destiny. 

     The keys of the Unseen are in His possession. No one knows them but Him. He knows everything in the land and sea. No leaf falls without His knowing it. There is no seed in the darkness of the earth, and nothing moist or dry which is not in a Clear Book. (Koran, 6:59)



A region of a few cubic centimetres in the cerebral cortex is similar to a television screen collecting the stimuli coming from the optic nerves. And we, or rather our minds, watch the colours, various light combinations or the beautiful wing of a butterfly within our pitch-dark skulls on the black cerebral cortex. This is similar to watching something on a television screen. We see our entire world on this screen in our brains.

Who knows what the originals of the objects we see are like? For instance, does the original of the butterfly we see on the screen in our brains, possess the same colours as the reds, blues and yellows we perceive? Or are these only the colours of the image we see in our brains? We can never know the answers to these questions. Our soul that watches these images in the brain can never step out of the brain and see the originals of these images. Consequently, the soul can never know whether the things it sees are the same as their originals.

This is such a great miracle that the majority of people fail to grasp this fact, and those who do feign ignorance of it. From the moment they are born, God makes people watch a screen in their brains, makes every soul live inside a skull, a narrow, small and compact space. However, the images God makes people perceive are so magnificent, detailed and identical to their originals that they do not even notice where they really are. When watching copy images in their brains, and living within their skulls, people assume they are sailing by boat, flying in the sky in a jet, or covering thousands of miles. Furthermore, no matter how often they may be told, they still cannot conceive that they are, in reality, living in their skulls. This is one of the greatest miracles a person can ever come across in this world. You will see that pondering deeply over this miracle will open new horizons for you.



yatchThink for a moment about those people who are swept away by material greed: What do they value most? A fine house, luxurious things, ostentatious jewellery, the latest model car, big bank accounts, a yacht ... For this reason, such people are terrified of the fact that they are observing all the things they possess on a screen in their brains, and that they will never actually possess the originals of these things.

However, this is a fact confirmed by the scientific advances in the 21st century. People live in a world of facsimiles composed in their brains, and cannot possibly have any relationship with any external world. Sound, light and smell cannot enter the skull; what enters is only electrical impulses coming from these material things.


This is the situation of someone, as in the example above, who gives money for the magnificent villa shown in the background. While he thinks that he is buying the villa and counting out the money, he is really buying an impression formed in his brain, and is not giving actual money to the person in front of him, only an image of money. The person receiving the money is really receiving an impression. In other words, there is a "transaction of impressions".




Have you ever thought that you can never possess the originals of the possessions you think you own? This is a scientific fact that appears even in biology and physiology textbooks.

Let's assume that you have a car. You actually watch this car on a screen in your brain. When you hold the steering-wheel or drive down the highway, you are actually watching these actions on the screen in your brain. Light rays from the steering-wheel, the indicators, rear-view mirror and all the other components of the car are transformed into electrical signals in your eye and conveyed to the visual centre of the brain via the nerves. This way, an image of a car, identical to its original, is formed in your brain. But you must be cautious! YOU SEE AN IMAGE IDENTICAL TO THE ORIGINAL, YET WHICH IS NOT THE ORIGINAL.


Even if you wished you could never see the original of that car. That is because, no matter what you do, the image of the car will always form in the visual centre in your brain. No matter what you do, you can never see even a single point outside the image that is formed in the visual centre in your brain. For this reason, what you possess is actually not the car itself, but a copy.

In the same manner, you can only have copies of your clothes in your wardrobe, the house in which you live, your furniture and all the fortune you think you own, in your brain. Consequently, even the wealthiest man in the world does not possess the greatest fortune in the world at all, but copies of that fortune in his brain.



The majority of people value their houses, factories, yachts, lands, jewellery, bank accounts and antiques very much. They devote all their lives to attaining these material goods, and work day and night to that end. Their greatest fear is of losing these things accumulated over the years with such difficulty. Never pondering the real meaning of these material goods, however, they are greatly misled.

That is because they can never encounter the originals of these possessions they strive to preserve with such ambition.

They can never live in their actual houses, sail on their actual yachts and can never wear their actual jewellery. They can only watch the electrical signals from these objects on the screen in their brains. What they watch are the one-to-one copies of their possessions.


This great fact renders all those ambitions and concerns meaningless, and humiliates those who boast about what they watch on the screen in their brains. However, when death comes upon them it will be too late for those who spend their lives on gaining worldly benefits and those who yearn for the worldly life and forget the hereafter. Our Lord informs us of this fact with the verse "If only death had really been the end! My wealth has been of no use to me. My power has vanished." (Qur'an, 69:27-29)



When you sit by the ocean and watch the sea, the breathtaking scenery actually forms in your brain. That is, you do not see the actual ocean but a copy formed in your brain. The nerves, as with an electrical cable, convey the light rays from the outside to the visual centre in the brain. The scenery, on the other hand, forms in this tiny centre. Yet, there exists not a single light, colour or movement in the visual centre, because the skull is completely insulated from light. Despite this fact, on this tiny and pitch-dark region, we watch a highly detailed, coloured, three-dimensional external world with a quality better than any image produced by high-tech equipment.

The blue colour of the sea and the sky, the white appearance of the clouds, the grey colour of the buildings in the distance are all colours produced by the electrical signals in your brain. You can never know the actual colours of the sky, clouds, the sea and buildings. That is because you can never be in touch with their real images. But the image in your brain is so perfect that it is almost identical to the original. That is why, from the moment you are born, you are deceived by assuming that what you see in the external world are the real images. The fact is, however, you are always watching the image formed in your brain.

In that case, can you be sure that the real colour of the sea is blue? Or, is it certain that everyone sees the clouds as white and the sky blue, like you do? This is something you can never know, and that you can never learn. That is because you can never step out of the boundaries of your brain and see the actual sky, ocean, clouds and buildings.

This is one of the most important facts in your life, and for centuries there has been a deliberate effort to keep that fact hidden.

The scientific developments of the 20th and 21st centuries have now made it possible to reveal that fact. Never feign ignorance of this fact, but ponder over it.

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