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Truths that will change your life part01

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Topic: Truths that will change your life part01
Posted By: samirfaithful
Subject: Truths that will change your life part01
Date Posted: 26 October 2012 at 9:42am

Truths that will change your life - - - - - -



    Everyone lives inside his brain throughout his life, and can in no way ever step out of it. Perceptions related to every illusion we see, every sound we hear, every object we touch and everything we taste are the perceptions that electrical signals form in our brain. We can never make direct contact with the original of any illusion we see, any sound we hear or the fruit we taste outside our brains. Throughout our lives, we watch perceptions formed in our brains.

     For instance, someone who travels in a plane, crossing over oceans, actually travels between images formed in his brain. The image and noise of the airport, the announcements made to the passengers, the noise of the engines, the sensation produced by a plane taxiing on a runaway, clouds, the image of the city left behind, the oceans, the sense of distance, the hardness of the seats, the texture of its fabric.... All of these are perceived in the tiny visual center in the brain.

     The sense of distance formed in that center, which is only a few inches in size, on the other hand, is a great miracle created by God. Within such images created in such a small area, God also creates a sense of distance, perceived as if one's destination were miles away. Someone looking at the ocean from a plane window actually watches it in his brain from the plane in his mind. The distance between the two, on the other hand, is a perception God creates in the human being who lives within his brain.

     At this point, we encounter another important fact: The consciousness that sees the ocean miles below, hears the noise of the engine or feels the hardness of the seat does not consist of the cells or nerves in the brain.

     Who does perceive these sensations, then? The answer to this question, which materialists cannot answer, is the soul God creates. It is our soul that experiences all these sensations.

     You must also have a better understanding of this glorious and unprecedented artistry, this infinite wisdom in God's creation and draw the appropriate conclusions from this miracle of creation.

     Have they not reflected within themselves? God did not create the heavens and the earth and everything between them except with truth and for a fixed term. Yet many people reject the meeting with their Lord. (Koran, 30:8)



    If someone asks you how far away the TV set is when you are watching the late-night news, you will most probably answer, "A few feet." Yet, that answer is far from accurate. That is because the TV set is not "a few feet" away from you at all, but is in the sensory center in your brain. What you see is not the television out there but an image formed in the visual center in your brain. The signal reaching you by means of light from the external world is transformed into electrical signals by your cells, and these signals reaching the brain are perceived as an image.

television     This fact is a great miracle created by God. In a tiny space made up of flesh, lipids and proteins, God creates a colorful, bright image that gives a true sense of depth. This is an image of perfect quality and sharpness that has no blurriness, darkness or shift. Furthermore, in another tiny spot in that same brain, God creates high-quality, multi-dimensional sound with no distortion that accompanies this image perfectly and is totally synchronized with it.

     It is a scientific fact that everyone actually lives in a small room in his skull, in a tiny part of his brain. No one, no matter how much he strives, can ever step out of that room in his brain. He can never reach the original of the world that occurs in his brain.

     This scientific fact is very important in the sense that it indicates the glorious and unprecedented creation of God. From the Prophet Adam on, God has created separate lives in the brains of all the people that have ever appeared on Earth, showed colorful, bright images providing a sense of distance in the brains of billions of people and caused them to hear the loveliest songs, the roaring of a waterfall, thunder or the buzzing of a bee. More strikingly, God created all such perceptions with such delicate harmony and perfection that the majority of these people never realized that they actually heard the sounds or watched the images in their brains. They always assumed that they saw the actual things that existed in the outside world, talked to them or touched them.

    Never forget this important truth:

    We can never reach the original object. We can only experience what we see in our brains.



Who Is It That Watches A Bright World, Hears Birds Singing Or Smells A Rose?

beyin%201     Stimuli coming from the ears, eyes and nose reach the brain in the form of electrical signals. Who is it in the brain that experiences these electric signals as sound, smell and sensation? Inside the brain there exists a consciousness that perceives all these without having any need for eyes, ear or nose. To whom does this consciousness belong? Darwinist-materialists, who believe that nothing exists except matter, cannot answer these questions.

     Never forget that it is in your power to destroy the basic claims of Darwinist-materialist ideology.

     The 21st century will be the century when all these facts will be grasped and accepted.



kayak     There is one fact everyone knows: The senses of sight, sound, smell and taste are perceived in the brain. That is, we experience the outside world inside us. We spend our entire lives in that small space in our brains. We watch the outside world on the television in our brain. We smell the electrical signals entering our brains from the external world in our sensory centers. We again perceive the electrical signals entering our brains from the external world as hardness. The electrical signals entering our brains are transformed into sounds in the loudspeakers in our brains.

     We experience all these sensations in that room of a few cubic inches in our brains, and all through our lives we can never step out of it. No individual, not someone traveling from one continent to another, nor the first man who walked on the moon, nor a farmer who has never left his village in his life can go anywhere outside the small room in his brain. We see oceans, woods, the sky, the Sun, the Moon, flowers and fruits, which do exist in the external world, in this small room in our brain. We smell them there and hear the sounds they produce in that room, without ever making direct contact with their originals outside Inside the brain there is a consciousness perceiving all these sensations. However, that conscious certainly does not belong to the nerve cells or lipids making up the brain. This consciousness is the soul God creates.

     Every individual who reads this obvious fact must ponder on God, the Exalted, Who places the entire universe with all its colors in a pitch-dark space of a few cubic inches in the brain, fear Him and take refuge in Him.



yaslilik     The entire life of a human being is made up of the perceptions in his brain revealed to him through his five senses. For instance, a person walking on the street actually walks on the street inside his brain. His feet, the unevenness of the pavement, the sloping road, the discomfort his shoes cause him, the height of the curbstones, the wind and all the cars passing by are seen and sensed in the brain.

     A person who rubs his eye because of an irritating dust particle in it will grasp this reality. When he rubs his eye, he sees the image of the road, trees and cars moving up and down. This is similar to the shifting of images on the television. That system also exists in the brain. In this sense, a person is similar to someone watching television. In the same way that he watches television programs, he also watches what is provided for him, through his senses, in his brain.

     This being the case, who is it that sees these images in his brain or feels the cold wind on his face? God informs us that it is the SOUL that perceives these sensations. What we call "our life" is actually what our Lord shows our soul in accordance with the destiny He creates for us.


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