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Did Your Spouse Ever Test YOU?

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Topic: Did Your Spouse Ever Test YOU?
Posted By: Purple Cup
Subject: Did Your Spouse Ever Test YOU?
Date Posted: 09 October 2012 at 2:56pm

I bet not many women are privy to this method of privately testing you to see if you have good deen or not.  After a couple has married the husband may pose an otherwise haram situation to his wife to test her with her reaction.  Whether her reaction would be in line with Islam or falling into haram, this lead me to hearing about two stories where women have been tested and alhamdollilah passed with flying colors.

Wife number one is a Lawyer from Egypt. Her husband first told his Mom about his plans to test her.I%20love%20Allah Then he planned a scenario where he said he received a large sum of money from Saudi Arabia from someone he knows to buy something using that money, but instead of buying that item he planned to keep the money in their bank account to accrue interest from the Bank. In Egypt apparently you can become quite well off by keeping money in their banks if you have a large sum of money to deposit. He said he would keep that money in their account and keep telling his friend that he could not find the item he was speaking about allowing them to earn a lot of money from his money.  The wife reacted, “That is Haram! That%20is%20HARAM!I am going to tell my Mother, Sisters and brother and have them divorce you at once!”

Obviously she did not partake in the haram idea and he laughed and said I was just testing you that he told his Mother that he would test you!

Wife number two, a Wife and Mother from USA. While in Las Vegas with her husband at a Merchandise Show, the husband planned to say to his wife to walk through to see the Casino’s because he said he never seen one. They did and then he asked her if she like to gamble and she said, “No.” He persisted, “Come on I will give you money to gamble, I do not mind.” She said, “No.” As they walked through the many machines lights blinking and buzzing noises he pulled her arm to sit at the machine to play, she felt very annoyed like a rush feeling to want to leave and he kept pushing her and she said, “If we play our kids could be born with a birth defect, do you really want to screw up your kids’ lives to gamble?! Let’s leave now! If you do not leave with me, I will leave without you!” He laughed and hugged her and said oh how much he trusted her.  She had no clue he was testing her but again and again certain situations presented them to her from him to test her Iman. She passed all the time. Alhamdollilah.

To me this all sounds a little back handed and deceptive but if a women or man is to do haram actions then there may be great reasons to doubt their sincerity. I know as a female that I have watched how my husband would handle himself in situations where other women were around. He drops his head and look at the ground. Wow a man who actually lowers his gaze. In all the years I have been married, I have never seen other men do this and so it is with extreme pleasure to know I can trust my man!

What do you think? Has this ever happened to you and if so what’s your story?

Jazak Allah Khair

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