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Can we?

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Topic: Can we?
Posted By: Caringheart
Subject: Can we?
Date Posted: 12 September 2012 at 3:10pm
Let's talk about Libya...
Can we?
Can we have an open discussion?

Posted By: thomaslee
Date Posted: 12 September 2012 at 9:54pm
Sure what is on your mind?Cool

Posted By: Ron Webb
Date Posted: 13 September 2012 at 7:58pm
How about these for a start? --

1. Is this really about a movie ("Innocence of Muslims")?  I find it hard to believe that there isn't more going on than this pathetic excuse for a riot.
2. What possible connection can anyone imagine there is between the movie and the US government, much less their embassies?
3. How many protesters have actually seen the movie they are protesting?  I've only seen - the trailer myself, but that was more than enough for me.  I've honestly never seen anything so embarrassingly amateurish!  Such painfully bad acting, costumes/backdrops/sets, dialogue, and on and on!

4. Do the protesters not realize that they are actually promoting this abysmal movie?  Millions of people will now watch it, whereas otherwise nobody would have even heard of it.

5. Do they not realize that their actions do far more to damage the reputation of Islam than any movie ever could?

6. Most importantly, don't other Muslims realize #5 above?  Why aren't a billion Muslims protesting the protesters?  They are the ones who are truly being insulted here!

Addeenul Aql Religion is intellect.

Posted By: Blake
Date Posted: 14 September 2012 at 9:06pm

I have heard it reported that this was a planned event to take place around 911.  I find it rather convienient to those who took part in the attacks that this film came out when it did. And the so called Film Maker claimed to be Jewish from Israel and backed by other Jews?
  Yet ... According to this link and other things I have read and heard .... he was not at all Jewish but an Egyptian Christian?

So I have to wonder why would this guy claim to be Jewish ........because being an Egyptian he would have to know this would cause even further outcry from the Muslim world ..... and why would he want to do that ? i have to ask.

This guy has also been convicted of Bank Fraud I see.... so he is obviously not much of a Christian as well and most likely corrupt in more way than one.

So I have to wonder.... and of course this is only my opinion (and a question as well).....  does it seem likely to anyone that in light of the timing of all this (sept 11th) and the fact that the attacks seemed coordinated .......  is it possible that this guy Sam Bacile could be paid
off by the very same group that staged the attacks while using the protests for cover ? ......   ahhhh  maybe I should have put this under conspiracy theory...sorry

Posted By: Ron Webb
Date Posted: 15 September 2012 at 8:27am
Blake, I'm not sure if there was any direct involvement, but it's definitely true that fundamentalist Christians and fundamentalist Muslims are playing on the same team, so to speak.  There is a - great editorial in The Telegraph that suggests this as well.  I have already quoted it - here so I won't quote it again, but you should give it a read.

Addeenul Aql Religion is intellect.

Posted By: Blake
Date Posted: 15 September 2012 at 9:49am
That was a good link, thanks.  I find it just impossible to comprehend how the people rioting all over the world can be such sheep of a people.
This either shows the failure of their religious leaders to guide and educate them or their complicity in stoking the fire. Yeah when I watch these videos of the riots I cant help but wonder how even a semi- rational mind could not see that one film maker does not represent an entire people.

If these muslims ever had a complaint to be addressed,.. their right to be heard with dignity ended as soon as they started hurting people who had nothing do with this.

Am I wrong to say this?  ...  the film was made by an Egyptian...  and they want to kill Americans?? I'm sitting here this morning watching the pictures of the dead Americans on TV

I havn't seen the video and don't want to bother watching it.....  I want to call it nothing because something like that only becomes what you make it to be.

Again I have to ask ... where are these peoples Religious leaders???

As the old saying goes.... " I will use the stones my enemies throw at me to build my foundation"   It doesnt say I will throw the stones back at them!!

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