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What Islam says about how Muslims should

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Topic: What Islam says about how Muslims should
Posted By: samirfaithful
Subject: What Islam says about how Muslims should
Date Posted: 29 August 2012 at 1:56am

As muslims we should always be aware that we are representing Islam. Of course we all make mistakes, but regardless of this, non-muslims will judge Islam by the actions of muslims. If a non-muslim has very little knowledge of Islam then he will assume that the behaviour of a muslim is Islamic.

We therefore need to be particularly careful as to how we conduct ourselves in front of non-muslims. The best way that we can attract new converts is by our example. We cannot, for example, abandon out neighbourly duties if our neighbour is a non-muslim. Imagine how such a neighbour would feel if the muslim took time to collect shopping for them, or bring them round some cooked food. The result is likely to be that they will have a very high opinion of the muslim, and therefore Islam.

Why not look into the ways in which our Prophet (Peace be upon Him and his Family) treated his prisoners during the battles.

Look up the story of the old Jewish lady who used to throw her rubbish out of the window of her house so that it would land on the Prophet (Peace be upon Him and His Family) as he walked past. One day the Jewish lady was not there and no rubbish landed on our Holy Prophet (Peace be upon Him and His Family). Instead of feeling happy that there was no rubbish, the Prophet (peace be upon Him and His Family) knocked on the old lady's door to check that she was alright. On finding that she had fallen ill, the Holy Prophet (peace be upon Him and His Family) set about cleaning her house for her and cooking her some food.

There are many examples that we can look at to see how we should be treating non-muslims. Unfortunately many muslims today have an arrogance and total disrespect for non-muslims. In the worst cases using foul language and threatenning behaviour. If only these people could check the teachings of Islam on this matter, for surely their behaviour is not attracting new converts. This kind of attitude is not in any way something that Islam teaches, rather this is just plain ignorance and st**idity on the part of those people.

So the point here anyway is that your family may be reassured to know what Islam says about the treatment of non-muslims. They may be relieved to know that, despite the propaganda, you will be showing compassion towards your fellow human beings. -

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