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Struggling with Hijab

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Topic: Struggling with Hijab
Posted By: Yumna
Subject: Struggling with Hijab
Date Posted: 22 August 2012 at 12:37pm
Salam everyone,

I am new here. I have been wearing hijab on and off for quite sometime now. I really want to wear it, and like wearing it. I have a lot of health problems for which I take around ten different medication. My main problem is that of heat regulation. I easily start feeling hot or cold all of a sudden. When I feel cold I don't find hijab problematic. But when I feel hot, which I feel on the slightest exhertion, i.e. a short walk or a bit of housework, I feel clammy and sweaty, and get palpitations which makes me feel extremely claustrophobic. I am not looking for any excuses for not wearing it. All my friends wear hijab, and I really love wearing it. But due to the above reasons I sometimes find I have to remove my hijab when I am out and about doing things etc. I honestly do it as the last thing as I feel like I am on the verge of passing out.

I have put my nursing career on hold for health reasons too. I would appreciate any advice from the Muslims, men or women, from this forum.

Jazak Allah Khair to all who took time to read this post.

I look forward to hear from someone about this.

Salam Alykum

Posted By: Mella82
Date Posted: 23 August 2012 at 8:48pm
Assalamu alaikum sister,

I have the same problem due to health reasons and I'd be curious to hear other's responses, especially since I live in a very hot climate.

What I have done thus far is to use only very, very light fabrics. To deal with the claustrophobia issue (something I experience as well when I feel overheated) I use only very soft, cotton like fabrics and drape my hijab extremely lightly. I don't worry about wrapping it too tightly. I use a very silky fabric (though not silk as it slips and also does not breath well) under scarf and just drape the main scarf very lightly.

I have to admit that even this, while helpful, has not solved the problem completely. I do not always wear my scarf either.


O Allah, forgive me, have mercy upon me, guide me, give me health and grant me sustenance.

Posted By: nothing
Date Posted: 24 August 2012 at 1:37am
The law in Islam can turn to the opposite direction with circumstances. For an example we know pork is haram, but if there is no food available than the pork is compulsory to be eaten. No just allow to eat it but avoiding it become haram. Your health issue with hijab is no different. We are told Islam is for our benefit and made easy for us.

And lastly Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.

Posted By: Nausheen
Date Posted: 03 September 2012 at 1:12am
Assalamualaikum wa rahamtullah,
One of the things I find very usedful in summer is to take a shower and NOT dry the hair. Tie your hijab on wet hair - its is quite comfortable during the hot days.
You can use very light/cotton fabric as suggested.
Always know that you are doing it for the sake of Allah, and whatever efforts we make for His good pleasure, He makes achieving our goals easy for us.
all the best.

<font color=purple>Wanu nazzilu minal Qurani ma huwa

Shafaa un wa rahmatun lil mo'mineena

wa la yaziduzzalimeena illa khasara.

Posted By: Chrysalis
Date Posted: 25 October 2012 at 8:15am
Do it for the right reasons and because you want to...

If you are on the verge of taking it off, try different methods and styles... Turban styles leave the neck open, and while they do not fulfil the criteria of proper islamic hijab, they still are better than not having anything.

A lot of sisters end up choosing the wrong materials, length and styles.

Don't tie or pin your scarf too tight, leave it looser around your chin.

Don't use those pashmina type hijabs that are really long and wide and warm. Use a different material like chiffon, or cotton. Square Turkish type scarves are not as bulky and are lighter. The shorter the fabric, the less you will have around your neck and head, cooler you will feel.

Don't wear an under-cap, just put it directly on your head.

"O Lord, forgive me, my parents and Muslims in the Hereafter. O Lord, show mercy on them as they showed mercy to me when I was young."

Posted By: Zeinepa
Date Posted: 19 February 2014 at 11:15am
Yumna, and Mella- i have the same problem with overheating, when it comes i can't feel real temperature that is outside, and sweat comes very easy, even when i am not doing anything, and i have no idea how to make this problem disappear. And very logicaly this is only and only reason why i am very affraid to wear hijab- cause i would sweat a lot more and even without doing anything. :( this problem saddens me and i am thinking about wearing niqab- it seems only solution.

Posted By: Shijabi
Date Posted: 28 April 2014 at 9:07am
I also struggle with wearing hijab in summer, especially around my neck. So what I do in summer is wear long burkhas (khimars) that come to the wrists. They hang loosely from the head so the wind can get under them and fan you. the neck is not in contact with the burkha so it is kept cool. you can wear short sleeves under them as well, since they cover the arms entirely. Winter I wear mostly scarves as there is no problem with heat.

Posted By: mybatua
Date Posted: 30 April 2014 at 4:34am
See this link may be you can find some soft hijabs which can be wear in hot season.

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