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Topic: sunni/shia
Posted By: islamforever69
Subject: sunni/shia
Date Posted: 20 August 2012 at 3:30am
Can someone pls explain WHO titled the name Sunni and Shia to each group.. Not the origins or its Arabic root word yet who coined the term..??

Posted By: nothing
Date Posted: 22 August 2012 at 7:00pm
I was told that the Sunnis are the people who do the Prophet's sunnah. Because this therfoere by default from the Sunni point of view the Shiah don't do sunnah . Yet the Shiah do sunnah but base from their chosen Hadith compilation.

Long time ago I read the discussion between two muslims, a Sunni and a Shii. In his defense the Shia fellow said that the word "Shia" means to follow. If I am not mistaken he pointed to Chapter 39 as an example, somewhere there. He said that they are Ibrohim's followers as per Qur'an.

Anyway, people no matter who we are for some reason always "camped" ourselves to someone or something. We need to "belong" to something or someone. For the muslims it seems it is not enough that we are "camped" in Islam, no, we need more than that. So we create camps inside a camp just to feel that we belong to something unique, more unique than the next door neighbor's camp. Outside religions there are more camps to choose. There are politics, and organizations and what else.

It is just human mentality, it is the way we are, until we reaches the state that the whole thing need to be dumped and make it into simple camp. We came here alone and we we will be alone again, into the state of nothingness. There won't be any camp in there to shelter, just an individual self exposed, alone.

In nutshell that is what the Qur'an message is all about, "be ready to return", am I right?

Posted By: islamforever69
Date Posted: 22 August 2012 at 11:17pm
A great explanation.. as was  The Shia of Musa (as) was Aaaron..etc  In every attempt to find this answer I find a everything is answered BUT what the question entails.. A Shii-Sunni Dialogue by Sayyid Abdul-Husayn al_Musawi has been proven to be most inaccurate detailing the authenticity of one of the two authors.(including dates, originals lost, truth..etc)
Some person/s titled each group this name.. If anyone has references I shall be most interested.. I am for the unity of the Ummah and my twitter name Islamforever is all about unitynof the UMMAH..... There is some  speculation that Abdullah Ibin SABA' titled the Shii name however this is mostly fuled by poor documenation and misrepresentation. Much of the present corruption that fuels hatered between Sunni/Shii is the unknown THIRD party.. If anyone can assist to this question pls reply..

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