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Posted By: rememberallah
Date Posted: 22 July 2012 at 7:10am




Allah says in Quran {2:183} – “fasting has been prescribed to make you muttaqee”

Now the word muttaqee is the heaviest word in Quran, as with this word is attached guidance of Allah {2:2}, which saves from misguidance {2:26} {3:7} and makes one wise, man of understanding, guided……all that is needed for salvation!!!

I have had discussions with many sick scholars who point out in Quran that ‘see Aaron had a beard and we should have it too’, but overlook and even argue against being shown the act of a titled muttaqee Abel!!! Because if they would be like him then their dreams of political power gets washed away. Their blood thirsty heart and hatred would never have a chance to be satiated.

However, the titled muttaqee in Quran with a well defined example is Abel, who when was attacked didn’t fight back but started doing dawah!! “even if you try to kill me I shall not do the same to you, for I fear my Lord” – {5:27}

Now Allah says {2:183} – “fasting has been prescribed to make you muttaqee”……and prophet who knew best what Allah meant commanded “don’t behave foolishly or imprudently while fasting, if somebody attacks you or abuses you say I am fasting”!!! {bukhari book 31 hadith 118 & 128}

Ramadhan is our training time, training for what?? Training to be muttaqee, Muttaqee who?? Abel the muttaqee. Prophet taught self restraint, that no matter if somebody abuses you or attacks you, you don’t abuse him back or fight him back, and says “don’t act foolishly”!!!! {to understand why it is foolishness see article “a tribute to Abel by Allah-law of Qisas”} Tell me did Abel fight back…..tell me if you have any faith in Quran did he??

Prophet is teaching us to be like Abel in Ramadhan, for goal of Ramadhan is to make us muttaqee, and Abel was a muttaqee by fatwa of Allah and not a human.

It comes in other hadiths that prophet commanded muslims to be like Abel, the better son of Adam even if somebody enters your house to kill you!!! O muslims I know it is a tough thing, but not for those who know the truth of the life of this world.

It has been discussed in previous articles many times that the quality of a muttaqee is that “even if somebody hates him he doesn’t hate back, even if somebody abuses him he doesn’t abuse back, even if somebody attacks him he doesn’t attack back” etc. But many argue even after seeing the Quran, for they put Quran after their selected hadiths and the scholars word, while it should be the other way around – they do just as people of the book did and follow their ways.

Peace be on Abel the muttaqee, the first martyr, the criteria of Allah, the command of prophet, the first true shaheed, by whose example Allah taught humanity throughout history, and by whose example Allah confuses those who have perversity in their hearts to understand Quran by giving unclear verses like {5:32}!!

Ramadhan teaches us to be a muttaqee, but how we go to our training class and yet not get trained!!! Will any other title  Allah give to us and our scholars but “men of foolishness”??

How have we ignored the man Abel and his most pious act?! Without understanding whom and his act we cant understand God’s cause, nor Allah, nor prophet, nor shariah, no without understanding him we can’t understand the core of Islam, the merciful self sacrificing heart of Islam.

May Allah make us like Abel.

Note – there are levels of Imaan, if you cant come to the level of “even if you try to kill me I shall not do the same to you, for I fear my Lord” then atleast come to the level of “even if you hate me I shall not hate you, for I fear my lord” This Ramadhan miss not your opportunity.




The whole world is like Hazrat Umar but no one is like his sister and brother in law.

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