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The Sawm of Allah

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Topic: The Sawm of Allah
Posted By: rememberallah
Subject: The Sawm of Allah
Date Posted: 22 July 2012 at 7:06am



{sawm =fasting or roza especilly in month of ramadhan}

How thirsty we feel in sawm, specially in ramadhan of summers, how our heart prompts us drink water, the thought of chilled water going down the throat becomes unbearable. At such a time remember Allah too is thirsty, how can you have water when you have kept your master thirsty??

Allah said in a hadith-e-kudsi that he will complain to us humans on the day of judgment “I was thirsty and you didn’t give me water….i was hungry and you didn’t give me food….”

Ramadhan are to remind us that what it is to feel thirsty & hungry,

Allah doesn’t get thirsty and hungry like we do, but the uncomparable gives such parables so that we might compare him, just as salat is said to be food for soul in Islam, our actions can become food for Allah.

Allah waits thirsty and hungry so that we might give him a cool drink and some tasty food, but he waits, waits and waits. We muslims keep sawm and by feeling thirst and hunger start to feel righteous, but the one who keeps it and understands why Allah has asked us to keep sawm in honor of the revelation of Quran and not anything else, he only looks down upon himself when he feels hungry, he develops a hatred for himself when he feels thirsty and not feelings of self righteousness.

Yet Allah gives us to eat at Iftaar and yet we keep Allah hungry and not offer him even a drop to drink.

How can I eat and drink at iftaar, I have to earn it, I shall eat after my master eats, I shall drink after my master drinks, if I eat without eliminating the feeling of not giving Allah things to eat and drink, I will lose all respect I have for myself in my eyes.

Indeed Allah asks us to keep sawm one month in a year.

We ask Allah to keep sawm the whole year around.

We keep him hungry, thirsty, sick and in pain all our lives, he will keep us hungry, thirsty, sick and in pain all His life.

Surah noor says “forgive and overlook don’t you wish Allah to forgive you” and so also it means “keep Allah in pain thirsty and hungry you certainly wish Allah to do the same to you”

For more understanding of ramadhan see the topic “RAMADHAN TEACHES BE LIKE ABEL THE MUTTAQEE.”.

O Protector from sins protect me even more.

The whole world is like Hazrat Umar but no one is like his sister and brother in law.

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