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Gold and Copper - islamic movie about love - 2011

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Topic: Gold and Copper - islamic movie about love - 2011
Posted By: kodoo
Subject: Gold and Copper - islamic movie about love - 2011
Date Posted: 18 July 2012 at 5:48am

The Persian poets called love the “elixir” (iksir). The alchemists believed that there existed a material in the world which they called the “elixir” or “the philosopher’s stone” (kimiya) which could change one matter into another matter, and they searched after this for centuries.

The poets took over the use of this terminology and said that the real “elixir” which has the power of transformation is love, because it is love which can transmute a substance. Love, absolutely, is the “elixir” and has the properties of the philosopher’s stone, which changes one nature into another, and people also are different natures.

People are mines, like gold-mines and silver-mines.
It is love which makes the heart a heart, and if there is no love, there is no heart, just clay and water.

..Love makes the heavy and lazy nimble, cunning, and even makes the slow-witted astute..

..It is love which turns the miser into a benefactor, and an impatient and intolerant person into someone with endurance and tolerance..

[Excerpt from “The Elixir of Love” by Ayatollah Murtaza Mutahhari]

Gold and Copper - Islamic Movie - 2011 - English Subs -

Iranian film by director Homayoun Assadian, where a young student of religious sciences must turn his knowledge about Islam into action, when his wife is diagnosed with  multiple sclerosis (MS).

Assadian mixes the daily life demands in the Tehran metropolis, with the deepest and most prioritary teachings of the Islamic religion, through the language of Hafez and Mowlavi (Rumi) poetry.


By love, bitternesses became sweet,
By love, pieces of copper became gold.

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