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The Muslimah Imam

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Topic: The Muslimah Imam
Posted By: Rehmat
Subject: The Muslimah Imam
Date Posted: 26 March 2005 at 2:07am

Islam’s scheme for life is from the Creator and not defined by limited human mind. It’s an alternative, which confronts the so-called modern world’s definition of women equality and thus ‘feminism’. Islamic view of gender could be summed-up as follows:

1.Man and woman are biologically and therefore, both physically and psychologically different.

2.The happiness of man and woman in their partnership is rooted in their polarity.

3.Adult love, but children too, find ideal conditions for development in only marriage conceived as a partnership.

4.Unfettered sex can become destructive both for the individual and society.

It’s not therefore not surprising at all that we are already witnessing the cast of doubt on fashionable facets of the sexual and feminist revolution in the western world. AIDS alone has forced people to rethink their manners in more than one respect.

Islam is not a fashion – it can wait for the western to learn the lesson by their rejection of Allah’s true message.

An interesting article by a Muslimah. - 2067&list=/home.php&


Know your enemy!
No time to waste. Act now!
Tomorrow it will be too late
What You Don’t Know Can Kill You

Posted By: zuberia
Date Posted: 28 March 2005 at 8:11pm

Without doubt Allah SWT has created both men & women with magnificient qualities uniquely typical to both genders.

Both compliment each other and are incomplete without each other while numerous verses of Quran state this fact.

The only reason that comes to my mind which prompts placing of women in the back rows for offering prayers is only and only out of dignity and not to treat them as a discard.

Yes in many instances the areas in the back designated for women are not as well kept and adequate while this matter should be attended by the administrators of premeises promptly and appropriately.

There is ample mention of the noble place for women in the Holy Quran and plenty of reminders for the dignity and respect of women as a wife, a mother and a sister, it would be an individual's failure not to heed with such stipulations.

Please do not take aim at Deen e Islam because of your indivdual personal experiences that may have caused you to think and act negatively against the very basics of Islam.

An Imam though a man, is borne by a woman, brought up by a woman, cared for by a woman, only a woman as mother offers the level of care one receives as a child and even as a youth. Let us not assemble against each other because it will only hurt Muslims and not Islam while, as it is Muslims are being hurt by their enemies in many different ways throughout this world and there is no need for us to further our agony.

It is my personal request to avoid tossing this topic around any more depriving it the exposure that some aim to gain through this venture, avoiding to unnecessarily discuss this matter should help put this to rest than to agitate it any further, which only allows the manipulators to manipulate and mutilate further.



Posted By: Rehmat
Date Posted: 03 April 2005 at 7:50am



Even though many aspects of Islam are misunderstood by non-Muslims, the ignorance, misinformation and incorrect assumptions that are made in regards to Islam's treatment of women are probably the most severe. Though in reality, Islam is the only religion which ‘truly liberated’ women 1400 years ago.


Holy Qur’an has mentioned woman 177 times (plus Surah ‘Nisaa (The Woman’) – while never mentioned man alone!


For those 177 narrations, please read this link. - tml


Know your enemy!
No time to waste. Act now!
Tomorrow it will be too late
What You Don’t Know Can Kill You

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