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End Capitalism

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Topic: End Capitalism
Posted By: MustafaHoward
Subject: End Capitalism
Date Posted: 23 May 2012 at 9:45pm
All environmental studies indicate that the tiny steps people can take will have a minimal effect. The real problem is industrial pollution, mass pillaging of the planet by greedy companies, etc. In the U.S., no serious environmental progress can be made because the politicians are owned by the corporations. The corporations do not want environmental restrictions or penalties.

Within the Republican party, they are mostly anti-environmental, because ALL Republicans at the State and Federal levels are financed into office by corporate-interest groups. Their policies and legislation are dictated to them by organizations like ALEC (the American Legislative Exchange Council). You can Google ALEC and begin research on the extent of their corruption. They literally have taken America hostage.

There is really little hope for the planet until human beings have the courage and intelligence to remove all the corrupt individuals, throw them in prison, and build an economic and socio-political system that allows humanistic interests to dominate over private moneyed interest.   IMO

Posted By: Caringheart
Date Posted: 25 May 2012 at 4:57pm
Do you really think man himself will ever rid the world of greed and corruption?  The very nature of what we know of the world and mankind tells us this is impossible.  The only way it will happen is with God as ruler and, as it is now, the world is under sway of the evil one.

Posted By: MustafaHoward
Date Posted: 26 May 2012 at 7:11am
I posted some nice videos at the end of this:

What I know is that the situation has developed because Muslims have been remiss in their duties for the last 600 years. Today, the "muslim" has no concept of duty beyond making Salah.

Do I think human beings will accomplish anything without the Help of, of course. Do I think Muslims who don't do anything will ever accomplish anything at all...No, of course!   

The point to the post is direct people's attention to the exploitative nature of capitalism, the extent to which peoples' lives are being dictated by a system of corruption and exploitation, and that without standing up to address the wrongs at the very heart of the system, minor steps to protect the environment are ALMOST meaningless. They should still be done, but should include addressing the larger issues.

Of course, 2 of the main problems within the Muslim community are that most Muslims don't have a sense of responsibility, and the ones who have some sense feel that they are incapable of making change. However, if they don't try, they'll never know, AND they'll still face Allah to be judged.

I recommend for any conscientious Muslim to start a community project for those special interests she/he has. Develop some presentation materials, maybe a blog site - then start talking to others in their community. If they find others willing to work on the project, then they put their heads together and figure-out how to expand the project. I recommend for the group to be leaderless to avoid the usual "power" struggles. They should work on a consensus basis. IMO

Some excellent, short videos:
The Story of Stuff - -
The Story of Bottled Water - -
The rest of SoS videos: -

Posted By: Caringheart
Date Posted: 29 May 2012 at 3:51pm
Originally posted by MustafaHoward

I posted some nice videos at the end of this:

Do I think human beings will The Story of Stuff - -
The Story of Bottled Water - -
The rest of SoS videos: -
Thank you for sharing the video links.  Unfortunately I do not have a computer on which I can view/listen to them.  I am very much in favor though, of recycling, and sustainability, and I do try to raise other people's awareness.  I taught this to my children and I know at least one of them took it to heart... especially the bottled water thing, and plastics in general... She is a marine biologist and it upsets her a great deal what is being done to the marine environment... Me too... to the entire earth due to human apathy.

Posted By: MustafaHoward
Date Posted: 29 May 2012 at 8:43pm
Regarding water bottles:

There are massive flotillas of garbage caught in oceanic gyres in the middle of the Pacific. Here's a link: -

Regarding apathy:

I recently read Neil Postman's Education as a Subversive Activity. Postman wrote many books afterwards, but this is the first one where he began explaining his theory on apathy.

He believed that the rapid lifestyle changes brought about by post-industrial technological advancement;, well, basically humanity got run-over by rapid change. Things changed so fast that human beings could not adapt quickly enough and basically gave-up trying to resolve their conscience(which was obviously troubling them). They just couldn't keep up.

Additionally, he says that TV, Radio, and newspapers have also compounded the problem of apathy. The problem with them is they are only 1-way communication tools; you have no way to respond to what you see and hear. Screaming at the television doesn't help, so people are brutalized daily by events they can't touch, yell about, or alter. The human being just caves-in internally under such conditions.

So, in addition to his recommendations on education(that our schools will never implement), he also gives strong recommendation for bringing back the "town meeting", even if it's just as many people as you can gather yourself. In this way, activist groups can be formed and expanded.

Here's a link to read Education as a Subversive Activity     : -

My 2 pennies...   [IMG]smileys/smiley2.gif"

Posted By: Caringheart
Date Posted: 30 May 2012 at 5:45pm
Originally posted by MustafaHoward

Regarding water bottles:
There are massive flotillas of garbage caught in oceanic gyres in the middle of the Pacific.
My 2 pennies...   [IMG]smileys/smiley2.gif"

Regarding plastics and trash;
I know the first time I saw it I was horrified.  I'm still horrified every time I see it.

On apathy, I agree, but on a somewhat different basis.  I think God has already given us the answer.  It's called selfishness.  'In the times of the end men will be lovers of self, consumed with self'.  I think the technology boom allowed people more free time which means time to focus on entertainment and selfish pursuits.  God speaks about idleness... it allows the devil to find his foothold.  As I see it, all these things are the devil's tools to distract us from following what God has given us to do... worship Him, and live as He has given us life to be lived... appreciating all the things of God(the God given gifts)... appreciating each other.  If we concerned ourselves more with God we would care more for all the gifts He has given us.

Posted By: Matt Browne
Date Posted: 16 June 2012 at 11:13am
The problem isn't a free market economy as such, it's unrestrained laissez-faire capitalism.

A religion that's intolerant of other religions can't be the world's best religion --Abdel Samad
Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people--Eleanor Roosevelt

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