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Miracle or Efficiency?

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Topic: Miracle or Efficiency?
Posted By: asheque
Subject: Miracle or Efficiency?
Date Posted: 07 April 2012 at 12:54am
1.The whole Qur'an is blocked with a net of number of 19
2.The starting of Qur'an with the line Bismillah has 19 letters which is dividable with the number 19
3.Total sura is 114 which is dividable by 19
4.First sura appeared is sura Alak which coordinated at the position from last.
5.The word Allah is used in Qur'an in 2698 times which is dividable by 19
6.Sura Kaf consist of the sign word Kaf in 57 times which is dividable by 19.
7.The word Ar Rahman,Ar Rahim comes in 57,114 times which is dividable by 19.Even every name of Allah has mentioned in Qur'an is dividable by 19.

Thus the whole Qur'an is blocked with the unseen net of number 19.Do you thing this big book could be written by an illiterate person 1400 years back?Do you need more like this?

Posted By: asheque
Date Posted: 10 April 2012 at 11:49pm

There is a verse in Surat Al Muddathir which states regarding the angels of hellfire " over it are 19" Surat Mudaithir 74:30

There was a Muslim who claimed that all the Quran is related to the number 19 ( a mathemtaical miracle). This person ended up claiming he was a Prophet of Allah. The sad thing is he resorted to taking verses out to make it all consistent with his claim and ended up being executed for being an apostate.

What I find interesting about all this is the very next verse of the Surah Verse 31

which states:

"...And We have not made their number except as a trial for those who disbelieve"

who knows if Allah (SWT) intended this person to be included amongst those mentioned above.

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