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Iran wants war!

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Topic: Iran wants war!
Posted By: Dick
Subject: Iran wants war!
Date Posted: 14 February 2012 at 7:35am
What is the latest "False Flag Operation" that Israel is trying to get started to blame on Iran. I am losing track of them all. Does anyone believe these?   I have been listening to Mike Revero on his radio show at I hope he is not the only one who sees through the bull excrement. Someone PLEASE listen to Mike and tell me what you think! I know he doesn't like religion very much, but he is still doing what the muslims should be doing for themselves, but are not. As far as I am concerned, every Muslim and Arab should listen to him and try to do the same, in whatever way they can.

Posted By: whitelion553
Date Posted: 28 December 2012 at 12:54am

Address by H.E. Dr. Mahmud Ahmadinejad President of the Islamic Republic of Iran before the 65th Session of the United Nations General Assembly

New York 23 September 2010

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful
"All praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Universe, and peace and blessing be upon our Master and Prophet, Mohammad, and his pure Household, and his noble Companions and on all divine messengers"
"Oh, God, hasten the arrival of Imam Al- Mahdi and grant him good health and victory and make us his followers and those who attest to his rightfulness"

After about one hundred years of domination, the system of Capitalism and the existing world order has proved to be unable to provide appropriate solution to the problems of societies, thus coming to an end. I shall try to examine the two main causes of this failure and picture some features of the ideal future order.

Attitudes and Beliefs

the divine prophets had the mission to call everyone to monotheism, love and justice and show mankind the path to prosperity. They invite men to contemplation and knowledge in order to better appreciate the truth and to avoid atheism and egoism. The very nature of the message of all prophets is one and the same. Every messenger endorsed the messenger before him and gave glad tidings about the prophet to come, and presented a more complete version of the religion in accordance with the capacity of the man at the time. This continued up to the last messenger of God who presented the perfect and all inclusive religion.
In opposition to that, the egotist and the greedy stood up against this clear call, revolting against the message.
Nimrod countered Hazrat Abraham, Pharaoh countered Hazrat Moses and the greedy countered Hazrat Jesus Christ and Hazrat Mohammad (Peace be upon them all). In the recent centuries, the human ethics and values have been rejected as a cause for backwardness. They were even portrayed as opposing wisdom and science because of the earlier infliction on man by the proclaimers of religion in the dark ages of the West
Man's disconnection from Heaven detached him from his true self.
Man with his potentials for understanding the secrets of the universe, his instinct for seeking truth, his aspirations for justice and perfection, his quest for beauty and purity and his capacity to represent God on earth was reduced to a creature limited to the materialistic world with a mission to maximize individualistic pleasures. Human instinct, then, replaced true human nature.
Human beings and nations were considered rivals and the happiness of an individual or a nation was defined in collision with, and elimination or suppression of others. Constructive evolutionary cooperation was replaced with a destructive struggle for survival.
The lust for capital and domination replaced monotheism which is the gate to love and unity.
This widespread clash of the egoist with the divine values gave way to slavery and colonialism. A large portion of the world came under the domination of a few western States. Tens of millions of people were taken to slavery and tens of millions of families were shattered as a result. All the resources, the rights and the cultures of the colonized nations were plundered. Lands were occupied and the indigenous people were humiliated and mass- murdered.
Yet, nations rose up, colonialism was alienated and the independence of the nations was recognized. Thus, the hope for respect, prosperity and security was revived amongst nations. In the beginning of the past century nice talks about freedom, human rights and democracy created hopes for healing the deep wounds of the past. Today, however, not only those dreams are not realized, but memories, even at times worse than before, have been recorded.
As a result of the two World Wars, the occupation of Palestine, the Korean and the Vietnam's Wars, the Iraqi war against Iran, the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq as well as many wars in Africa, hundreds of millions of people were killed, wounded or displaced.
Terrorism, illicit drugs, poverty and the social gaps increased. The dictatorial and coup d'état governments in Latin America committed unprecedented crimes with the support of the West.
Instead of disarmament, the proliferation and stockpiling of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons expanded, putting the world under a bigger threat. As a result, the very same old goals of colonialists and the slave masters were, this time round, pursued with a new façade.

the nuclear energy
Nuclear energy is clean and cheap and a heavenly gift which is amongst the most suitable alternatives to cut the pollutions emanating from fossil fuels.
The Non- Proliferation Treaty (NPT) allows all member States to use nuclear energy without limits and the International Atomic Energy Agency is mandated to provide member States with technical and legal support.
The nuclear bomb is the worst inhumane weapon and which must totally be eliminated. The NPT prohibits its development and stockpiling and calls for nuclear disarmament.
Nonetheless, note what some of the permanent members of the Security Council and nuclear bomb holders have done:
They have equated nuclear energy with the nuclear bomb, and have distanced this energy from the reach of most of nations by establishing monopolies and pressuring the IAEA. While at the same time, they have continued to maintain, expand and upgrade their own nuclear arsenals.
This has entailed the following:
Not only the nuclear disarmament has not been realized but also nuclear bombs have been proliferated in some regions, including by the occupying and intimidating Zionist regime.
I would like here to propose that the year 2011 be proclaimed the year of nuclear disarmament and "Nuclear Energy for all, Nuclear Weapons for None".
In all these cases the United Nations has been unable to take any effective course of action. Unfortunately, in the decade proclaimed as the "International Decade for the Culture of Peace" hundreds of thousands were killed and injured as a result of war, aggression and occupation, and hostilities and antagonism increased.

For years the inefficiency of the capitalism and the existing world management and structures has been exposed and the majority of States and nations have been on a quest for fundamental changes and for the prevalence of justice in global relations.
The cause of the United Nation's ineptitude is in its unjust structure. Major power is monopolized in the Security Council due to the veto privilege, and the main pillar of the Organization, namely the General Assembly, is marginalized.
In the past several decades, at least one of the permanent members of the Security Council has always been a party to the disputes.
The veto advantage grants impunity to aggression and occupation; How could, therefore, one expect competence while both the judge and the prosecutor are a party to the dispute?
Had Iran enjoyed veto privilege, would the Security Council and the IAEA Director General have taken the same position in the nuclear issue?

The United Nations is the key center for coordinating the common global management. Its structure needs to be reformed in a manner that all independent States and nations be able to participate in the global governance actively and constructively.
The veto privilege should be revoked and the General Assembly should be the highest body and the Secretary-General should be the most independent official and all his positions and activities should be taken with the approval of the General Assembly and should be directed towards promoting justice and eliminating discrimination.
The Secretary-General should not come under pressure from powers and/or the country hosting the Organization for his stating the truth and administration of justice.
It is suggested that the General Assembly should, within one year and in the framework of an extraordinary session, finalize the reformation of the Organization's structure
The Islamic Republic of Iran has clear suggestions in this regard and stands ready to participate actively and constructively in the process.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I announce clearly that the occupation of other countries under the pretext of freedom and democracy is an unforgivable crime.
The world needs the logic of compassion and justice and inclusive participation instead of logic of force, domination, unilateralism, war and intimidation.
The world needs to be governed by virtuous people like the Divine Prophets.

i try to say only facts

Posted By: whitelion553
Date Posted: 29 May 2013 at 2:57am
Ahmadinejad : Iran will only use its defensive strength as a deterrent power.
The country's defensive power is not aimed at invading any country.
no technology has ever been out of the reach of the Iranian scientists
iran is a unbeatable country  in the world

i try to say only facts

Posted By: whitelion553
Date Posted: 31 July 2013 at 4:23am

Unlike Iran, Israel, which is widely believed to possess between 200 to 400 nuclear warheads, is a non-signatory to the NPT and continues to defy international calls to join the treaty.

Seyyed Mohammad Ayatollahi: "Instead of seeking to disrupt Tehran-Baku ties, the Zionist regime (Israel) should put an end to the killing of children and youths in Gaza and return the [occupied] Palestinian land to its original owners,"

sanctions have become like a spider web, so intricately woven that they will be very hard to untangle .Anti –Iran sanctions undermine security in Middle East.

 Churkin : The US-engineered sanctions are putting the lives of Iranian patients in jeopardy. Though the US has not imposed any bans on American firms to sell medicine and medical supplies to Iran, exporters have been required to apply for special licenses. In the wake of the sanctions, the impossibility of transferring money through banks has cast its shadow upon medicine and healthcare in Iran, thereby jeopardizing the lives of millions of patients suffering from special diseases

Alaeddin Boroujerdi : "The Islamic Republic of Iran is the biggest victim of terrorism, but the extremist administration of Canada has put Iranophobia on its agenda over the recent years," - - - - - - - - - - - 20442

i try to say only facts

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