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[READ] Searching Islam - Website I made

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Topic: [READ] Searching Islam - Website I made
Posted By: Perseveranze
Subject: [READ] Searching Islam - Website I made
Date Posted: 02 February 2012 at 12:22pm
Asalaamu Alaikum,

I wanted to share a very simple website I made recently (link at the bottom). It's basically a google powered search engine, the difference is, when you search for something, it filters out Anti-islamic/misleading websites.

People who are new to Islam or those with little knowledge would try searching for answers, only to be spammed by Islamophobic websites, some unfortunatly buy into this and are mislead. Even those who are knowledgeable, end up being fustrated by having to go through alot decieving sites.

For example, if you go on google and type "Taqiyya", you get this on the first page (jazakhallah to the brother who made this screenshot) -

As you can see it's bombarded by Anti-Islam websites, with the purpose to decieve the reader. However, if we do this same search on the filtered website (link at the bottom), we get this -

As you can see from above, the results are precise and they come from hand picked authentic Islamic websites. This way, you can find whatever you are looking for alot quicker.

There is also a scholar only results section tab, which shows results from Scholar based websites, like this -

I wanted to request two things from the brothers and sisters reading this;

a) That you could share the link with others you know.
b) That you could assist me in adding more Islamic websites to the search database.

In elaboration of b, I have added most of the main Islamic websites to the searches, there may have been some that I missed which I hope people can notify me of. The types of websites I'm looking to add are;

- Analytical websites (these websites are knowledge based and have alot of explanation of Islamic related material)
- Dedicated refute websites (websites that are dedicated to refuting Islamaphobes)
- Question and Answer websites (Involving answers given by Scholars)
- Websites that also refute deviant sects, such as Shia etc.

Blogs, forums etc. are also fine.

And that's basically it. This the website link, please save it - -

Jazakhallakair for reading.

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