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The Places

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Topic: The Places
Posted By: bakkah
Subject: The Places
Date Posted: 20 January 2012 at 7:11am
The Places

The shiny oasis in the desert, you have quenched my thirst.
You are the place where we immerse.
The sacred city, the city of trees and fruit.
You fill the heart with love for thee and the chance to salute.
To be near the beloved, your Salam is my prize.
It is surely a dazzle for the eyes.
Your house is my house, your friends are my friends.
You all have led the way for us today.
This city is my city, the true place of peace.
Our love for you I wish will always increase.
I long to never leave and return I shall.
Truly a lift to our future morale.
The ultimate meeting place, amazing to see.
A place he left she without any trees.
It is but my honor that you choose to invite.
To take us out of the darkness, I am truly grateful for your light.
My host is the best host.
Your house is my house.
Your friend is my friend, how honorable is he.
For our beloved is from his tree.
The many are there all for your sake.
Seeking your pleasure, all our cry's you take.
We do as they do, it is a great task.
Again it is but my honor that you allow us to ask.
So many doing as one all from here and there.
We come together under your loving care.
Our eyes are affixed and our heart is there.
A place where you teach and you forgive and you give.
As we walk around and around, it is but sacred holy ground.
Seven times in the direction you deem.
I can always see it now, just like a dream.
As we stand that day on the mountain, it is like no other.
A day we truly become brothers.
We then sleep together as one, under the sky.
Ready to move on, ready to fly.
From the rocks, the water flows and flows.
For millions to savor as we ask and we ask for your favors.
Its powers are great, never ending and pure.
So many partake for this only you can insure.
We are all there, as commanded by thee.
From you alone we seek the sacred keys.
For the chance to fix all that went wrong.
From you alone do we ask.
For you are the glorious.
You are the strong.
Medina and Mecca

Posted By: semar
Date Posted: 20 January 2012 at 9:33am
Masha Allah, it's very beautiful.

The Prophet said: "Do not eat before you are hungry, and stop eating before you are full"
"1/3 of your stomach for food 1/3 for water, 1/3 for air"

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