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Illegitimate Barelwis Love Illegitimate I

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Category: Religion - Islam
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Printed Date: 06 July 2015 at 6:41am

Topic: Illegitimate Barelwis Love Illegitimate I
Posted By: abu_tamim
Subject: Illegitimate Barelwis Love Illegitimate I
Date Posted: 02 January 2012 at 10:40pm
Salamu alaikum wr wb.
Believe it or not. -

Khudi ko kar buland itna ki har taqdir se pehle Khuda bande se khud puche bata teri raza kya hai.

Posted By: kodoo
Date Posted: 18 August 2014 at 2:47pm
wa alaikum salam wr. wb.

Or not. Mainly because it is your blog and it has no sources mentioned.

I don't know who Barelwis are, and who the people mentioned there are. But one thing I know, is that I never make judgment on people over what I hear from other about them. I judge people by listening to themselves. In this case, I would need to talk to Brelwis.

I ask sunnis about sunnism, shiites about shiism, sufis about sufism, wahabis about wahabism. And I never ask a man about the beliefs and actions of another sect.

ma salam

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