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Mississippi Goddam!

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Topic: Mississippi Goddam!
Posted By: Murabit
Subject: Mississippi Goddam!
Date Posted: 04 September 2005 at 8:21pm
Mississippi Goddam!

By Shaykh Dr. Abdalqadir as-Sufi

Allah the Almighty says in His Qur’an (Al- Hajj 22:42-44):
"I allowed time to the kafirun
but then I seized them.
How terrible was My denial!

How many wrongdoing cities We destroyed,
and now all their roofs and walls are fallen in;
How many abandoned wells and stuccoed palaces!

Have they not travelled about the earth
and do they not have hearts to understand with
or ears to hear with?
It is not their eyes which are blind
but the hearts in their breasts which are blind."

Two skyscrapers have been obliterated in downtown New York. It was the work of nihilists. They were from an extreme sect of Islam. They were terrorists. It was war against the American way of life. America was civilization - now the barbarians were at the gates! In the light of modern history it seems such a small thing, and yet on that thing the Federal government had thrown out two hundred years of Liberal legislation, rushing through the Senate a series of scarcely debated Bills, cancelling those which had upheld the rights of the individual in the State since the Founding Fathers. Ordered into obedience, Britain followed along, rescinding the Magna Carta and abolishing without reflection the principle of ‘no arrest without prosecution’. Whereas the Vietnam War had been halted by a new generation of Americans who still believed that there was an American Nation, less than half a century later American youth watched with almost total indifference as the USA ravaged Afghanistan and plunged Iraq into a brutal Civil War, pitting the Shia religion against the ex Saddamite atheists. It was clear that there was something wrong with the greatest democracy in the world, something wrong with America, something wrong with Democracy itself.

Then it happened. This time, there was no Other, no barbarians at the gates, no menace from outside. They thought they were dealing with the forces of Nature, their atheist culture had not explained to them that, in the logic of their own world view, there was properly speaking no such thing as Nature. Nature was not an identity. It was not a weather god. Only the Muslims understood that all the forces at work in the physical universe are inter-related, inter-connected in a web - a complex web that cannot be measured in either its intricacy or its perfection. In the metaphor of the Raja of Mahmudabad (Allah be pleased with him): “What does the ant know of the intricacy of the pattern on a Persian Carpet as it crawls among the towering tufts of wool.” To the mushriks it was Mother Nature. To the kafirun it was yet another Force Four hurricane heading for Louisiana. It was a weather front.

It was none of these things. It was a Divine Event. They had been warned. They had done nothing. Finally, those among them with a sense of the reality they lived in, budgeted to build high the levees that held back the ocean. The Federal Government had other plans. They had to restore the heroin trade in Afghanistan to keep their Under-Class inoperative. They had a war in Iraq in order to rescue Israel which needed the waters of its three great rivers if it was to survive. The funds to rescue New Orleans were allotted to the killing of people in distant lands.

Allah unleashed the hurricane with devastating force, laying waste to a land mass greater than that of the British Isles. So overwhelming was the physical impact that not only did they fail to grasp what it meant, they even failed to grasp the damage that had been done.

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Posted By: kenski70
Date Posted: 27 November 2005 at 11:30pm
yep Allah really hit the US hard thats why 200 or so died how many died in the tsunami?that earth quake in Pakistan? those dead were Muslim whats shaykh abdal qadir got to say about that? this guy must be a real blow hard to equate how sinful he views a given place and say Allah destroyed it because of that.the fact of the matter is that the tsunami and the earthquake in Pakistan were far worse than the hurricane. in fact hurricane Katrina shouldn't be even spoke of in the same sentence. religion had nothing to do with these catastrophes.

Sorry about that turn signal,I must have fallen asleep.

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