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Youth and islam.

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Topic: Youth and islam.
Posted By: M_Hafez
Subject: Youth and islam.
Date Posted: 21 March 2005 at 11:34pm

What's the connection between islam and youth?

actually we must know that islam spread by youth.

>who spread islam in madina??........>12 youth from madina was met with Messanger's Allah (phuh) .

>who sleep in messanger's Allah (phuh) bed in Hijra Day?........> Ali Ebn Abi Talib who was still young man

>who suggest to move Muslims army infront water in Badr Battle?.........> young man from Muslims (i forget his name) he was 14 years old

>who was the leader in Battle of Tabok during Messanger's Allah illness ?..............> Osama Ebn Zayed.he was 19 years old and others said 22.

O Muslim Youth everywhere anytime do anything for your religion .

I Love Khaled Ebn Al Waleed
     ( Sword Of Allah)

Posted By: AhmadJoyia
Date Posted: 22 March 2005 at 9:12am
Bro M_Hafez, I do understand that english may not be everyone's language and that must not be the barrier for communicating knowledge, atleast on this forum. However, once quotes are pasted from some source, I, atleast would expect them to be worded properly. Your 'cut and pasted' material is one such example. I think the author wanted to say "Allah's messanger" instead of "Messanger's Allah". Kindly see if this is just a typo or something else is wrong with the writing of its author. Cheers!

Posted By: M_Hafez
Date Posted: 23 March 2005 at 1:19am

Dear Ahmed

Actually when i copied -paste anyting from anywhere i writing small notic under the topic " that i copied it from somewhere "

you can check that " goto general forum and enter topic Poem

you see


I Love Khaled Ebn Al Waleed
     ( Sword Of Allah)

Posted By: falcon_shark
Date Posted: 05 May 2005 at 8:29am

Youth may have spread Islam, but now youth ignores islam and all other religions concentrating only on having 'fun' usually at other peoples expense.

Or they refuse even to listen to other peoples views!


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