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BlockBuster Seminar....

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Topic: BlockBuster Seminar....
Posted By: Qabeelat Fawz
Subject: BlockBuster Seminar....
Date Posted: 25 March 2011 at 10:51am
For the FIRST TIME EVER in the UK with 2 instructors!

Light of Guidance


Shaykh Yasir Qadhi & Shaykh Navaid Aziz

22nd-24th April & 30th April-1st May 2011 Birmingham UK

Let the Light of Guidance overtake your heart

What we will cover.....
  • Definition of Tawheed
  • Importance of Tawheed
  • Categories of Tawheed (history; differences of opinion regarding categorisation schemes)
  • Tawheed in Allah's Lordship (Ruboobiyyah): reality and definition
  • Quranic Proofs of Ruboobiyyah
  • Western Proofs for the Existence of God (Ontological, Cosmological, Kalam)
  • Critique of Western Proofs; comparied with Islamic Proofs
  • Atheism (arguments and refutation)
  • Ruboobiyyah by itself is incomplete (and it's proofs)
  • Allah's Right to Be Worshipped (Uloohiyyah)
  • Definition of Worship
  • Meaning of Ilah; meaning of Kalimah
  • Manifestations of Worship (Du'a, Sajdah, Tawwakul, Sabr)
  • Deviations in Worship (Talismans, Magic, Astrology)
  • Other concepts (Tabarruk; Tawassul; Shafa'aah)
  • Shirk: definition; history; dangers; categories; causes
  • Evidences used by Muslims who seek to justify Shirk
  • Kufr and Nifaq: definition; dangers; categories; relationship with Shirk
  • Manifestations of Major Kufr

The knowledge and fundementals of the deen ALL Muslims MUST KNOW! - Re -Introduce yourself to the TRUE meaning of being a Muslim -

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