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About Music in Islam ....

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Topic: About Music in Islam ....
Posted By: mazallen
Subject: About Music in Islam ....
Date Posted: 16 August 2005 at 3:19am

As Salam Alaikum,

Is it true that there is a prohibition on all music in Islam or just some?  If all music is prohibited, isn't this the most universally violated prohibition in Islam , i.e., can all the devout Muslims, from Senegal to Iran to Indonesia (and all points around and in between), who play religiously inspired music -- and have for the last 1400 years -- really be labeled "sinners" for doing so?  Did not the Prophet Dawud (may Allah, s.w.t., be pleased with him) specifically state that every manner of instrument should be used in praising the Lord (Allah, subhana wa t'ala) in Psalm 150 (in the Zabur?)  I need a bit of clarification and, again, subhan'allah -- only Allah (s.w.t) is perfect!


Posted By: firewall
Date Posted: 20 August 2005 at 11:09pm
wa'alaikum salam wbt,

i'm also asking this sometimes. i read it's not good, some might even be considered haram (for obvious reasons i.e. MTV). generally for me, yup i find music can be very intoxicating -- in a negative way. i'm also not very fond of even nasheed, as why nasheed when you have the Quran? the Quran can be quite melodious too..

but as i'm in marketing. most marketeers incorporate music to make their product attractive. but i don't know if that's ok in Islam. even ads, we need music for it. promos, launchings etc... there's always music. i tried my best to be in line with Islam, but sometimes i just don't know. but alhamdulillah i've been able to steer clear of incorporating music in my projects, for now... until i know if it's right or not.

may Allah Guides us.

Posted By: md_sultan
Date Posted: 20 August 2005 at 11:33pm

We have lot of music videos, but it is not at all good to see them.

I too want to know about religious music.

Posted By: Community
Date Posted: 21 August 2005 at 3:54pm

The human tradition of music is not mentioned even once in the koran, although it is clearly part of many cultures in fact all cultures.

That music is forbidden can only be derived from secondary sources, and the bible and torah even encourages music. Ofcourse it should not promote immorality. Music can convey a message to people, and wether this is a right way or wrong way, i think depends on the listener and his interpretation of it. For instance a song can be about love and absolute love for one, this can be either interpreted as being Allah or for someone who does not love Him above all and everyone else as meaning that which his heart turns to instead of Allah(can be another human being or something else). Maybe it is for this reason that music is not mentioned in the koran. Because it does not always apply only to Him.

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