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Daughters responsibilities to parents

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Topic: Daughters responsibilities to parents
Posted By: 222dnallohc
Subject: Daughters responsibilities to parents
Date Posted: 21 March 2005 at 12:15am

Assalamu Alaikum Sisters,

I would like to know more about an adult daughter's responsibility toward her parents.  Are there references in the Quran and Sunnah regarding a daughter's financial obligation toward her parents?  Is she obligated to contribute money to support her mother who is in need (especially in the case where the son's financial contribution is not enough by itself)? 

The reason I ask is because I am seeing a situation where a mother is no longer being supported by her husband and yet her college-educated daughters are not making an effort to assist her financially.  They are putting the entire burden on their brother, who is contributing what he can, but it is not enough.  What should be done in this case? 

Thank you for your assistance


Posted By: IslamicGirl
Date Posted: 16 April 2005 at 8:19am

2:83 And remember We took a covenant from the Children of Israel (to this effect): Worship none but Allah. treat with kindness your parents and kindred, and orphans and those in need; speak fair to the people; be steadfast in prayer; and practise regular charity. Then did ye turn back, except a few among you, and ye backslide (even now).

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My opinion>>>  I think it basically tells us as Muslims to be kind to parents and kindred and in order to fulfill that, charity would be a perfect way to practice that when those people you love are in great need.

Hope it helps!  All the best.


*Islamic Girl*

Posted By: rookaiya
Date Posted: 04 May 2007 at 12:23am

any other views on this topic? do all children have a duty to support thier parents in old age, or is it according to ones means? is it a choice, or an obligation?

some children take it upon themselves to support their unemployed parents. they dont wait for thier parents to ask them for help. they just do the necessary as they deem fit. while other children wont even bother and thier parents have to beg them to get a penny out of them.

personally, i am greatful for all the things my folks did to raise me. i know i can never repay them. but they raised me to realise that i now have a duty towards them in thier old age. i wont eat in my own home, not knowing if they are going hungry. i make sure that with my limited means, i provide for them whatever i can. and i dont do it out of a sense of duty. i do it cos it feels good to know that i can now do stuff for my parents who supported me through school and university. the look of appreciation and pride i see in their eyes, is priceless.

my advise to any child is do whatever u can for your folks. dont wait for your other siblings or compare yourself to your other siblings and demand that they too must contribute. if u have the means, support your folks, and do it sincerely. what greater pleasure can there be, than to earn your parents and thus earn Allah swts favour.

"so surely with every difficulty there is relief. Surely with every difficulty there is relief. Surah 94. verses 5 and 6

Posted By: Hayfa
Date Posted: 05 May 2007 at 1:27pm

I think it is an interesting question! For we do receive reward for helping our parents.. and how does that work for women who either have no economic means or culturally they are not expected to do so...

Very good question...

When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy. Rumi

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