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Posted By: rememberallah
Date Posted: 03 December 2010 at 3:15pm
{this topic is especially for forum member "friendship"}
                   I am the unprophecised and so are you.

We have no prophecy to motivate us. The prophesized know themselves and draw their inspiration from the faith God has put in them by prophecising them. But we have nothing we are unprophecised. What Prophet would think of us, a people down in gutters busy in small talks and having no spark, thus no Prophet looked at us, they searched in their vision for sparks and thus we are unprophecised. Look at yourself, you are nothing, YOU ARE NOTHING. You are worthless and thus unprophecised.
But let this unprophecised man tell you that it is the unprophecised that matter!! – truly it is the unprophecised that matter!!

Prophesized too are dependent on you, they look your way, for in you lay their success. That’s where I want to hit, their success rests in us, success rests in us!! So let the unprophecised rise, seeing that the great men, the prophesized of God, come searching for- for what is in middle of us unprophecised. Let us not wait for a prophesized man but raise that thing that appears coal but the touch of God makes it diamond- let us raise it on our shoulders, O you worthless, unmotivated, lot of unprophecised people, march to God in a Grand style, let the continuous falling and raising of your feet when you march shake the heavens and the earth and make it vibrate so hard that the Prophets sit up and take notice from high palaces, not ready to believe themselves, as the demons are left shocked and the angels from around the Universe rush to God and fall down in prostration, for they had known the Prophets and seen the Prophets but this was never- no never supposed to happen. Let the sound of marching of us worthless people resonate throughout the universe and let God arise and say “Didn’t I tell you my angels, Didn’t I tell you, I know that which you do not?!”

Rise for the sake of God.
Rise for the sake of surprising the angels.
Rise for the sake of shocking the demons.

Rise for the sake of proving those wrong that didn’t trust you.
Rise for proving him right who did. Rise for proving him right who did.
Rise for the sake of God.

Rise O Unprophecised people and become Ikhwane Rasool, become like Prophets though you were not supposed to be. Let the Satan hold his head and say what is wrong with these people, what has gotten into them, while God looks down and smile, a smile that hides a prophecy which was never prophesized – “I know that which you do not”.

It’s time for the Unprophecised to say to the prophesized `we have seen you and have been amazed, now it’s your turn to see us and be amazed’ How would the Olympic Gymnast be, if the crowd who had come to see him perform, asks him to stand by side and perform as good as him when they are not at all supposed to?? He will straight away be envious- so become the envy of prophets as comes in a hadith, the awe of angels, the confusion of Satan and the smile of God.

You surely do not realize your worth O you unprophecised people, You surely do not, but tell me what would make you if not this
“I am Unprophecised, And so are You!!!”
“I am Unprophecised, And so are You!!!”
“I am Unprophecised, And so are You!!!”

The whole world is like Hazrat Umar but no one is like his sister and brother in law.

Posted By: Friendship
Date Posted: 06 January 2011 at 9:22am
Assalamu alaika rememberallah.

I just read your posting and I hope I understood what you meant. We fall into the general prophecy of the holy Apostle mentioned in  many ahadith. He said, "The one who uplifts his Sunna or brings back to life his Sunna truncated will be with him (the holy Apostle) in the Hereafter". He also said, "A man followers the way of life of his bossom friend." The hadith Quddusi: "Indeed Allah commanded you in the manner He commanded the messengers." As Allah commanded the holy Apostle, "Therefore do not be a helper of the tyrants."
I used to cry when I read this verse: And Allah has the knowledge of Prophet Muhammad saying; O my Lord! Verily, these are a people who believe not!" My question is what unhappiness or event made the holy Apostle said so? This verse was not revealed when he went to Ta'if and got rebuked! Imagine the torment of a sincere one calling people to run away from hell fire but he sees them falling into it and later saying, "Our Lord! Bring us out, we shall do righteous good deeds, not (the evil deeds) that we used to do."
I do not know your feeling and reaction when you hear those waiting for a prophesized one to come and recite the holy Qur'an or to explain them the Sunna. Mahdi the one to guide! Is there any other than the holy Apostle? Yet, no one will ever listen to understand the meaning of the Kalimat Shahada. 
Well, I fear for the great punishment of concealment. I will do my best not to conceal a thing of the wrongdoings of our time. But definetely, the majority as you mentioned earlier (9999.99% out of the followers of Muhammad ) will dwell in hell fire. Imagine the mistake that led to the defeat of the Sahabas in the battle of Uhud, and the insistance of Abubakar that A'isha should give the 3 dinars she kept for his shroud to the poor!

Posted By: rememberallah
Date Posted: 18 January 2011 at 11:31pm
valaikum salam friendship
i think you have more or less got the point i am trying to make,
below are my feelings as well as message for those who are waiting -
i feel disgusted when people dont themselves try to be like mahdi. mahdi will be a normal man who will draw guidence n not msguidence from kuran. he will not be the only one, many more will understand n be guided ones but he  the mahdi will be rewarded with success unlike others.
he will be very much like us, he will not be a prophet, he will earn guidence of God n not just simply be given. we should compete with him n not just wait for him, lets set a high standard for him, for indeed a really high standard is needed if the world is to be changed, lets work for him even if he is not there n prepare the way, lets teach "God's cause", for he will earn his guidence by striving for God's cause, as verse says {29:69} - "as for those who strive in our cause we will certainly guide them to our paths" and mahdi will be guided, why? why because he will strive in God's cause as comes in {29:69}, come lets not wait for him but compete with him. to know "God's cause", see the topic "God's cause" in "kuran n sunnah" section of this forum.
Kuran clears everything n there are many things to be told but people like me cant do it, when the prophecised come they will tell you all.
till then stive for God's cause so that you may be told by God through guidence. n well you will come full circle, from unprophecised to prophecised n from prophecised to unprophecised.
Strive for his cause O muslims so that you may be guided.
this is what i feel for those who wait friendship.
peace be on all.

The whole world is like Hazrat Umar but no one is like his sister and brother in law.

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