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Loves young dream

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Topic: Loves young dream
Posted By: Showkat
Subject: Loves young dream
Date Posted: 14 November 2010 at 8:40am

Loves young dream

A girl and a boy

 holding hands

in the park

loves young dream

but all is not how it seems


The guys got a beard

The girls wearing a hijab

They look Islamic

But the realities tragic


Boyfriend and girlfriend

Hand in hand

Romeo and Juliet

The Muslim kind


Parents don’t know

And cant imagine

Their child up to no good

Breaking all the taboos


Beard and hijab just for show

Away from the family

Almost anything  goes

When in Rome do as the Romans

Seems to be the motto



Appearences can be misleading and decieving

Never judge a book by its cover

But it’s a good way for fooling  the rents

Leave home with books every morning

Then engage in flirting and other things

Instead of studying

Who needs that baggage


Dating leading to marriage

That’s the game plan

Its better then parents arranging

Cousins back home disapointed

Never mind

They can visit

And do a runner


Boys wanting a quick fumble and lay

I love you and presents

Seem to be the quickest way

But the girl wants commitment and something stable

So make promises of marriage one day

To get your way


When things turn sour

The girl gets a bad rep

***** and whore

While the guy gets rated

And adds another notch

The girls life botched

And destroyed

But that’s just the way it goes

In the liberated west


Few relationships last long

And most don’t even last a term

Some lead to all sorts of harm

STIs and abortions

But no one cares and follows blindly

This trend of dating which leads to infamy


So what to follow and who to obey?

Hmm, that’s the big question

Maybe our creator and his commands.

Instead of whims and desires

Which lead to haram

Author: Showkat Ali

N.B No copyright in Islam, please forward widely inshAllah.

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Posted By: michaelgriswold
Date Posted: 14 November 2010 at 10:42pm
I love this poem. Thank you for sharing. Looking forward for more. Smile

Posted By: Atlantia
Date Posted: 17 November 2010 at 2:42am

Stereotypes and sweeping generalisations can be very hurtful to all communities Showkat.

I am sad that your poem is so negative.

Many of your non-Muslim brothers and sisters in the west are kind and decent people. You live in a country where Muslims are a small minority after all.

Let me tell you a story.

A holy man is making a long pilgrimage, walking through foreign lands to reach his goal.

One day while walking he meets a faithful traveller coming the other way who stops him and asks for a blessing.

“Tell me” asks the traveller, pointing behind the holy man “Have you just come from that village?”

“Yes” replies the Holy man, “And you from the village ahead?”

“I have” says the traveller, “Tell me, how did you find the people in the village you’ve just left?”.

The Holy man smiles “How did you find those in the Village ahead?” he asks.

The traveller frowns and shaking his head replies “They do not share our faith, their ways are strange to me. They greeted me warmly, gave me food and lodging and allowed me to stay in their village. But I found them alien and disturbing. In truth they disgusted me as surely their hearts must be evil to not believe as I do. I couldn’t wait to leave”

The Holy man looks sad, “Then that is how you will find the people in the next village” he replies and continues down the road.

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