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Time, Death, Ressurection Theory

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Topic: Time, Death, Ressurection Theory
Posted By: Israfil
Subject: Time, Death, Ressurection Theory
Date Posted: 02 August 2005 at 11:15pm

God's blessings to all,

I've made up a simple theory concerning: death, time and the resurrection and quite frankly I feel as if this theory of mine is an exaggeration of some sort. First off the premise of this theory is that since, when the mind at any moment of rest does not comprehend time, time exceeds and since time exceeds the "potential" future is already actualized through the minds momentary incomprehension. For instance when we sleep for a long period of time we are not aware of time itself, and therefore even if we sleep briefly time passes quickly. However while in a state of momentary rest our state seems to be prolonged, perhaps because we are unaware of time.

In the Islamic aspect of it, I firmly believe (which the Qur'an validates) that life is already in a fixed state, meaning that its in a state where motion, time and will all are set which thus leads me to the belief that life, death and resurrection are already past. What I mean is while we are living here and now while others are not present our minds here and now comprehend time and motion while in death it doesn't. Since our minds comprehend here and now time moves slow even though time is fucnctioning normally. But in a state of not being aware time exceeds. The same can be said of death. Since the brain cells are extinguished in the brain all concept and comprehension of reality cease. However time doesn't since on the outside of death it still exist and persist.

I firmly believe that our reality in death will be different than in life, and how we perceive whether something is fast or slow will totally be altered in the reality of the hereafter. This is why I believe that the Day of Judgement perhaps can happen either once we die, a min after we die or perhaps years from when we die. As I mention before seeing how time would exceed by the mind not being aware of it, it would be logical to say that perhaps resurrection and judgement would happen in the reality of death the same as if the sun were to come up. I understand how this would be confusing but this would confuse me. The only reason I can put it in this way is because I'm trying to actually calculate my thoughts cosmological formulas and theory. Another thought I had in mind which I use to support my theory was that the universe will not constantly expand even though it currently is now. The only reason its expanding now is because the universe does not contain enough for it to contract. But I firmly believe that there will be a type of contraction in which the universe will contract, but will expand in the same length as it would be prior to it contracting. If this is true and the universe contracts everything in the Universe would die--including our little planet. The equivalent for the contraction is the same as two semi trucks smashing a watermelon.

I also believe though after the contraction the universe will expand (as I mentione before) and firmly believe that the state of how the universe was will return to that state (with some differences). Again this is only a food for thought theory just wanted to present to you guys.


Posted By: ummziba
Date Posted: 03 August 2005 at 6:12am

Assalamu alaikum,

Please, Brother Israfil, be kind to my old eyes and use a larger size print .  I would love to read your posts but this new small size is too much strain.


Peace, ummziba.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but your words...they break my soul ~

Posted By: Israfil
Date Posted: 03 August 2005 at 10:12am

My apologies on the low print and yes my eyes too are sometimes in a strain! I will now be more aware of that. Now that I've called down on the caffine when I posted that last post I made I can formulate my thought more correctly. So please allow me to restate what I intended on saying. First let me list some helpful concepts so that hopefulkly many of the forum members can understand my thought on regards to time:


- Constant, ever-changing

- Known through conscious i.e a person being aware that it is twelve O' clock.

-Rotation of the Earth on its own axis whose orbit is around the Sun

On regards to death:

Death is:

-The Cease of life

-The extinguishing of life

-To be incapacitated

On regards to Ressurection

Ressurection is:

-To be revived

-To come back i.e from a state (or realm) where one is gone for a long period of time

-To be brought forth from an immobile state

All of these concepts are of course basic in our understanding especially when it comes to Islamic eschatology. The main point of my theory perhaps incompasses all of the controversial topics, such topics like freewill and predestination. What I truly meant to convey here is that time in regards to the other two is as important as our understanding of God. When we are alive we are aware of time not just by watching the clock move and hours pass but by the events and activities in our lives.

When the sun comes up we understand its morning or its early in the morning or even when we pray fajr we understand that we pray at a certain point within the day. But consequently by believing in God we also believe in the All-encompassing knowledge of God and so consequently because of that we have to believe that God's abilities are not only incomprehensible but encompasses everything we know and don't know. To say that God cannot do a certain act would make God lack in that certain action. In the regards to freewill and predestination the knowledge of God is so encompassing every action that has been created and extinguished is known by God, hence the action of the past present and future is known by God.

It is important to note that through death our understanding of time cease because our physical mechanism such as our brain ceases to function and is extinguished. We therefore lose any physical consciousness or awareness of time. Because of this, in this state time exceeds faster Why? Because we are not aware of it. In regards to ressurection apart of my crazy idea is that what if ressurection happens two seconds, or a minute or even a month after being in a state of death. Of course these are measurements in our reality but while being in a state of death time stops because there is no motion of any consciousness of motion. Even when we sleep there is no consciousness of time. Even when we dream there is no consciousness of time but sometimes our dreams can last a long time. Some psychologist say dreams last for as long as 30 seconds. But they seem to last for over that.

An extreme  view is from what the Hindus take and some crazy scientist who believe that the world will re-create itelf. Some scientist explain this by stating that the universe will not always constantly expand and eventually will contract. If the universe do eventually contract eveything in the universe living at least, will die. Eventually so scientist (and Hindus) believe that life as we know if it now will repeat. Apart of what I thought was that what if while being in a state of death all of this happened. Of course this is but a theory and really have no basis for anything but just something as a food for thought. I really didn't put any effort into it but it is something to just think about.

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