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Sects- Allowed in Islam??

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Topic: Sects- Allowed in Islam??
Posted By: maha123
Subject: Sects- Allowed in Islam??
Date Posted: 25 August 2010 at 12:59am
          Plz help me out wts the difference between Sunni and Shia Sect.

Posted By: Isaac
Date Posted: 11 September 2010 at 2:03pm
Hi. - Sunni and Shia

The website above will provide you an impartial view.

Posted By: pbuh
Date Posted: 22 September 2010 at 2:49am
Originally posted by maha123

          Plz help me out wts the difference between Sunni and Shia Sect.

The Quran condemns all sects. All sects in Islam, whether Sunni, Shias, Ahmaddis, Ismailli......etc have disagreements about hadith and sunnah attributed to the prophet. However, these same sects have no disagreements about the Quran.



It is sources of religious law, stories, conjecture, etc. outside the Quran which have created these sects. At the end of this article three "authentic" hadith have been produced about the last sermon of the prophet. The different versions/conjecture gave rise to sects.


These sects of Islam ( Sunni, Shias, Ahmaddis, NOI....etc.) do exactly the same thing - they follow sources and religious scholars, instead of the Quran.



[6:159] Those who divide themselves into sects do not belong with

you. Their judgment rests with GOD, then He will inform

them of everything they had done.



[30:32] (Do not fall in idol worship,) like those who divide

their religion into sects; each party rejoicing with what

they have.



[42:14] Ironically, they broke up into sects only after the

knowledge had come to them, due to jealousy and

resentment among themselves. If it were not for a

predetermined decision from your Lord to respite them for

a definite interim, they would have been judged

immediately. Indeed, the later generations who inherited

the scripture are full of doubts.



The last sermon of the prophet witnessed by the thousands has

three versions. The versions the references are listed below.



1) I leave with you Quran and Sunnah

Muwatta, 46/3



2) I leave with you Quran and Ahl al-bayt

Muslim 44/4, Nu2408; ibn hanbal 4/366; darimi 23/1, nu 3319.



3) I leave you for the Quran alone you shall uphold it.

Muslim 15/19, nu 1218; ibn Majah 25/84, Abu dawud 11/56.



Because the majority of the Muslims follow conjecture (hadith and

sunnah) instead of Quran alone (17:46) as our Creator has

commanded the "Muslims" are divided into sects. These sects are

there because of differences and disagreements on Hadith rather

than disagreements over the Quran.



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