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Prophet Jesus (pbuh): A Prophet, Not A So

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Topic: Prophet Jesus (pbuh): A Prophet, Not A So
Posted By: ahmetsecer
Subject: Prophet Jesus (pbuh): A Prophet, Not A So
Date Posted: 16 May 2010 at 1:56pm

Prophet Jesus (pbuh): A Prophet, Not A Son, Of God- E Book -

The religion brought by Prophet Jesus (pbuh), the true religion of those who believe in God as the One and Only God, was distorted after his elevation to God’s presence. As a result, Christianity, as we know it today, is a new belief based on such misguided concepts as the trinity and the atonement for sins. These beliefs were put forward by the Church fathers at various councils, not by Prophet Jesus (pbuh), as absolute laws  that must be accepted without thought, questioning or inquiry.
Over the centuries, many Christians have questioned these erroneous beliefs, which were accepted by majority vote in Church councils. Many of those who did so were dragged before the Inquisition’s courts and tortured and/or executed. Today, such debates are no longer considered criminal. The concept of the trinity appears nowhere in Christian scriptures. It entered Christianity three centuries after the time of Prophet Jesus (pbuh), and it has now begun to be debated in a number of circles.
In this book, the author uses both Christian, Biblical, and Qur’anic sources to show  that true Christianity is a monotheistic religion. The author, in line with the Qur’anic command to command what is good and prohibit what is evil, hopes that open-minded Christians will use the information presented in this book to question this misguided belief and return to the true monotheistic faith taught by Prophet Jesus (pbuh).

Posted By: IssaEl999
Date Posted: 10 March 2011 at 7:45am
No Man's Body Can Contain God  . Now If You Mean That He Has The Essence Of His Father In Him , Then All Men Are God's Sons And Daughters , Read Genesis 2 ; 7  When God Breathe Into Man The Breath Of Life ;  '' And The Lord God Formed Man From The Dust Of The Ground , And Breathed Into His Nostrile The Breath Of Life ; And Man Became A Living Soul ,
However , Getting Back To The Point , Whether He Incarnated Or Came Himself , There Still Wouldn't Be Any Need For Him To Pray Or Ask For Assistance From Anyway If He Was God , The Creator . Can't You See That ? Not Only Would He Not Need To Pray , He Would Have No Desire To Eat Meat ( Luke 24 ; 41 ) , Beg That Death Passes Him ( Matthew 26 ; 39 ) . Feared And Run For His Life ( John 18 ; 3 ) Which Means That '' God '' Has To Run From His Creations  . It Seems Like You Totally Ignored All Of These Scriptures And Found One That Sound Good To You , And Built A Whole Doctrine From It .
Another Quality That Yashu'a Didn't Not Possess According To Roman 13 ; 1 And 2Corinthian 1 ; 23 Is The Power To Assign The Souls The Positions In The Hereafter . According To The Author Of These 2 Books Which Was Paul , Only The Heavenly Father Possess Such Power . Exalting Yashu'a Beyond The Truth Is Shown To Be A Form Of Idolatry .
Once Again In Matthew 7 ; 21 , Yashu'a Tells People To Do The Will Of The Father Matthew 7 ; 21 And I Quote ;  Not Every One That Saith Unto Me , Lord , Lord , Shall Enter Into The Kingdom Of Heaven , But He That Doeth The Will Of My Father  Which Is Heaven .
In Both Luke 4 ; 8 And Matthew 4 ; 10 , We Come Across An Incident That Clearly Contradicts The Concept Of Yashu'a Claiming Absolute Divinity . According To These Two References , Matthew 27 ; 46 And Mark 15 ; 34 . Yashu'a Was Put On The Cross Left To Die . Then According To Those Who Believe The Crucifixion Story , At That Time Yashu'a Cried In A Loud Voice . Matthew 27 ; 46 , And I Quote ; And About The Ninth Hour Yashu'a Cried With A Loud Voice , Saying , Eli , Eli , Lama SabacthanI ? That Is To Say , My God . My God , Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me ?
Now Read Mark 15 ; 34 , And I Quote ; And At The Ninth Hour Yashu'a Cried With A Loud Voice , Saying Eloi , Eloi . Lama Sabachthani ? Which Is Being Interpreted . My God . My God , Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me ?
If Yashu'a Was God He Would Not Have To Say Any Of These Things In The First Place . How Could You Possibly Forsake Your Ownself ? If He Was God Or Eli As It Is Used In This Quote , He Would Not Need Consent From Anyone . Overstand .  This Could Not Possibly Be The Words Of A Person Who Saw Himself As The Controller Of All Life And Death Because He Cried Out
'' My God ''  ... It Simply Isn't Logical . Yashu'a Never Encouraged  Anyone To Worship Him .  Instead , He Taught Others To Worship His Father  As I Have Just Shown You By Using The Scriptures .

El's Holy Qur'aan , States In Chapter 17 ; 81 , '' And Say ; Truth Has ( Now ) Arrived , And Falsehood Perished ; For Falsehood Is ( By Its Nature ) Bound To Perish (81 ) .

Posted By: Empiricist
Date Posted: 17 March 2012 at 3:47pm
The examples you provide basically explain the duality of Jesus- a man, but with the spirit of God.  Jesus is the EXAMPLE for all of us, given directly by God.  I do not see why this is so hard to comprehend.  It seems like a very good way to show us how God wants us to be.  And God left Jesus on the cross for awhile, so Jesus the man would suffer and feel the pain.  But the important part is that God returned and brought life back to Jesus, where he came back and showed himself.  Why do you not include the rest of the story?  How about Thomas, who doubted?  Blessed are those who have faith without seeing, Jesus told Thomas. 

Posted By: iec786
Date Posted: 19 March 2012 at 12:08pm
So we commit a crime, and God murders his Son?????

This is either a cruel God or a stup** statement.

Posted By: Abu Loren
Date Posted: 18 September 2012 at 11:42am
Originally posted by shopgirl2012

No matter who we believed in for me we cannot argue who is who and which is which. we believe what we believe and peace on earth is what matters most. but thats just me.< id="gwProxy" =""><!--Session -->< ="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" =""><div id="ref">

This hippy concept is fine and dandy but what you believe can have a dire consequence on the Day of Judgement.

Posted By: mufasa
Date Posted: 20 October 2014 at 5:26am
You are getting this wrong, according to the Torah the priest needs to offer a animal sacrifice for the sins of the people each year, but when God sent his choosen one the messiah to do this sacrifice he himself who God has blown his spirit in, they did this sacrifice once and for all. so when Adam dissobeyed God by eating the apple he brought Death into the world and in the same manner Jesus made the attonement sacrifice for all who is willing to listen to his words and repent and humble themself towards God, so he brought the eternal life to us. And the quran is right they never killed him , cus he died after only like 6 hours and God took his spirit befor he died it is plain to see in the Gospel that he gave up his spirit to the hands of God. you must see that Quran does not contradict the Torah & Gospel but it came to confirm it and help us to understand them. And he is called the son of God but we do not belive that God reproduces himself it is more a title in the bible everyone who loves God and keep his comandments he recieves as sons and daughters.

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