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~~~Wanting to convert to Islam... Help Needed!~~~

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Topic: ~~~Wanting to convert to Islam... Help Needed!~~~
Posted By: bamboo
Subject: ~~~Wanting to convert to Islam... Help Needed!~~~
Date Posted: 28 February 2010 at 10:09pm
I want to convert/ revert to Islam. Please, I really need advice from Muslims. Here are my circumstances:

-  I have not done my shahadah yet but I feel drawn to Islam and have been reading the Qur'an every day and am learning more about the faith.

-  I have been dating my boyfriend for over 5 years (been friends for 2 years before dating). He is Hindu by birth but isn't practicing and only considers himself spiritual. He does not want to practice an organized religion but does not hate them either.

-  We have lived together for a couple years and I love him more than anyone (I know he feels as deeply about me). I've known that I want to marry him for many years. We are planning on marriage after university and have even talked about having children together.

From what I've learned about Islam so far, I will have to choose either my future husband OR Islam. I cannot be a Muslim and married to him (and have a successful marriage or  family life).

I feel that Islam fits me personally BUT doesn't fit at all with the life I've built (including my relationship with my boyfriend) or the direction my life is going.

Is my situation hopeless? Please please help...

Posted By: Centrino
Date Posted: 06 March 2010 at 1:12pm
   So happy to hear your wanting to revert to Islam! Islam is truly the right religion.Trust me.  About your relationship with this Hindu guy, have you explained about Islam to him? Maybe you can tell him what drew you to Islam? There are also people who are saints in Islam,thus lead a spiritual life and as a Muslim too.But it needs plenty of practice, piety and Divine guidance.But you can see that Islam supports spirituality.So maybe he might be interested in Islam if you mention this.But don't guarantee him that he will become a saint.You should seek the help of Allah,firstly,then of true,trusted sheikhs or scholars. The benefits/pros of Islam totally overweigh the cons.If you know what I mean. I think, according to what I've learnt so far, a Muslim woman can marry a man as long as he is Muslim. Since he is Hindu,but not practicing,you might have a chance of reverting him too.  If he does, then you can marry him. But if he doesn't, then I'm afraid you just have to make your choice: Islam or him. Rememberwhat you choose will affect your whole life and your life in the Hereafter Maybe you will come across a better man in the future,Insha Allah, if you happen to choose Islam and he doesn't revert.If there are any good Muslim Scholars in your area, you can consult them. And pls bear this in mind: whatever happens, happens for the good of mankind. All is in Allah's Hands. The life of the Hereafter is much more significant and important than this worldly life. May Allah guide you and help you in your life. Insha Allah, I hope to welcome you to Islam someday! Hope you find this useful. Smile    

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