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Fertility and infertility

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Topic: Fertility and infertility
Posted By: Angel
Subject: Fertility and infertility
Date Posted: 30 October 2009 at 8:58pm

I have come across over time that many here are having difficulity in this area and also many others across the globe.

I have complied a list of books for you to read upon (if you haven't already come across these or read them Wink )
I think in this area (and many other areas) the key to combating some thing or overcoming them is to arm yourself with knowledge, educate yourself. And in this area its both learning about your body and your cycles along with information from those researching in this field but the biggest is the knowledge of how your body works, listen and learning from it. I know my body well but there is still stuff I'm learning Wink I believe with every stage of a woman's life there is new learning as your body changes through out and your hormones change to with the stages.
I believe strongly that you also need the complementary and alternative medicines in life, infact pretty much of it is old from throughout the centuries being taken up again and with some scientific backup in the present time and continues to do so.
So below is a list that I consider the best, especially the top 6 books in complementary and alternative medicines. They're kinda my favourite.
I kinda work with books in this area of medicine so some are at my finger tips Smile
I hope you get something out of these books, but I do have to mention as always if you do go ahead with seeking help from practioners: ALWAY DO YOUR RESEARCH AND MAKE SURE THEY ARE REPUTABLE AND HAVE THE RELEVENT (& UPDATE) QUALIFICATIONS!!!! there are many whackos out there unfortunately.
The writing in blue is from me personally Smile
Happy reading/researching and learning Smile

·         Women, hormones and the menstrual cycle by Ruth Trickey, 2nd Edition. ISBN 186508980X


·         Women's encyclopedia of natural medicine : alternative therapies and integrative medicine for total health and wellness by Tori Hudson. ISBN9780071464734


·         Taking charge of your Fertility : the definite guide to natural birth control, pregnancy archievement, and reproductive health by Toni Weschler. 10th Anniversary edition. ISBN 9780060881900 (pbk.) and also ISBN 0060881909 (pbk.)         

 This book is REALLY excellent, lots of charts and graphs, diagrams. It’s about as the title mentions taking charge, using the fertility charts to chart how your body is through the monthly cycle. Also a tip from the book is that the 28 day cycle is not always so and ovulations doesn’t also happen on the 14th day which also explains why the rhythm method doesn’t work and this is one point that infertility seems to be. Of course there is soo much more in this book!


·         Women’s bodies, women’s wisdom : the complete guide to women's health and Wellbeing by Dr Christiane Northrup. ISBN 0749919256 

This book is, just excellent! I like Dr Christiane Northrup.


·         Energy medicine : balance your body's energies for optimal health , joy, and vitality by Donna Eden with David Feinstein. 10th anniversary edition. ISBN 9780749929664 

 This is really good, actually borrowed this from the library and read alot from it. Energy medicine is going to be big, and its scientificly proven what they say about energy. Big leaps in this area, since all there is, is energy. Not so much about fertility in this book but its helps to balance out those energy vibrations/fields. I have on audio from Caroline Myss to do with energy layline of the earth & mentioning that a couple were having difficulty falling pregnant/infertility and advice them to move to another place, they did this and within a very short time in their new place they fell pregnant. I found this so fascinating about the energy fields of the planet and places, not that I’m say you should move but its a very interesting thing thou.


·         Natural fertility : the complete guide to avoiding or achieving conception by Francesca Naish. ISBN 18636512683


·         The infertility survival guide by Judith C. Daniluk. ISBN  1572242477


·         Getting pregnant : A guide for the infertile coupleby Derek Llwellyn. ISBN 0947138269


·         Enhancing fertility : a couple’s guide to natural approaches by Chris D. Meletis. ISBN 1591200547


·         Getting pregnant the natural way by D.S. Fiengold. ISBN 047137959X (pbk.)


·         Treatment of infertility with Chinese medicine by Jane Lyttleton. ISBN 9780443066405


~ Our feet are earthbound, but our hearts and our minds have wings ~

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