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Rahmatullah Kairanawi and the grand debate

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Topic: Rahmatullah Kairanawi and the grand debate
Posted By: Meditations
Subject: Rahmatullah Kairanawi and the grand debate
Date Posted: 08 October 2009 at 4:20pm
AsSalam Alaykoum

I think the story of Rahmatullah Kairanawi ( 1818-1891 ) is useful for anyone who's into inter-faith debates, especially with christians

Kairanawi was born in Kairana, India 1818
Began receiving traditional Islamic education at the age of 6, memorizing the Qur'an at 12. He also learned Sharia, Arabic and Persian languages. He moved later to Delhi where he studied different disciplines including mathematics and medicine.

In 1837 the Church Mission Society appointed Karl Gottlieb Pfander, (described by Eugene Stock as "the greatest of all missionaries to Mohammedans"), to Agra in northern India, he had written a book in Urdu to cast doubts into the minds of the Muslim

The grand debate :
In 1854 Pfander engaged in a famous public debate with leading Islamic scholars.
The main Muslim debater was Kairanvi, being assisted by English-speaking Dr. Muhammad WazÓr Kh‚n.]
The debate itself went badly for Pfander, and he decided to withdraw from it.

The debate was about 6 main topics :
  1. Abrogation of the bible by the Qur'an
  2. Alteration of the of the bible
  3. Goddness of Jesus (PBUH)
  4. Trinity
  5. Prophet-hood of Prophet Muhammad ( PBUH )
  6. Truth of the Qur'an
1- Pfander admitted of the possibility of abrogation
2- Pfander admitted that there were alterations in the Bible in seven or Eight places

After this, the debate was over, for Pfander had no proof on next topics ( Godness of Jesus ( PBUH ) and the trinity except the bible whom he admitted to be altered

an arabic text of the debate can be found here -

After that, Rahmatullah Kairanawi wrote his famous book
Izhar ul-Haq (Truth Revealed)

Written originally in Arabic, this book in six volumes was translated later into Urdu, and from Urdu into a summarized English version.
The book aims to respond to Christian criticism of Islam. It is the first Muslim book to use Western scholarly works in order to ascertain the errors and contradictions of the bible.
The doctrine of Trinity is purportedly contested using biblical, Christian and other sources.
Christine Schirrmacher says:
ď    'The Demonstration of the Truth' (izh‚r al-haqq) served as a summary of all possible charges against Christianity and was therefore used after al-Kair‚nawÓ's death as a sort of encyclopaedia since al-Kair‚nawÓ extended the material of former polemicists like 'Ali TabarÓ, Ibn Hazm or Ibn Taymiyya to a great extent.    Ē

I really recommend this book to anyone who's into debates with christians

May God guide us all to the righteous path

P.S : I'm not connected to anyone who benefits from selling this book

AsSalam Alaykoum

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