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The Waswas Problem

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Topic: The Waswas Problem
Posted By: Full of Hopes
Subject: The Waswas Problem
Date Posted: 25 September 2009 at 3:56pm

  Asslamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatu Allah

  Dears, I have seen that the problem of waswas is very common with many good Muslims who try to obey Allah, the Merciful. I will focus on it just in the part of worshiping because it affects even the normal life and it is a big field of study.

  1- What is waswas?

 In fact this is an Arabic word and in Islamic studies it means the feeling that  you are not sure of anything you did to worship. You always cast doubts on things you did.
 This is a serious disease,  caused by the shytan. 
  2- What are some symptoms of waswas?

 -You pray and then be not sure if you did.
 - You waste too much water and long time in wudu and ghusl.
 - You pray more than the number of rakats and do the sahu sujud every time. Even you pray more than once.
 - you are not sure if your clothes are clean and every moment change your clothes.
 - You follow the tiny things that are not even seen by eyes to clean them and remove them.
 - You worry too much and feel your worship is not complete.
 - You ask strange questions that people feel amazed and do strange behavior for example: someone walks with shoes on the carpet until the spot where she prays just because she is not sure if the land is clean.
 - You spend a very long time in bathroom, just washing.
 - You are not sure of any worship you did is complete.
 And many other strange things that can tell you are suffering form waswas.
 3- Is waswas dangerous or serious and why?

 In fact this problem is serious and REALLY dangerous. The idea is that shytan wants you to be not sure of anything. he starts by saying you did not pray do that again. You did not keep wudu, you did soemthing you did not feel of it, you did not pray the number of rakat, you should add more, your clothes are not clean, wash them again, the land is not clean wash the land... and day by day you are not sure of anything until it comes to your faith and say you are not sure Allah is exist.
 Some real stories of people having waswas problem.
 A woman said: For 16 years, I everyday have shower and take shahada because I suddenly feel I am not sure, I am Muslim.
 A guy said: For years I pray and think I did not until I stopped praying at all.
 A woman said: I used to pray the prayer and keep repeating it until the next prayer.
  4- What causes this problem?
 This problem occur with very good Muslims when they do not have enough knowledge about Islam. They care so much and want to please Allah but they do not know enough.

  5- Dose this occur with any one?
  Yes, this problem can happen to any person male or female and to any age.
 6- How to solve this problem?
 A- IGNORE and IGNORE and IGNORE. When you pray and feel you did not pray you must NOT pray again.  When you do wudu and soemthing tell you that you did not do, ignore that thing and never obey it.
 B- Keep asking Allah and pray to cure you and support you everytime without stopping.
 C- Study - Jurisprudence (Fiqh) and the other Islamic branches of studying. You must have enough knowledge and study that very well.

 D- Stop thinking about the worship (Ebadah) you did. I mean when you do wudu do not think about it because it is over, think of anything else, when your prayer is over never think of it again. Think of the other things in your life.
 F- When you do any worship and finish it ok, then after you finish it doubt about it, never do it again because you have done is certain and the certain thing  in Islam is not affected by the doubts. So by the moment you finish prying for example, do not listen to anything say it is not complete.

 D- Remember that you are disobeying Allah by repeating praying or by even obeying shytan in waswas. Remember that Allah wants you to disobey the waswas and if you do He will be pleased on you.

  A desert Arab came to Allah's Apostle and asked
him about ablution. He demonstrated (washing each part of his body)
thrice, and then said: That is (the method) of the ablution.
And he who does more than this has done wrong, transgressed
the limit and has oppressed (himself).  

  F- The beginning will be difficult because shytan will make you feel you are not caring for Allah and for your religion but be stronger.

  H- These are some links for help.
keep ignoring it. - - - - - - -

 Note: There shows the voice of experience. I have suffered form it a lot and now I am fine and want to help everyone. I have studied this so do not feel any doubt about it.

  May Allah forgive me and you...Star

And whoever seeks a religion other than Islām, it will never be accepted of him, and in the Hereafter he will be one of the losers(3:85)

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