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Maliki Salah and Bismillah before Suras

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Topic: Maliki Salah and Bismillah before Suras
Posted By: Mahmud200
Subject: Maliki Salah and Bismillah before Suras
Date Posted: 19 July 2009 at 5:45am
Assalaamu alaikum.
Can anyone explain this to me? I was a little surprised because I thought that in the Maliki school, Bismillah is discouraged.

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Since my childhood I have been tought by my parents and my madressa teachers that before you recite any surah from the quran you must always start with bismillah-irahman-iraheem. All the surah is the entire quran start with Bismillah-irahman-iraheem, EXCEPT surah al-tauba, This is ofcourse the will of Allah (s.w.t) that he has made is wajib on us to start all the surahs with Bismillah-irahman-iraheem and not al tuba. My question to you learned people is then why is salat the first surh is started with Bismillah and the second surah is not started with bismillah-irahman-iraheem? I am very puzzled with this hipocracy as I believe that untill surah al-tauba is recited in our salats we must start every surah with Bismilla-irahman-iraheem. PLEASE explain me why this practise is taking place when throught out the qurn the surhs are started with an opening phrase except one. I would appreciate a prompt response to this matter. Thankyou very much. And my allah (s.w.t) guide you and us all to his right path.
Dear Br. s. As-salaamu alaykum. The Imams do read the Basmalah after they finish the Fatiha (except for Surah at-Taubah where it is specifically prohibited to do so). However the difference between Imams lies in whether to read it loudly or silently. According to the Hanafi, the Maliki, and the Hanbali schools of thought, it is read silently while according to the Shafii school, it is read aloud. Hope this clarifies the issue to you. Thank you for asking and God knows best.

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