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A Peaceful Solution to Gaza

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Topic: A Peaceful Solution to Gaza
Posted By: StrikeBack4Gaza
Subject: A Peaceful Solution to Gaza
Date Posted: 13 January 2009 at 8:23pm
Asalaamu Alaikoum & Greetings to ALL People of Conscience and Humanity,

Are you sick of the Israeli massacre of innocent and defenseless children, women and elderly? Are you angry that the whole world is watching this present-day Holocaust and not one nation or international organization is lifting a finger to stop this? Are you genuinely willing to help ease the suffering of the civilian population of the “Concentration Camp” known as Gaza?
Know that everyone of us alive today who knows about the slaughter of Muslim children and women in Gaza will stand before Allah the almighty and will be asked, “What have YOU done to help your brothers and sisters”.
Now is NOT the time for comfort, sleep, pleasure, and business as usual. NOW is the time to WORK for YOUR Ummah! Work for Humanity! A collective effort of MANY will stop the terror caused by a few!
What can an average person do to help? Please seriously consider working just a little on this peaceful solution to help the people of Gaza. The idea is to ORGANIZE and call for a WORLD WIDE strike! It would be our Strike Back! The plan would be to withdraw our effort, resources, and talents to UNITE for one day. That's what I'm talking about UNITING the UMMAH! This is a non-violent peaceful way to land a financial blow directly into the multinational corporations that fund the Israeli aggressions! ALL Muslims World Wide MUST participate and I am requesting an official Islamic decree from our scholars. All people who stand with Palestine in Solidarity should also strike on the date (to be announced). This is simple, we choose one day to unite and NOT go to work or school! We would also avoid buying anything on that day and commit to boycotting all corporations that support Israel. Instead we would all go to the streets in a massive peaceful protest that day. This would draw major media and political attention. If the killing doesn't stop from our One day strike ~ we can then go for a week or however long it takes! People strike for raises, money, contracts, etc. Strikes are very effective bargaining methods in business. We need to form our own Union and strike back! Please pass it on to anyone who can take any action! Please email or contact someone tonight if they have any connections to Islamic scholars in your home country. This could work, but it has to MUSHROOM overnight!
The work involved will only take 2-3 hours per week of your time. No donations needed! Just use the resources you already have in place (i.e., your email, facebook, myspace, youtube accounts, also Masjids, newsletters/papers, billboards, etc). NEVER before has the world been so completely connected and collectively aware. This is the time to UNITE! Consider yourself a peace activist and get to work!
Work to be done by Everyone:
1) Invite all of your friends to join this group
2) Email the info and all updates to everyone in your contact list
3) Contact any Islamic scholar or Imam you know and ask them to support the effort and announce it at Jummuah
4) Work to Obtain a religious decree from our scholars making participation a religious obligation on all Muslims
5) Invite people of all faiths to participate in the strike, protest, boycott/purchasing blackout, and prayers.
6) Someone Please volunteer to build a website or add this info to your website to inform the populations of the world
7) MAKE VIDEOS and post to Youtube with the details and updates about this Event. Post the videos in MULTIPLE video sharing websites (Youtube will censor this movement)
8) Make videos in Multiple languages in order to reach the entire UMMAH and unite us
9) Just read this description in your video in all languages… it’s easy to make a video with windows movie maker (part of the Microsoft OS) I’m sure Mac has a similar program
10) Act quickly and become highly organized!
11) We can all spare 1 day of work
12) Women and children FIRST ~ everyone participates in the strike and the protest!

InshAllah! Jazaakum Allah Khair.
Contact Us: [email protected]

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BOYCOTT ISRAEL: - coming soon InshAllah

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