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Topic: Brotherhood
Posted By: mstrom
Subject: Brotherhood
Date Posted: 12 December 2008 at 10:43pm

I orginally posted these on the "Who am I" message board, but someone told me to move it here, so here are my two posts from there:

I am a Christian.  I came to this board looking for people of like mind as myself.  I've spent the majority of my life studying the Bible, and have come into a deep understading of what God really is.
I've spent the last few hours on this website: -
and have come to the realization that Christians, Muslims, and Jews are all in the same place.
We all adore and worship the same God.  The Allmighty Omnipotent God.  At the same time, we all abhor evil.  We are all against Satan, and evil, no matter how he or it manifests itself. 
We all believe the end of the world is near, that it is approaching fast.  We all can see the sword that Satan is waging against God.  OUR God.  Mohammed's God.  Jesus' God.  David's God.  Solomon's God.  Moses' God.  Noah's God.
We're all in this battle between good and evil.  We're all against Satan and his ways.  We all worship the same Lord, the same God.  Why do we fight amongst ourselves?
If we could bind together in the name of Yahweh, or Allah, or whatever you want to call God, we could be BILLIONS Strong.
The end is coming, and God is calling all who worship him.  To defeat this evil, He's going to need each and every one of us.
The fight at Armaggedon is going to involve all of us.  The only people on earth who truly worship one God.  We need to bind together and conquer this thing.
God needs an army of billions of souls that fight for the same cause, not an army that is divided, and fights among themselves. 
We all need to stand together for the creator, for the father, and get ready for the fight that will eventually bring the great deceiver down.
This is not a fight between Muslims and Christians, this is a fight between God and Satan.  We all need to pull together and realize what we're actually fighting for.
This is a call to arms.  A call for Jihad, or whatever you want to call it.  All God's children are being drafted for this fight. 
Let's build a bridge and see that we are all fighting for the same cause, to bring God's Kingdom on this earth.  Muslims, Christians, and Jews hold hands, and enter this battle chanting:
And he is King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and President of Presidents.
Let the praise be given to the ONE GOD, in whom we all believe.
Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done.
And the second post:

When I refered to "God's Children", I meant the creation of God, or, maybe more aptly, the product of God.  Not a physical reproduction of God, or to imply that we, as humans, are the result of God's sperm.  Such a notion would be as heretical to a Christian as it would to a Muslim.

I understand from talking to Muslim acquaintances that one major point of their disbelief in the Bible is that it has been basttardized through Greek and Roman translations.  For example, the name "Mark" is clearly an English, or at best, a Roman or Greek name.  Clearly not arabic.

Yes, as a Christian, I can say our Bible has been "basstardized".  It's been through the ringer.  It's been passed through an unholy church, which has kept vital pieces of it not only hidden from the masses, but translated to a point where it only serves the church that is teaching it.
Yes, this happened through the Romans and the Greeks, or more precisely, the white man.
To put it more to the point, the word of God is being told through some pastor in some church to the untold masses that can't really grasp what the Father (and I use that in the sense of The Creator, as stated above) is really trying to say.
What my concern is, and what everyone who believe's in a single God's concern should be is this fact:
Look at the world around you.  Realize what's going on.  Open your eyes and your ears.  Read the newspaper. 
God is going to judge us all.   Here is where my concern lies.
Before the judgement, there is going to be a battle.  The ultimate battle between good and evil. 
When it comes down to it, and God wants us to fight, are we going to stand there and bicker among ourselves?  I can't take up arms with you, because you wear a turbin, or I can't take up arms with you because you wear a kippah?
Or are we going to stand together and fight for our God?  Am I going to kick the Amish to the side of the road because they don't believe in what I do?  How about the Baptists, or the Catholics?  They've put so much faith in this one God that we all believe in, what are we gonna do?
Anyone can look up on the internet, watch TV, or hell, even listen to the radio on coast to coast am.
The fact is, no matter what religion you are, no matter what your belief, the devil is here, and we need to stand up.
We have to fight this thing that in my religion is called Satan. 
We have to overcome this to get to the Kingdom of God.  Sorry, but I've looked into the Quran, and blowing yourself up doesn't fit into the equation.   No offense by that, and no stereotyping involved, but from I've read in the Quran, it goes a bit deeper than that.
We should stand together, and overcome this evil that we all sense.  It's here, and it's happening now. 
Where will you be on Judgement day?  Are you going to point the finger at me, or stand beside me, and send this evil back to where it came from?
Trying to cross the bridge, but no one seems to understand.
Someone told me to post these here, I hope I don't offend anyone, just trying to spark, well, maybe not so much as a debate than a conversation.

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