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Posted By: ysfzrn
Date Posted: 30 September 2008 at 12:56am


The Islamic Unity is the most important issue which concerns all Muslims in accordance with their degrees and social positions. Because The Islamic Unity is not a political issue only. This Unity starts from the bonds and solidarity between two Muslims due to their brotherhood-in-faith and reaches to the cooperation and mutual assistance among all Muslims throughout the entire Islamic World.

Our Religion, our nation, our countries can only be protected from all kinds of dangers and enemies through the enormous Power which will be generated by the religious brotherhood and solidarity of Muslims and this will serve to the general Global Peace. 

That is the reason why the enemies who cannot resist against this material and spiritual Power, try to destroy the Unity and the Solidarity of the Islamic World in order to break this power into parts, using all types of trickery and stratagems. 

Therefore, we must stay vigilant against the corruptive incitements of such defeatists and learn the meaning and the contents and the importance of the Islamic Brotherhood which was commanded very seriously by our Religion and we must display zeal to act in accordance with this Brotherhood.  

The following verse of the Quran is attracting our attention to the fact that great mischiefs and disasters will happen if mutual assistance and solidarity amongst the Muslims are not achieved. :

"And the unbelievers are allies (protectors) of each other. Unless you do this (protect each other), there would be Tumult and Oppression on Earth, and great Mischief." (Quran, 8:73) 

The Religion of Islam has brought important duties and rules which result in Mutual Assistance. For example, the Pilgrimage (Hajj) is of utmost importance for developing the Spirit of Mutual Assistance and the Unity of Muslims.



A truthful dream (Ru'ya as-Saadiqa) of Al-Ustaz Imam Bediuzzaman gave good-news for the consequences of the First World War, but came to silence about the Pilgrimage regretfully instead of good-news. Imam Bediuzzaman mentions about the Silence of the Dream as follows: 

"The dream came to silence at the Pilgrimage. Because, the negligence of the Pilgrimage and the Wisdom in it has attracted , not the calamity, but the (Divine) Wrath and Compulsion (Qahr). And its penalty did not help the expiation of sins, but rather made our sins excessive. It is the negligence of the High Politics of Islam and the extensive Social Benefits within the Pilgrimage, which comprehends especially the Unity of Opinions through acquaintanceship, and Cooperation through mutual assistance, that negligence paved the way for Enemies to employ millions of Muslims against Muslims.  

Look there ! The Indian killed his Father, supposing him an enemy, and is now wailing sitting next to him... 

Look here! The Tatar and the Caucasian understood that the person they helped others to kill was their helpless Mother, when it is too late. They are crying now at her feet.

Look ! The Arab killed his Hero Brother by mistake, and he even cannot cry being perplexed. 

Look ! The African killed his brother unknowingly, now he is raising a cry of lament. 

Here ! The World of Islam ! They unintentionally and heedlessly helped others to kill their Flag-bearer Son (the Ottoman Turk), now they are tearing out their hair like mothers in sighs and wailings.  

Millions of Muslims have been forced to travel long distances over the World under the enemy flag which is entirely evil, since they did not take a rush departure for the journey of Pilgrimage which is entirely beneficial. (Occurances Improvisations Indications, 52-54)

Hence a great wisdom in Pilgrimage (Hajj) ; it is a kind of Supreme Consultation (Assembly) to be held once a year, in order to protect and perpetuate the independence and security of the World of Islam.

Posted By: ysfzrn
Date Posted: 30 September 2008 at 1:05am
Indeed the believers are brothers. (Quran 49-10)

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