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I am marrying a muslim

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Topic: I am marrying a muslim
Posted By: stardust00
Subject: I am marrying a muslim
Date Posted: 10 June 2005 at 8:37am
What is the difference between christianity and muslim and what is expected of a good muslim wife?


Posted By: Ali Zaki
Date Posted: 10 June 2005 at 8:58am

Peace to you stardust00,

You have asked two BIG questions.

" What is the difference between christianity and muslim"

A NOVEL (Fiction) about a Christian women (named Sarah) who marries a Muslim man. It is written in a literary (non-academic) style, however, will address many of your questions. -

AN INTERFAITH DIALOGUE. An exchange of letters that took place between the Muslim scholar, Imam Mohamad Jawad Chirri, and Dr. Wilson H. Guertin -

ISLAM IN THE BIBLE, by Thomas McElwain. It discusses the similarities between the two faiths, and the common principles of faith between Islam and Christianity. -

" what is expected of a good muslim wife?"

THE ISLAMIC FAMILY STRUCTURE. a VERY COMPREHENSIVE guide to the subject which includes a comprehensive exploration of Islamic Family issues indexed by subject. -

I hope this helps. I'm sure others will post more on this.

"The structure of faith is supported by four pillars endurance, conviction, justice and jihad."

Imam Ali (a.s.)

Posted By: Mohamed_H
Date Posted: 13 June 2005 at 2:46am

Are you a man or a woman, because in the Hadith, it is written that a man can marry a woen of any cast creed color or religion, but a woman is forbidden to marry anyone but a muslim, this is because of the children produced in the marriage, they must be muslim, and can only be muslim if the father is muslim, so yoiu need to consider this, will ur foriegn faithed fiance want the children to be muslim? this is the important factor, of course times have changed, but you need to think, do you want to carry on islam, or break the chain?

Posted By: Ali Zaki
Date Posted: 13 June 2005 at 8:58am

Salam to Mohamed_H

You wrote;

Are you a man or a woman?

She wrote;

what is expected of a good muslim wife?

Based on that, I assume she is a women.

"The structure of faith is supported by four pillars endurance, conviction, justice and jihad."

Imam Ali (a.s.)

Posted By: Mohamed_H
Date Posted: 14 June 2005 at 12:09pm
salaam, mr ali zaki, can i just add, that if any of the harbhajans say anything ignore them, they are nothing but fakes, firstly what is a sikh doin on islami city? we should sign a petition to ban these harbhajan's they are a adisgarcing our religion

Posted By: Shams Zaman
Date Posted: 16 June 2005 at 1:31pm

Salam to all

Muslim means one who submits his will to Allah (God) and obeys in in all respect. He/she has to believe in certain things like One God, God's Messangers and divine revalations, angels and that God has command over all things. Muslim has to offer 5 prayers daily, keep fast in month of Ramadan, pay cherity (Zakat) and perform Haj in Makkah if capable.

There is not much of a difference between rituals and duties of man and women in Islam. Women is prefered at Home and man is to earn the living of the family. However this is not a hard and fast rule and a women can take part in outdoor activities under certain conditions that she should be dressed under Islamic code and must not attract others except for her husband. A man has also to follow certain conditions in the outdoor that he will lower his gaze and will not attract women.

A wife is suppose to obey Allah and to listen to his husband and take care of his home (which also happens to be her home). She must not obey his husband if it is against the teachings of Quran and Sunnah (sayings of Prophet Muhammad pubh).

Women is not allowed to marry anyother man except for a Muslim. Similarly a muslim man is only permitted to marry the women which belong to the people of the book (Jews and Christans) who do not associate partners with God. In the present times no people of the book follow the rule and they associate partners with God and thus are ineligible for marrige.

A Christian is the one who believe in Jesus as the son of god, that man is born as sinful due to the fault of Adam which he committed in Heavens and Jesus was crusicified for our sins. And that we will achieve salvations merely by believing that Jesus was son of god and he died for our salvation, regardless of our deeds.

According to Islam everyone is responsible for his own deeds and none will carry the burden of other. And that man is born free of sin.

Shams Zaman


[email protected]

Posted By: ZEA J
Date Posted: 19 June 2005 at 8:20pm
shams zaman i think you said it all.

"You will never attain piety and righteousness,(and eventually paradise)until you
spend of that which you love."(Al-Imran:92)

Posted By: Mohamed_H
Date Posted: 20 June 2005 at 1:25am

luk you samaan, i dont agree, just because you live in smelly pakistan the same rules dont apply, so what a woman musnt scorch in a hot country wearing a black veil, do you know women die from this? you are very sexist this is sinful! i beleive in equality, if a man is allowed tro walk naked so is a women! i am sorry if i am rude, but yoiu know nothing you havent seen the world youve only seem pakistan whuich is why you are so narrow minded!

that was thought for the day by Mohamed hussain-New York

Posted By: Ali Zaki
Date Posted: 21 June 2005 at 2:27pm

To Mohamed_H

" When We sent Lut, he said to his people, "What! do you commit the indecency which none in all the nations had committed before you? Look at you! You approach the men lustfully instead of approaching your women! No, you are a people who have exceeded the limits." The only answer of his people was that they said, 'Expel them from your city, surely they are a people who seek to keep themselves clean!" So We delivered him and his followers, except his wife; she was one of those who tarried behind. We sent upon them a rain (of stones and fire). So behold how was the end of the guilty people. (7:80-84)"


"So when Our punishment came upon the people of Lut, We turned the city upside down and showered them with stones of baked clay, one after another.(11:82)"


In the Islamic legal system, homosexuality is a punishable crime against the laws of God. In the case of homosexuality between two males, the active partner is to be lashed a hundred times if he is unmarried and killed if he is married; whereas the passive partner is to be killed regardless of his marital status. In the case of two females (i.e., lesbianism), the sinners are to be lashed a hundred times if they are unmarried and stoned to death if they are married. (See the chapter on "hudud" in Sharaya and Sharh Lum'a also al-Khu'i, Takmilah, p. 42-44.


Why is Islam so severe in matters of fornication, homosexuality and lesbianism? If the Islamic system had not allowed the gratification of the sexual urge by lawful means (without even associating guilt with it), then it would be right to say that Islam is very severe. But since (Islam) has allowed the fulfillment of sexual instincts by lawful means, it is not prepared to tolerate any perverted behavior.

May Allah (s.w.a.) punish all those who practice such behavior as he severly as he punished the people of Lut.


"The structure of faith is supported by four pillars endurance, conviction, justice and jihad."

Imam Ali (a.s.)

Posted By: Mohamed_H
Date Posted: 22 June 2005 at 2:38am

Posted By: Tasneem
Date Posted: 23 June 2005 at 4:10am

Assalam-alaikum Muhammed H

You bear a very good name yet why this attitude? What is the reason you are on this site? Obviously some part of you craves either knowledge of Islam or the company of Muslims. If that is the case open your heart and mind and seek true knowledge from the Qur'an and from people who are happy to respond to you.

Posted By: hkrespect
Date Posted: 23 June 2005 at 5:42am

dear mohammed h

regarding hijab

was not and is it still not hot in makkah and madinah?


Posted By: Noah
Date Posted: 25 June 2005 at 4:50am
Peace and Gods blessings

What is expected from a good muslim wife. Well the first requirement, and one there is no way around is that you are a monotheist. That you belive in God, and noone else. What name you call God by, is unimportant. God is bigger than a name.

Second, you should give out the same amount of respect as you recieve.

Its all about being who you are, and I hope the best for you and your comming husband. Are you thinking of converting? Because i am really sorry to say this. But if you are an observant roman catholic christian, you do not fall under the monotheist category.


Posted By: Noah
Date Posted: 25 June 2005 at 4:54am
Originally posted by stardust00

What is the difference between christianity and muslim

The difference between Islam and Christianity is larger than life. First we need to establish what Christianity and what Islam?
If its roman catholic, as said. they are not monotheists, so there is a huge difference. However some christians are, but then again, som muslims belive that prophet mohammad was the light of God (were have we heard this before?).

If you see a monotheist Christian and a muslim (all muslims are monotheists, nomatter their branch) and view them in behaviour. You would see little difference. Clothes? perhaps no or small differences.
You see anyone who wholeheartedly bond with God, will be affected by that choice in their behaviour and attitude. So im unsure what youre asking precisely?

Posted By: Shams Zaman
Date Posted: 26 June 2005 at 12:07pm

Dear brothers, sisters and Hussain

As Salam o alikum!

My views were not liked by Mr. Muhammad Hussain. Well dear Hussain you have all the right to disagree and if you have gone a little rude no problem I can understand that you are an emotional person. Well you may be partially right that I have not seen the world, in a sense that I have not visited any country outside Pakistan. But I have read a lot about different religions, cultures and people. So in that regard that I know nothing you are wrong.

Dear what I have written on the subject of Muslim men and women is exactly in accordance to Quran and Sunnah. First of all I would like to ask you that who told you that women have died due to wearing of veil? And how many of them? Could you please quote me the source? The viel is not the only way to cover the head there are other decent ways like Hijab or scarf etc.

Second, I fully agree that if men have the right to roam naked then women have also the right to be naked. But dear there is no concept of either men or women to roam naked. If men are roaming in such a way, well this may be due to ignorance or they may also disagree with the Islamic law or ethics as you disagree. The only difference between the menís and womenís dress code is that men are told to cover their bodies and are recommended to cover their heads, while women are told to cover their bodies and head and are recommended to cover their face. However covering of face for women and head by men is optional as per my study of Islam.

In our lives we are conferred upon with three things by Allah:-

Compulsions, Choices and Limitations.

A few compulsions about which we canít do any thing are, Parents, birth, death, body, and physical needs(like water, food etc.) etc. Like we canít choose our parents, place and date of birth of how and when we are going to die. But we can choose our religion, our dress, friends, enemies and which food to eat or not.

There are numerous limitations on us as well. Like we canít live independent of all we have to live in a society with a set of rules and law, we can not live without the concept of God or a divine force, (this can be well explained by the atheist that he has to associate him or her to some kind of source that may be nature or science or his/her own ideal).

So if you donít agree with the principles of Islam or the Godís manifesto it is your choice. And why is it your choice because God has given it to you.

ďThere is no compulsion in religion; truly the right way has become clearly distinct from the falsehood; therefore, whoever disbelieves in the Satan and believes in Allah he indeed has laid hold on the firmest handle, which will not break off, and indeed Allah is all Hearing, KnowingĒ. (sura Baqra-2, verse 256).

So if you donít agree you have the right to do so because you have been given the choice by Allah but on the other hand if you donít agree to any of the clause of American constitution you canít act against it. Why because you donít have the liberty to act against it. Similarly you canít command your body, like you canít tell your heart to stop pumping, or you canít tell your face to stop growing the beard or you canít tell your ears to see as well because why? Because you havenít been given this choice by Allah.

But if you disagree with Allahís instructions then probably you are trying to prove yourself wiser than God which is totally unacceptable and all these individuals will be severely punished in the hereafter. But then there will be neither any opportunity to repent or reverse back the events. So itís all up to us either we choose to surrender in this life and reap the benefits of the eternal life or we choose this life and reap the hell fire in the eternal life.

Shams Zaman


[email protected]

Posted By: saalih
Date Posted: 29 June 2005 at 2:31pm

if you really think about it the men in mecca and medina also wear a different kind of veil,  it's white and have red scarf on their head ( i don't now the names of this kind of dresses in english or arabic). it's the sunnah to wear the white dresses. it's also forbidden that man shave thier beards. some actions might make you a kaffir.

allah knows best.

Posted By: hkrespect
Date Posted: 30 June 2005 at 7:29am
Originally posted by shakur

 some actions might make you a kaffir.

can u be more specific please


Posted By: Tasneem
Date Posted: 30 June 2005 at 9:26pm

What a beautiful explanation Br Shams Zaman, well done, MashaAllah!

It is true one need not necessarily have to travel to seek knowledge, reading is the key, Iqraa the first ayat!

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