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What happens in a deedar?

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Topic: What happens in a deedar?
Posted By: haq2005
Subject: What happens in a deedar?
Date Posted: 07 June 2005 at 9:54pm

I have some acquaintances who are Ismaili's.  Currently, they are in Toronto for a religious event which their Imam, the Aga Khan attends.  It is called a Deedar.  I have asked what a Deedar is and what occurs at one but have not been given a satisfactory answer by my Ismaili friends.  This makes me even more curious to know what happens at this event and why there is so much secrecy surrounding it, given that it appears to be something that my friends are really looking forward to.  

Can someone please quench my apetite to know what goes on at a Deedar?  and for that matter tell me why JamaatKhana's are off-limits to non-Ismaili's? 

Thank You.


Posted By: MOCKBA
Date Posted: 07 June 2005 at 10:26pm


Perhaps you should try one of the search engines on the Internet... It has no evidence in the Qur'aan or Sunnah... Ismailis have deviated from the teachnings of the Qur'aan and Sunnah and therefore their practices are not part of Islam. 

"Shah-jo-Deedar" (Glimpse of Aga Khan)

A Muslim, while in Ruku, recites: "Subhaanna Rabbiyal Azeem" (Glory to my Lord the Great)  and   "Subhaanna Rabbiyal Aala" 
(Glory to my Lord the Highest) in their Sujood. Ismailis do not recite the above two phrases. They glorify Hadrat Ali and his sword "Zulfiqar" in their Dua. They recite "La fata illa Ali la saifa illa Zulfiqar" ("There is no Hero except Ali, there is no sword except Zulfiqar"). An individual is meant to be in communication with his Creator in his ritual prayers. Are Ismailis trying to communicate to  Allah (SWT) who was Ali?

At the end of their Dua, Ismailis shake hands with the persons (male or female) sitting on either side of them, saying "Shah-jo-Deedar", meaning "May you have Deedar (Glimpse) of Shah (Hazar Imam - the Aga Khan)". Whereas, a Muslim worshipper turns his face to the right saying "Assalamu allai kum wa rahmattu Allah", meaning "Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy"; and then turns his face to the left saying the same words. Thereafter he raises his hands, seeks forgiveness, etc., etc., and concludes his prayers by reciting "Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds". The highest aspiration that a devout Ismaili harbors in his/her heart is to have the "Noorani/Ruhani Deedar" (Spiritual Glimpse) of their Mawla (Aga Khan) before his/her death!"


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