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Chaos In The Kingdom As King Fahd’s Condi

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Topic: Chaos In The Kingdom As King Fahd’s Condi
Posted By: bintalmujahid
Subject: Chaos In The Kingdom As King Fahd’s Condi
Date Posted: 30 May 2005 at 2:29am

asalamualaikum here is some more deep new from jihadunspun.

While Saudi Arabia endeavors to put on a confident face amid reports of King Fahd's declining health, direct sources inside the Kingdom portray an entirely different picture of the nation; one of panic, tension and on the brink of chaos.

Latest reports in indicate that Saudi Arabia's King Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud remains in critical condition after being rushed to hospital on Friday evening for what was publicly attributed to pneumonia. Fahd, 84, who suffered a stroke in 1995 and who is said to have not been actively handling daily affairs inside the Kingdom since that time, entered King Faisal Hospital amid conflicting reports on his state of health, whether a nation-wide state of alert had been declared and if security forces had been placed on high alert.

On Saturday, the Royal family approved a Tracheotomy to help the aged King breathe. Doctors often perform emergency tracheotomies as last-resort procedures. Some sources say Fahd is already clinically dead and while this can not be confirmed, his prognosis for recovery unlikely.
According to sources inside the Kingdom, Saudi Arabia is in a panic mode, with billions of SAR’s (Saudi currency) having been withdrawn from banks, converted to USD and shipped overseas. For the first time ever, the black market in the country is selling one USD for 4 SAR’s and local citizens are reporting that some residents are lining up at dawn each day to purchase gold.

Meanwhile the stock market continued to tumble, falling 0.94 percent but trimmed some losses after officials said the king's condition was stable on Saturday and closed the first day of the trading week down 0.57 percent. Fahd’s hospitalization Friday helped push crude oil futures to near US$52 a barrel ahead of the US Memorial Day holiday weekend, the start of the American summer gas guzzling season.

Fahd's half-brother, Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al- Saud, as been the public de facto regent of the kingdom since Fahd’s stoke in 1995. Anthony Harris, former British ambassador to the United Arab Emirates who served as a diplomat in Riyadh in the 1980's latest comment that “power will pass to Abdullah without fuss'' shows absolute ignorance of the situation inside the oil-rich kingdom and can be dismissed as pure propaganda.

An important point which is often missed by many western observers is that the Saudi family is a complex and fractionated ruling family and there is currently a power struggle going on within it as to who will take the dominate position, if it can hold power at all. A tyrant regime notorious for torture and oppression of Islamic scholars and those citizens who dare oppose it, the House of Saud is primarily viewed as a US servant regime which contradicts its roots as the home of Islam’s two holiest shrines where million of faithful make pilgrimage to each year. Fahd tried to balance his ties to the West with some superficial concessions to Muslims over the years, hoping to boost his Islamic credentials. His intentions became vaporous when he had himself named the custodian of the holy sites in the western Saudi cities of Mecca and Medina that gave him a carte blanche ticket to hijack the countries faithful and revenues derived from the tourists trade. Fahd's half-brother, Crown Prince Abdullah has spearheaded the kingdom’s oppression against its citizens in recent years and is responsible for the illegal detention of many Islamic scholars as well as the poverty that is rife within the richest Arab country.

While the Kingdom officially denies any presence of US combat troops still remaining after the 1991 Gulf war when Saudi Arabia facilitated the US invasion and has kept mum about its involvement in allowing military bases and over flights during the recent US invasion of Iraq, America maintains several secret military bases inside the Kingdom used for “training exercises”

With last week news of Fahd's ill health, US troops were deployed to Tabuk and have since been seen in several other eastern cities according to local residents. The US military deployment is likely in preparation for even more instability that is sure to arise once Kind Fahd dies. It is also known that paid Jordanian mercenaries entered the country several weeks ago to bolster Saudi security forces.

With a grass roots uprising underway against the tyrant regime, many predict that the so-called Royal family will be forced into exile and are preparing by pilfering as much wealth as possible from the country should the regime be forced to flee. (JUS)

your sister in islam




Posted By: kim!
Date Posted: 30 May 2005 at 4:41pm

I don't understand the problem - either give the job to his brother because he's been doing it for years anyway, or give it to the king's eldest son, which is the way most monarchies work.



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