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Topic: Caphtorim
Posted By: Bismarck
Subject: Caphtorim
Date Posted: 08 October 2007 at 7:20pm
The Ancient Egyptians applied the name "Keptiu" or "Keftiu" to Crete, and
the Minoan Civilization. This name appears in the tomb of the
Egyptian Vizier, of Pharaoh Tutmoses III, named Rekhmire from c. 1450
BC. The next Pharaoh, Amenhotep II (r. 1427-1400 BC) is the last
Pharaoh to mention "Keptiu" in his tomb paintings. However, Amenhotep
III (r. 1390-1350 BC) still mentions "Kaptiu" in his records, as a minor
power. Note that this agrees with archaeology, which shows that around
1400 BC the Mycenaen Greeks over-ran the island of Crete.

Likewise, the name "Kaptara" appears in the Mari Tablets from c.
1780 BC in Syria.

The "Caphtorim" are listed in the Table of Nations in the Hebrew Old
Testament (Gen 10:13-14), which says they are a descendant of the
"Mitsraim" or Egyptians.

The land of "Caphtor" appears in Amos 9:7. However, the Greek (LXX)
and Latin (Vulgate) versions of the Old Testament use the name
"Kappadocia". This apparently applies to the land of Cappadocia in
south-eastern Asia Minor. However, the Aramaic Targums use the name
"Kaphatukia", which is Pelusium in the Nile Delta.

Others link the name to Cyprus, or to the nearby coasts of Asia
Minor. Note that these coastal regions of Asia Minor opposite Cyprus are
just south of the land of Cappadocia. Both of these areas are, in turn,
near Syria were the Mari Tablets record their presence in c. 1780 BC.

It may also be that Cyprus and Crete were the "isles of the Caphtorim".

It may also be related to the Copts, the people who gave their
name to Egypt. Note that this agrees with the Old Testament,
which relates the Caphtorim to Egypt. ("G" and "K" are
related sounds, so that "Kopt" and "(e)Gypt" are the same word.)


It seems that the Caphtorim originated, around 1800 BC, in south
eastern Asia Minor
, and Cyprus and Crete, and possibly Egypt.

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