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Quote dillo3001 Replybullet Posted: 12 March 2009 at 12:01am
I would like reply to youre coment.
I really dont know why you calling kurds are terrorist, you have said it youre self (self deffense is not forbiden)
i dont hate turks, i dont like them ( why) no humanity and plse no hard feeling,
if you consider youre self a muslim please read and understand the quran then talk about kurds, turks are killing kurds for years and years , same with saddams army , just for the record i dont blame anythhing on saddam it was people in that country was killing kurds,
i am not trying to argue are anything please dont take this wrong way,
i was in turkey 1991 refuge camp. do u relize what happined on thos erefuge camps. seriously those turks solders where considered muslim and they where shotting us right there. i was there , they didnt helps us they killed us,
 and i have never seen any turk person saying anything good about kurds , man i ave done lot of research chatting with turks on , on,. i have never seen one so far.
kurds are humans they didnt just come from no where! for the 2nd record,
barzani never had a chance to come through turkey freely proove me wrong?
where in 21 century we all need to learn from mistakes have been in our lif  ever since . what do we need , what does turks need and kurds, i belive that everyone if you ask , their just looking for freedom, if i am not wrong.
in both sides people get killed for nothing and government allways get away with it.
if you go ask those kurds in turkey 95 % they dont like the government of turkey and their not in youre land part of that its thier territory. they dont like the government but they can say anything bad about it, or else will get either jail, turtured, o r killed.
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Quote SteppeNomad Replybullet Posted: 02 August 2009 at 2:06am

Haha Turks have no humanity?

Turks have been tolerating traitors and parasites like you for a long time now, you who want to jump on the separation wagon, be happy we aint slaughtered your people yet, in Europe theyd lock you up, in America, China or Russia theyd lynch you or hang you for the nonsense you people create, in Turkey our government looks after such dogs.

And lastly LOL, no offence, who are you Kurds? if us Turks hated you Kurds or anyone, you wouldn’t be alive right now, thing you nationless people dont even get along with each other and you think your going to beat us Turks? LOL, make me laugh, we came all the way from central asia and been kicking everyones ass since, including yours.

Just a little advise, look what happened to Armenians and Greeks, so tred your steps carefully ;) Just like France and England didnt last there for long, nore will America, and you separatist Kurds will be barking Genocide in a 100 years time just like Armenians, at this rate most of you are going.

P.S i wouldnt be talking if i didnt have a nation LOL.

Anyway, lets get onto some interesting facts.

Turkey has had Kurdish presidents, and MPs, plenty of them.

Currently even supporters of that pig group PKK are in the parliament as MPs, in England you don’t get HT members running for election, we even let your pigs into our parliament (already full with Secularists pigs) you seperatists terrorists just make it stink more.

Kurds serve in the Turkish army just like everyone else, oh we mistrust you lot so much don’t we, we give you guns to defend our country?

When Saddam gassed and bombed Kurds? Where did you all run to? Oh oh yes, evil Turkey?

What passport was Barzani and Talibani carrying? Oh damn an evil Turkish passport.

We killed you? Liar Liar, thats why your alive ;) LOLand a refugee camp is a great way to jugde Turkey ha? LOL.

95% of Kurds don’t like the Turkish government? Again liar liar lol, most Kurds in Turkey Vote for either CHP(secularists) and those are the Alevi, Bekhtasi groups, they love CHP, or at the moment so called Muslim party AKP, only a few of the votes go to DTP (terrorists, separatist supporters).

 Oh, btw im a Turk, have Kurds in family, married to relatives, proves your doggish, slanted point totally wrong, most Kurds living in Turkey are law abiding citizens, only PKK dogs that cuase trouble.

Funny thing is, most these Kurds that think they know so much about Turkey are Iraqi Kurds LOL. Must be in the blood of some people to traitor.

And btw, if we stole your land, then fight for it, we even clean the dead pigs we kill in the mountains and send your bodies back to your relatives. If you want your own country, then be ready to live another 1000 years under Turkish rule, not the Armenians, Greeks, Americans, Russians or anyone will save you so stop barking and live your life as a human.

BTW, the map some pig posted is Funny, North Eastern Turkey has the most nationalistic religo Turk alive LOL (im from there), and the Arabs in Hatay (ive been there) are no different then Turks, all loyal brothers that give Turkey its rich heritage and culture, unlike some traitoring nationless people.
Now keep barking :) America aint going to save you lot for sure Tongue
You lot stick to you maps and thoerys LOL

Edited by SteppeNomad - 03 August 2009 at 2:48am
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Senior Member

Joined: 08 July 2009
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Quote SteppeNomad Replybullet Posted: 03 August 2009 at 3:15am
Originally posted by Tom123

  You mean you won't give up the land your leaders stole from the Kurds? Israel refuses to return land to the Palestinians in the West Bank too. That is why both Turkey and Israel will never have true peace, because the people they are occupying will keep fighting to get their land back.

Comparing this issue to that off Palestine? LOL

Turks aint building walls, we aint shooting little children or bombing settlements to the ground, infact Kurds who abide by the law are no different then us Turks.
Turks have been in them lands for a long time now, historically before you missionary ancestors arrived in America and wiped out the natives Wink,  anyway I didnt see Kurds fighting for their independence against England, France, Russia, Greece, Armenians etc who tried to occupy them lands. So much for the “stole our lands” nonsense.  

If we all go by the “stole our land crap”, you might want to support Persian or Greek claims over there instead, although Persians dont and Greeks keep dreaming, but thats another matter, Kurds to migrated there, its the centre between Europe and Asia, people have been settling, lived, fought, died, disappeared in Anatolia (Turkey) for a long time now. If we could trace the hittites  we might want to give them an empire back to ha?

Originally posted by Tom123

 Many of the PKK certainly are terrorists. So are Turkish soldiers and police who shot dead protesters in Diyarbakir last year and the pilots who have just bombed an Iraqi village yesterday..

Such a two faced liar, those were not villages, they were known PKK hideouts and training camps. I dont know what a village of that sort is doing thousands of feet up a mountain, ironically most PKK activities were from there, upset we killed a few of your scum bags?

And shooting and killing PKK terrorist supporters is not a problem, if they dont like Turkey, they can simply leave and see how welcoming our neighbours are, im sure they wouldnt tolerate half the crap we do from these terrorists, you might want to check how Syria suppressed a riot last year, and how Iran hangs them terrorists, which I support 100% well done.

Breaking shop windows, taking off pavement stones, throwing stones at the police, burning and starting fired in the middle of the road is terrorism, so is supporting terrorists who are in prison.

Originally posted by Tom123

 You want an end to terrorism??? Then stop supporting the terrorist  crimes of your government and work for an end of oppression against the people whose territories your leaders are occupying!!!

Quite simple, when the pig governments of EU, and the Anglo/Amerikano front stop funding these terrorists and arming them, it will be finished. If not, expect more dead scumbag dead and protesting. Which is totally fine by us Turks either way :) our boys will just do their job.

If anyone wants our country, then we will fight for it until our last drop of blood. Not giving our country up to a few pigs.
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