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Sawtul Khilafah
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Quote Sawtul Khilafah Replybullet Posted: 31 August 2007 at 8:05am


Originally posted by Duende

The duplicity of US alliances (and no doubt Iranian, every country does
what it feels to be politically expedient in any given moment, even if that
means scandals and death) is well known: the building up of Noriega only
to set him up as a drug/arms dealer, the financing and support for the
fledgling Mujahedeen including Osama Bin Laden, the hand shakes and
donations to Saddaam Hussein, the current support for Musharraf, Karzai
and Maliki. They will all end in tears.

But the one big spanner in the works as far as SKs delusional Iran-US
collusion goes, is Israel. Why has he not responded to my question?

Why would Israel go along with such a secret alliance? (Forget about Saudi

As you may well know, the Western Governments have always been planning against Muslim countries, they created Israel and are now making war after war.

They knew very well that Muslims will want to fight back and they wont just sit there while all this was going on, so they came up with a very clever plan, which was to create forces around whom religious Muslims and those who want to do something about these wars would gather.

They knew that so long as they control the leaders of these groups/Governments, they would not Truely harm them in any way and would only carry out limited attacks and just use words and words and words the rest of the time to fool people into thinking that they are serious, while in reality these fakes would actually be helping the West and actually fighting against the real enemies of the Western occupation by simply accusing any real group that does not join them of being "agents of the west" or "agents of Israel".

However, this could only succeed through Shiism as it is they who believe in Taqlid (blinding obeying their scholars) so this plan could only work well on the Shiahs (also because Shiism is closely linked to western secret societies : ;PN=3)

Therefor, they first tried to portray Sunnis as pathetic, careless cowards and in order to do this they gave power to those in Sunni countries who were willing to openly obey the western Superpowers.

It was then that they created their fake Islamic Government in Iran and the so called "Hezbollah". Iran and "Hezbollah" have helped increase the popularity and conversion to Shiism and Iran has been publishing hundreds if not thousands of books propagating Shiism. In these books you will often see that they claim that Shiism is "heroic" while Sunnis are "Pathetic" and if anyone wants to be on the "heroes" side they would have to become Shiahs (the "victory" of "Hezbollah" in 1982 was meant to portray Shiism as just that - also Iran in 1979 became the only "Islamic fundementalist" country in the world, thus Shiism became the hope for those Muslims who cared about their Ummah.)

After 1982, the "Hezbollah" did very little (practically nothing) except propagate Shiism and promote themselves as the "heroic saviours of Islam", however after so many years it was required to once again remind people of the supposed "heorism" of the Shiah "Hezbollah" so then there was this recent war, the outcome of which I actually predicted during the early days of the war!!!

Here's the link: ;PN=16&TPN=1

If you look at Sadr and "Hezbollah", one thing that they have in common is that they love "ceasefires" or "peace negotiations".

Now there is nothing wrong with making peace....but making peace in the middle of a war and while the occupation still continues simply does not make sense, but all FAKE groups do that. They first rise up and become popular, once enough people have joined and have become very famous they suddenly sit back and relax!!

On the other hand when you look at REAL resistance groups, such as the Chechen Mujahideen and the Sunni resistance groups in Iraq (examples: Ansar Sunnah, Tawhid wal-Jihad, Jayshal Islami fel Iraq) they continue to fight so long as there is war and occupation, killing thousands of enemy soldiers and themselves losing many of their men and leaders.

They continue to fight until they either win, or lose, something that imposters would not do because they dont want to win (they dont want to destroy their masters) and they dont want to lose (they are not willing to sacrifice their lives and obviously if they are destroyed the whole plan would be ruined).

Also read my post on this link (the long one with the picture, scroll down): ;PN=16&TPN=12



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Sawtul Khilafah
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Joined: 20 July 2006
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Quote Sawtul Khilafah Replybullet Posted: 31 August 2007 at 8:19am

Here's an interesting article: us-2006-08-31.asp

Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook, Palestinian Media Watch, August 31, 2006.

"The Zionists are in horror, fear, confusion... [hiding] like mice and rabbits"
- Palestinian Authority TV


During the Israel -Hezbollah war in Lebanon, Palestinian society expressed three recurring reactions to the war:

A. Profound identification with Hezbollah
B. Celebration of both the perceived Hezbollah victory and the humiliation of Israel
C. Seeing Hezbollah tactics as a role model for the Palestinians

This in-depth report documents this phenomenon, and includes a representative sample of the statements of Palestinian officials and the Palestinian media that reflect the atmosphere in the Palestinian society regarding Israel’s war with Hezbollah.

A. Nasrallah Superman: Profound identification with Hezbollah

From the beginning of the war, the Palestinians expressed complete identification, not only with the Lebanese people but with Hezbollah in particular. Hassan Nasrallah, the Hezbollah leader, was seen as a hero who restored the honor to the Arab nation and the Islamic religion. A cartoon in the Palestinian Authority daily newspaper Al Ayyam showed Nasrallah taking off his religious cloak, in Clark Kent fashion, revealing his "Superman" costume underneath.

Another striking item indicated the degree of Palestinians' veneration of Hezbollah: 66.3% of the Palestinians wanted "Hezbollah alone to handle the negotiations over the [three Israeli] soldiers," even though one was kidnapped by Palestinians and is being held in Gaza. The Palestinians put more trust in Nasrallah to succeed in negotiations on their behalf than their own leaders.

B. Celebration of perceived Hezbollah victory and humiliation of Israel

From the Palestinian perspective, the war was a glorious victory for Hezbollah, and a humiliating defeat for Israel. "I am telling you that the Zionists are in horror, fear, confusion, and that their political and military leaders are in disagreement... They are living in shelters in fear. They are living like mice and rabbits [in shelters], unable to go out. Their people screamed and yelled, by the thousands, [they are] interested in leaving, interested in going to America, to Europe and Britain..." celebrated a religious leader on official Palestinian TV [August 4, 2006]. Palestinians see the war as a turning point in which the "resistance" to Israel – their term for terror organizations such as Hezbollah -- proved its ability to defeat Israel, from which the Palestinians will now learn.

C. Hezbollah tactics as a role model for the Palestinians

There has been much detailed discussion in the Palestinian media about tactics and strategies that the Palestinians must implement as a result of the Hezbollah successes, including analyses of Hezbollah's fighting methods.

In Depth Report:

A. Nasrallah Superman: Profound identification with Hezbollah
B. Celebration of perceived Hezbollah victory and humiliation of Israel
C. Hezbollah tactics as a role model for the Palestinians

A. Identification with Hezbollah

All segments of Palestinian society, from senior officials to children in street demonstrations, expressed empathy and unqualified admiration for Hezbollah during the war, viewing them as brothers-in-arms in their war against Israel. Though the Palestinians themselves are experiencing a severe economic crisis, they organized a "National campaign for support for the Lebanese People," under the patronage of President Mahmud Abbas, to raise money for Lebanon [Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, July 31, 2006].

Opinion polls showed that 96% of the Palestinians had a "good appreciation" for Hezbollah, and 91% supported Hezbollah's demand for a prisoner exchange deal. A striking 66.3% of Palestinians preferred "that Hezbollah alone will handle the negotiation over the fate of the [three kidnapped Israeli] soldiers," which shows that the Palestinians trust Nasrallah to succeed more than their own leaders.
[Al-Najah poll, Al-Ayyam, July 27, 2006].

During the war, the official Palestinian media repeated and reinforced this support for Hezbollah. Palestinian TV aired hours of video clips that declared the unity between the fates of the Palestinians and the Lebanese. These included special broadcasts of support and fundraising appeals for the Lebanese, and a clip called "Your wound is our wound," which aired repeatedly – including three times during a period of less than two hours -- on August 2, 2006.

The PA media were actively raising awareness and support for Hezbollah through continuous declarations of solidarity and publicity of rallies for the Lebanese and Hezbollah. A cartoon in the PA daily Al Ayyam showed Nasrallah taking off his religious cloak, in Clark Kent fashion, revealing his "Superman" costume underneath. This reflects an accurate appraisal of the total admiration that PA society had for Nasrallah – to the point of seeing him as a super hero -- during and immediately after the war.

The following are representative examples from the media. Note that throughout these texts the PA uses the same term "resistance" to refer to the Hezbollah attacks on civilians and soldiers, as they use it to define Palestinian Authority terror against civilians and soldiers.

"Yesterday dozens of residents participated in a procession in the streets of Ramallah, in order to show solidarity with the Lebanese people… The participants praised the heroism of the Lebanese Hezbollah fighters, who took two Israeli soldiers captive, and expressed their joy over the continuing falling of resistance missiles on the Israeli cities and settlements."
[Al-Ayyam, July 17, 2006]

"Imad Abu-Hamad, commander of Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades: …'Regarding our ties with Hezbollah, we are proud and boastful of our good relationship with them… Whether the victory will be achieved here or there, it is a victory of both peoples against the common enemy… To Mr. Hassan Nasrallah, leader of the resistance we say…: And you, Oh master of the resistance! Oh Abu-Hadi [Nasrallah nickname], we tell you that we in the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades are all your brothers and your sons, we are all soldiers in the same battle you direct....'"
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, August 14, 2006]

"Poet and journalist Ahmad Dahbor said: 'Palestine shows solidarity with itself, while showing solidarity with Lebanon, since the Lebanese resistance stands tall to protect the Arab Nation…'".
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, August 11, 2006]

"During a Gaza convention organized by the Ministry of Culture under the name 'No to Israeli terror in Lebanon and in Palestine,' Abbas Zaki, member of the Fatah movement Central Committee and Palestinian Ambassador in Lebanon, said: '…It is an honor for the Palestinians that sister Lebanon will win, because she [Lebanon] always supports Palestine.…'"
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, August 11, 2006]

"The National and Islamic Forces organized a mass rally yesterday in the Jenin district to condemn Israeli aggression against the Gaza strip and Lebanon and in support of Palestinian and Lebanese resistance… the children carried many placards with slogans written on them, such as: 'Yes to resistance, no to submission'… Shiek Mahmmod Al-Saa'di, the political leader of the Islamic Jihad movement in the Jenin district, said… that the resistance is a legitimate right of the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples. He called all the military wings of the resistance factions to announce a general mobilization…"
[Al-Ayyam, July 17, 2006]

On July 10, 2006, Palestinian TV aired a new clip called 'From the land of Palestine to Lebanon,' portraying solidarity between the two regions that "suffer from the Israeli cruelty" and a message of the unity of blood. The clip included pictures from demonstrations in the Palestinian Authority in support of Lebanon.

During the same week a clip expressing solidarity with the Lebanese, called "One Wound," was aired many times. In its beginning, the clip tells a "story" about Israel bombing little children in Lebanon and Palestine. The clip also included a photo hinting that Israeli children wrote messages to children on shells destined to kill Palestinian and Lebanese children who wanted only to celebrate a birthday and be happy. The song has English subtitles.

Hamas demonstrations in Gaza and Nablus for solidarity with Hezbollah, received wide coverage. The Al-Manar TV broadcasts from August 13, 2006, aired demonstrations by Palestinian children. A boy, about eight years old, was seen talking about the children of Palestine identifying with the children of Lebanon. Afterwards pictures were included of many people in Gaza flying flags of Hamas and Hezbollah, and Palestinian children stomping on burning flags of Israel, the United States and Britain. Afterwards, the Al-Manar reporter in "Occupied Palestine" reported from a summer-camp in Ramallah. A girl who was interviewed advised the children of Lebanon to hold strong, as did the Palestinian children who endured the same actions. Another youth said [to the children of Lebanon]: "We are all with you, and if we have to give our blood, our kids, our families, and our homes for your sake – we are ready to do so".

B. Victory of Hezbollah in contrast to humiliation of Israel

For the Palestinian society, the war was a complete and admirable victory of Hezbollah, and a crushing and humiliating defeat for Israel. The following are a few examples from the media:

Nasser Al-Laham, chairman of the independent news agency "Ma'an": "Hezbollah has killed 120 Israelis, while during the Intifada the Palestinians killed over one-thousand Israelis, but what makes the difference is that against Hezbollah, Israel felt the defeat."
[Palestinian TV open-wave broadcasts 'Good Morning Palestine', August 17, 2006]

"Secretary General of the [Palestinian Liberation] Front… demanded from the masses of our people… to strengthen national unity…following the complete failure and the disgraceful defeat which the occupation army took at the hands of the resistance in Lebanon…"
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, August 22, 2006]

"The Ministry for Prisoner Affairs... said that the abduction [by Israel of Nasser Al-Din Al-Sha'er, Palestinian deputy Prime-Minister] is a failed attempt on behalf of the occupation government…. to improve its image in local public opinion, after the Lebanese resistance humiliated them… and caused them a very sound defeat…."
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, August 20, 2006]

"If Israel succeeded during the cursed Six-Day War to defeat three Arab armies… and to end the war within six days, well now starts the fourth week [of the war in Lebanon], and they are not capable of finishing the war…The Jews have experienced five wars. We have never seen such disgrace, shame, and fear among their ranks, as in this war."
[From a religious sermon by Shiek Dr. Ahmad Bahar, a Hamas member of the Palestinian Legislative Council – Palestinian TV, August 4, 2006]

"Head of the 'Palestinian Religious Teachers Society' in the Gaza strip said in a press release: 'Following a whole month of wild and barbaric aggression against our people in sister Lebanon, Israel walks out defeated in the face of relentless Jihad fighters, which shattered the myth of 'the unbeatable army' and taught the leaders of the occupation lessons in the arts of warfare and conflict.'"
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, August 20, 2006]

"Yesterday in the town of Salfit, the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine held its third party convention… The participants congratulated the heroes of resistance in Lebanon and Palestine, and sent messages of solidarity and support for the resistance and the Lebanese people for their great victory and the strong stance of Hezbollah fighters against the Israeli military demolition machine…"
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, August 20, 2006]

"Israel is capable of destroying everything, but she will not be able to get a victory and defeat the resistance… because the resistance… is a cultural, mental, and ideological stat among the peoples of the region…and here we witness, after more than a month, the defeat of the Israeli occupation army…"
[Dr. Hasan Abu-Hashish, aid to the deputy of the information minister, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, August 20, 2006].

During the Palestinian TV news broadcast on August 10, 2006, a false Hezbollah report was quoted according to which "today the 'resistance' destroyed over eight tanks." Israeli soldiers were shown wounded and taking cover. Nasrallah was quoted regarding the shelling of Israeli "colonies" such as Nahariya.

"Oh dear brothers, we are under a vicious attack by the enemies of humanity and religion, by the Zionist criminals… We emphasize that the Zionist military structure has been defeated! They are not able to win the military battle, not in Palestine, nor in Lebanon. They are however interested in justifying their defeat by killing children, wrecking homes, cutting off electricity, wrecking hospitals and institutions, but this is indeed a defeat in itself… They are the defeated, they are the ones who lost, and we – in God's will – are winning because the flag of Islam will continue to fly in Palestine and in Lebanon despite their anger and wrath…"
[Friday sermon Palestinian TV, August 4, 2006, Shiek Dr. Ahmad Bahar, Hamas member of Palestinian Legislative Council]

C. Hezbollah tactics as a role model for the Palestinians

The Palestinian media are actively reviewing the lessons of the Hezbollah war in Lebanon, and the ways in which the Palestinians should learn from Hezbollah. This message is repeated often in the words of official and unofficial spokespeople, and columnists increasingly analyze the successes of Hezbollah. Additionally, there are some who view the victory as a precedent that proves that if only they persist, Israel will be defeated and eventually disappear.

"I call the Palestinians to make maximum use of the Lebanese model for handling a crisis and for the united and non-compromising stand … I warn against the policy of weakening the aims that any move towards normalization... is attempting to spread."
[Dr. Hasan Abu-Hashish, aid to the deputy of the information minister, AL-Hayat Al-Jadida, August 20, 2006].

"Imad Abu-Hamad, commander of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades in Gaza: '…We increased the shelling of the colonies surrounding the Gaza Strip, and we also escalated the military activity in the [West] Bank, in coordination with Hezbollah's brave resistance, so that the enemy will be between two jaws of resistance in the south and the north. Yesterday the occupation retreated from southern Lebanon and afterwards from the Gaza Strip. And tomorrow, by Allah's will, they will retreat from the [West] bank and hence become prisoners of their own racist fence…'"
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, August 14, 2006]

"Dr. Attallah Abu-Al-Soboh, Minister of Culture, said: 'The Lebanese and Palestinian experience should be studied and benefited from. This proved that the Israeli army is defeated in the face of desire and good planning. Especially note the Israeli [civilian] evacuation and flight from the North [of Israel due to Hezbollah shelling of cities] proves that these are Palestinian cities and not Israeli ...' "
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, August 11, 2006]

"Marwan Abu-Al-Ras, head of the Palestinian Religious Teachers Society in the Gaza Strip… saw the heavy defeat of the occupation army [in Lebanon]… as the first step towards the disappearance of the thieving occupation from our occupied land... he emphasized that the path of resistance should be continued until the Israeli occupation will be driven out of the entire Palestinian territory…" [Note: "thieving occupation" is a term the PA uses to refer to all of Israel.]
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, August 20, 2006]

PA analyst Hani Al-Masri took pride on PA TV in Hezbollah's achievements, and specified:
"Brave battles of Hezbollah against the elite [Israeli] unit 51 of Golani… Breaking Israel's war conception of quick resolution, talking initiative …. A small organization [Hezbollah] succeeded in beating Israel… If Hezbollah was a state, their achievements regarding Israel would have been great… Because they [Hezbollah] are like a lightweight boxer competing against a heavyweight boxer, and managing to reach the 15th round..."
Palestinian TV on August 2, 2006]

TV program "Religion and Society" --

Sheik Hian Idrisi: "The Zionist project is currently in retreat due to the reality in which we live . They hoped for a completely Jewish state, but now, we are a thorn in their throats. They hoped, following their unilateral retreat from Gaza, that the [PA] missile [attacks] would cease and that the attacks against them would stop, and they would be satisfied with the West Bank. But the brothers in Gaza, who were under siege after this withdrawal, finding themselves in an enclave, did not stand arms folded, but continued [to fight].

Host Sheik Jamal Bawatna says that if this is about Jihad and resistance, one should note the origins. He mentions an episode from Muslim tradition, when Fatima was attacked and Mohammad was patient and didn't react with Jihad, until gathering a large army... 'This proves that the resistance against the enemies must be done with wisdom. Before we open a front, we must study the situation carefully...'

Sheik Idrisi: "The fighting creates many worries for the enemy. Many regions [in Israel] which are near Lebanon and Gaza have been paralyzed, and the people disappeared. We pray to Allah that they will not return ... Eventually Allah, may he be praised and glorified, will bring the Muslims the victory, and bring defeat to the infidels… The enemy stole our land, stole the historic land of Palestine."
Palestinian TV, July 23, 2006:

Sermon of Sheik Dr. Ahmad Bahar, Hamas member of Palestinian Legislative Council:

"The fighting brothers… we tell the monster entity state that by Allah's will, they will not be able to accomplish their goals... I tell you that the Zionist people are in horror, fear, confusion, their political and military leaders are in disagreement. I tell you that they are horrified. More than two million Zionists are not able to leave their shelters. They live in fear inside the shelters. They live like mice and rabbits, they can not leave. Their people screamed and yelled, by the thousands. They are interested in leaving [Israel]. One is interested in going over there, to America, to Europe and Britain. Negative migration has started… We have not witnessed the destruction of Jaffa, Haifa, and in Allah's will [soon], Tel-Aviv – except during this fifth war, this war, in which the noble, the believers, and the loyal fight in Palestine and in Lebanon."
Palestinian TV on August 4, 2006:

"Parliament member Bassam Al-Salhi, general secretary of Al-Shaa'b ['the people's] party... called to carry on the struggle and the resistance. He [also] called the people in power to [show] unity and learn from the Hezbollah experience in Lebanon in order to face the challenges…"
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, August 13, 2006]

"Parliament member Dr. Marwan Abu-Al-Ras, head of the Palestinian Religious Teachers Society in the Gaza strip, emphasized that the way of resistance should be continued until the expulsion of the Israeli occupation from the entire Palestinian territory. He also said: 'Despite the military arsenal that the forces of occupation hold, and despite the USA support and the international silence, they did not mange to achieve their goals and their aspirations, due to the strong-standing of our people in sister Lebanon, and due to the brave Islamic resistance'. He called to learn from the lessons of the confrontation between Hezbollah and Israel, in a way that will strengthen the Palestinian capability to inflict casualties among the forces of the occupation."
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, August 20, 2006]06]


This was EXACTLY what I predicted during the early days of the FAKE Israel vs "hezbollah" war on 20th of July 2006:

Originally posted by Sawtul Khilafah

Wait and see, this is a repeat of the 1982 events. Hezbulah will once again "gain victory" and start singing and dancing as the Heros and saviours. Anyone who opposes them after that would be accused of being a "Zionist agent" and they will continue as a wall between the Muslims and the Zionists... ;PN=16&TPN=1

And the above article says:

Hassan Nasrallah, the Hezbollah leader, was seen as a hero who restored the honor to the Arab nation and the Islamic religion.



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Sawtul Khilafah
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Quote Sawtul Khilafah Replybullet Posted: 02 September 2007 at 10:01am
Another interesting article:
According to the above links interview, Nasrollah says:

" We believe that the salvation of Iraq begins with the adoption of the armed resistance and struggle against the forces of the occupation. "

(Isn't it funny that Nasrollah supports resistance while Iran supports the puppet Government???)

The link also says:

When the American military besieged and attacked the holy Shia city of Najaf in May 2004, Seyid Hassan offered assistance to Muqtada's Shia resistance fighters. Muqtada al Sadr recently proclaimed his allegiance to Hizbullah during the Israeli war on Lebanon in July of 2006. Muqtada has been seeking to emulate Seyid Hassan's movement and leadership style since his rise to power in April 2003. His supporters sold posters showing Muqtada together with Seyid Hassan and modeled their militia on Hizbullah, though unsuccessfully, since unlike Hizbullah, the Mahdi Army is sectarian and engages in attacks against civilians.


This was what I said in the thread titled "Real reason why USA invaded Iraq"....

Also says:

 In January 2006 former al Qaeda in Iraq leader Abu Musab al Zarqawi declared his movement’s responsibility for missile attack on Israel launched from southern Lebanon. Zarqawi also condemned Hizbullah for “protecting the Zionist enemy against the strikes of the Mujahedin in Lebanon,” an usual accusation but true in the sense that Hizbullah jealously guards the South as its own and prevents other groups from operating there. Zarqawi’s last statement denounced Hizbullah and specifically addressed Sunni concerns in Lebanon.

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Quote Duende Replybullet Posted: 07 September 2007 at 9:23am
Here's an interesting view:

When Wishful Thinking Replaces Resistance: Why Bush Can Get Away with
Attacking Iran

by Prof. Jean Bricmont

Global Research, September 6, 2007

Email this article to a friend
Print this article

Many people in the antiwar movement try to reassure themselves: Bush
cannot possibly attack Iran. He does not have the means to do so, or,
perhaps, even he is not foolish enough to engage in such an enterprise.
Various particular reasons are put forward, such as: If he attacks, the
Shiites in Iraq will cut the US supply lines. If he attacks, the Iranians will
block the Straits of Ormuz or will unleash dormant terrorist networks
worldwide. Russia won't allow such an attack. China won't allow it -- they
will dump the dollar. The Arab world will explode.

All this is doubtful. The Shiites in Iraq are not simply obedient to Iran. If
they don't rise against the United States when their own country is
occupied (or if don't rise very systematically), they are not likely to rise
against the US if a neighboring country is attacked. As for blocking the
Straits or unleashing terrorism, this will just be another justification for
more bombing of Iran. After all, a main casus belli against Iran is,
incredibly, that it supposedly helps the resistance against U.S. troops in
Iraq, as if those troops were at home there. If that can work as an
argument for bombing Iran, then any counter-measure that Iran might
take will simply "justify" more bombing, possibly nuclear. Iran is strong in
the sense that it cannot be invaded, but there is little it can do against
long range bombing, accompanied by nuclear threats.

Russia will escalate its military buildup (which now lags far behind the
U.S. one), but it can't do anything else, and Washington will be only too
glad to use the Russian reaction as an argument for boosting its own
military forces. China is solely concerned with its own development and
won't drop the dollar for non-economic reasons. Most Arab governments,
if not their populations, will look favorably on seeing the Iranian shiite
leadership humiliated. Those governments have sufficient police forces to
control any popular opposition-- after all, that is what they managed to
do after the attack on Iraq.

With the replacement of Chirac by Sarkozy, and the near-complete
elimination of what was left of the Gaullists (basically through lawsuits on
rather trivial matters), France has been changed from the most
independent European country to the most poodlish (this was in fact the
main issue in the recent presidential election, but it was never even
mentioned during the campaign). In France, moreover, the secular "left"
is, in the main, gung-ho against Iran for the usual reasons (women,
religion). There will be no large-scale demonstrations in France either
before or after the bombing. And, without French support, Germany--
where the war is probably very unpopular -- can always be silenced with
memories of the Holocaust, so that no significant opposition to the war
will come from Europe (except possibly from its Muslim population, which
will be one more argument to prove that they are "backward", "extremist",
and enemies of our "democratic civilization").

All the ideological signposts for attacking Iran are in place. The country
has been thoroughly demonized because it is not nice to women, to gays,
or to Jews. That in itself is enough to neutralize a large part of the
American "left". The issue of course is not whether Iran is nice or not
according to our views -- but whether there is any legal reason to attack
it, and there is none; but the dominant ideology of human rights has
legitimized, specially in the left, the right of intervention on humanitarian
grounds anywhere, at any time, and that ideology has succeeded in totally
sidetracking the minor issue of international law.

Israel and its fanatical American supporters want Iran attacked for its
political crimes--supporting the rights of the Palestinians, or questioning
the Holocaust. Both U.S. political parties are equally under the control of
the Israel lobby, and so are the media. The antiwar movement is far too
preoccupied with the security of Israel to seriously defend Iran and it
won't attack the real architects of this coming war--the Zionists-- for
fear of "provoking antisemitism". Blaming Big Oil for the Iraq war was
quite debatable, but, in the case of Iran, since the country is about to be
bombed but not invaded, there is no reason whatsoever to think that Big
Oil wants the war, as opposed to the Zionists. In fact, Big Oil is probably
very much opposed to the war, but it is as unable to stop it as the rest of

As far as Israel is concerned, the United States is a de facto totalitarian
society--no articulate opposition is acceptable. The U.S. Congress passes
one pro-Israel or anti-Iran resolution after another with "Stalinist"
majorities. The population does not seem to care. But if they did, but
what could they do? Vote? The electoral system is extremely biased
against the emergence of a third party and the two big parties are equally
under Zionist influence.

The only thing that might stop the war would be for Americans
themselves to threaten their own government with massive civil
disobedience. But that is not going to happen. A large part of the
academic left long ago gave up informing the general public about the
real world in order to debate whether Capital is a Signifier or a Signified,
or worry about their Bodies and their Selves, while preachers tell their
flocks to rejoice at each new sign that the end of the world is nigh.
Children in Iran won't sleep at night, but the liberal American
intelligentsia will lecture the ROW (rest of the world) about Human Rights.
In fact, the prevalence of the "reassuring arguments" cited above proves
that the antiwar movement is clinically dead. If it weren't, it would rely on
its own forces to stop war, not speculate on how others might do the job.

Meanwhile, an enormous amount of hatred will have been spewed upon
the world. But in the short term, it may look like a big Western "victory",
just like the creation of Israel in 1948; just like the overthrow of
Mossadegh by the CIA in 1953; just like the annexation of Alsace-
Lorraine seemed to be a big German victory after the French defeat at
Sedan in 1870. The Bush administration will long be gone when the
disastrous consequences of that war will be felt.

PS: This text is not meant to be a prophecy, but a call to (urgent) action.
I'll be more than happy if facts prove me wrong.

Jean Bricmont teaches physics in Belgium and is a member of the Brussels
Tribunal. His new book, Humanitarian Imperialism, is published by
Monthly Review Press. He can be reached at [email protected]
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Quote sulooni Replybullet Posted: 10 October 2007 at 1:18pm
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Sawtul Khilafah
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Quote Sawtul Khilafah Replybullet Posted: 02 November 2007 at 5:54pm
Originally posted by Sawtul Khilafah

I think the reason why this whole thing is being hightened now is to trick the resistance in Iraq...why? Because a lot of Sunni fighters in Iraq are fed up with Iran sending in their forces to help the United States, so much so that the leader of a major group in Iraq called "The Islamic State of Iraq" lead by Abu Omar al-Baghdad said that if Iran doesnt stop helping the US war on Iraq, he is actually going to make WAR ON IRAN!!!

In order to trick him and other fighters in Iraq, the US is spread whole "we're gonna invade Iran" lie. This they hope would have two effects on Sunni Iraqis and other mujahideen:

1: They would be tricked into thinking that USA and Iran are really enemies and their alliance in Iraq is only "temporary and insignifcant".

2: They would think that by attacking Iran they are doing what America wants.

In other words, they are trying to discourage them from attacking Iran by spreading the rumour that the US is planning to do the same thing....

Im sad to say that the Taliban have fallen for this trick, and since the Taliban are closely allied to al-Qaeda, I assume they too have been fooled into believing that the USA wants to invade Iran...

Taliban Commander Mulla Mansoor said in a very recent interview:

"This is a plan  of the Infidels to attack Iran, they say that they support us weapon and and and this is just a brazen lie and that the World will support the Americans and Bush in their plan to attack iran..."

He also said:

We and the Mujahideen of iraq All praise belongs to God we share good friendships and we support them in all ways we see them as our brothers and we trie to share our strategys plans with them and we trie to reach our friendships with all brothers who fight in the way of allah we will support them ...

This was of course one of the main reasons why the Western Media and the US Government made people think that they are planning to invade Iran (something that they have been "planning" for nearly 30 years but never actually doing anything).

So the Sunni resistance has been tricked and in fact, Abu Omar al-Baghdadi the leader of the biggest Jihadi force in Iraq (which includes Al-Qaeda), seems to have canceled his plan to fight Iran (he was going to fight Iran a few months ago, since he didn't I assume he canceled it).

Im not sure who was tricked first (Taliban or al-Qaeda in Iraq or al-Qaeda in Afghanistan - or all at the same time) but from what Mullah Mansoor said (that they share their strategy) and from what he said about Iran and Omar Baghdadi cancelling the attack on Iran, it's obvious that they have all been tricked.

So once again, sadly, my prediction came true...


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Quote Sawtul Khilafah Replybullet Posted: 06 December 2007 at 6:44am
Originally posted by Sawtul Khilafah

The whole "USA is going to attack Iran" thing keeps going up an down in the news. One day it's the headline, the next day they say "US found no proof of its accusations against Iran so there wont be an attack". The next day "oooh, the nuclear issue", then "oooh Iran arming insurgents", then "no proof" and so on... (since when has PROOF been valuable to the Bush administration? Remeber Iraq WMDs...? anyone?) 

I was right again!!!

The above article says (and you probably know if you been reading any newspapers or watching any news channels lately) that the US Government has found that Iran is not making nukes...

Another thing that I said that came true was:

On this thread: ;KW=freemasonic&PN=0&TPN=2    I wrote:

Originally posted by Sawtul Khilafah

I guess the Freemasonic American Government is just "too good" to let Bush invade Iran... so we have the good old American Government on one side, and Bush on the other...

So once again my prediction came true, so when are people going to start listening to me? If I was on TV I would by now probably be one of the most famous people in the world!

But of course Forum members like "Duende" think it's all by chance that everything I say turns out to be true and what the so called "talented journalists" say turns out to be false.

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Quote Duende Replybullet Posted: 06 December 2007 at 9:44am
what is your ambition Sawtul, to become a new prophet? or maybe
some sort of Televangelist? Do you seek world fame through
acknowledgment of your self proclaimed talents at divining world political

I have never said it is by chance that your predictions come true, you are
the only person claiming any of your predictions have come true.

At the end of the thread you mention above, you claimed to be 'way
ahead of me' in the knowledge of various organisations and societies
whose plans have largely been implemented over the past 100 years or
more. As I'm used to your posturing and self-delusion, I simply laughed it
off, since the truth is, had you been way ahead of me, you would have
brought in the significance of these parties already.

Whether or not the Bush administration or any subsequent admin actually
attacks Iran will not be because of anything you have said. The PTB
simply want to ensure the Moslem world remains underdeveloped and
economically strapped. When the Shah began the nuclear programme, it
pointed towards an eventual development in Iran, economic and social,
something which the Americans and British could not allow as this would
ensure Iranian dominance of the whole region. Thus, the Iranian
Revolution was encouraged and allowed to take place. The result: Iran was
thrown into a kind of Middle Ages; no economic nor social progress.

Curiously, this strategy of preventing Moslems from self-realisation has
been practiced since the days of the Christian crusades. It is quite
stunning to see the same tactics used in the 15th Century being repeated
in the modern world. It also doesn't require your convoluted, tiresome
headache inducing explanations for this or that.
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