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Introduction: Who am I?
 IslamiCity Forum - Islamic Discussion Forum : General : Introduction: Who am I?
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Quote peacemaker Replybullet Posted: 16 September 2006 at 12:23am

Originally posted by abuzuhri

Dear Peacemaker,
Thanks for your great interest. Please see my two other posts on The Sage/Rasul in Chinese and Islamic View and The Seeker at the Forum/Discussion Islam for Non-Muslims. It is great weapon of da'wa if we love and learn more about the noble fitrah of chinese ancient sages and its people. peace and Cai jian.

abu zuhri shin

Assalamu Alaikum,

Insha Allah I will go through those posts in details. Jazak Allah Khair.


Then which of the favours of your Lord will ye deny?
Qur'an 55:13
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Quote abuzuhri Replybullet Posted: 21 December 2006 at 5:28pm

Salam Dear Ummziba, Peacemaker

Suleiman, Amalhayati2 and Angel,

Welcome to read more from my humble postings spread out in many forums on this Islamicity website. Cant remember all of them, you may search it smartly. Here are the title of my new postings:

Encounter With Mr.Shu Ming of China

To Sit in Sunlight or Shadow (Secret of Yin Yang)

The Secrets of Seven in I Ching and Islam

My Journey Into Islam

The Sage/Rasul in Chinese Classics and Islamic Views

Master Izi Commentary on Stillness (Yin)

To Kill The Debate on The Road of Buddha, Zen and Tao

THe Bright Future of Chinese Muslims in Malaysia-2006 Special Report

A New Chinese Muslim Hajj Journal- Part One

Insya'Allah, many more essays and encounters story will appear at least once a month. Just keep track and search for it. If the brave seekers and readers got extra resources, they will sooner or later will find out my Tea Hut retreats and personal blogs ( 3 of them). It caters for different audience.

Warmest parting peace to you all. Cai jian.

Abuzhuri shin @ Zhao Dong Qin, Western Lake of Putrajaya, Malaysia



abuzuhri shin
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Quote southman4b Replybullet Posted: 25 December 2006 at 1:51pm
Wa Alaikum As Salaam,

I look forward to your fellowship and continued posts of enlightenment.

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Quote abuzuhri Replybullet Posted: 22 January 2007 at 4:20pm

Dear sd southman,

Alhamdulillah, seek you will find more. Be thirsty and more water will gush forth. Be free to fly and taste all kind of islamic knowlegdes and if your are meet, kisses and embraced by people loved by Him and His Rasul. There are no higher companions that the fuqara/seekers as indicated by Sh Abu Madyan. You are most welcome to taste my tea at this teahuts at or

Anyway, i am also love much on the southern part of america like texas, sant antonio (old memory and a best friend from malaysia buried at the zahra institute), new mexico and albuqui ? where our sh nuradeen build his zawiya/muddy mosque and madrsah. Berkerley of california where sometimes ago our friends daniel hakim moore and hajj abdal aziz redpath and frijot capra traded zen discussions etc.

Old Zuigan advise us : Oh Master !, Yes...yes.Not Tiger Wood.

Be sober ! Yes...yes...Half in Kansas and another half at Florida.

Dont be cheated !, I will not be deceived. I will stand firm, sober and use my Master roars and arrows to strike ! Ha ha ha. This is only a quarter zen koan. The rest need your exploration.


abuzuhri shin
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Quote hat2010 Replybullet Posted: 23 January 2007 at 12:16pm
Salaam Abuzuhri,

I welcome you to Fes with my whole heart - please visit anytime (just give
the heads up).

God keep you close,

Jamal Morelli
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Quote abuzuhri Replybullet Posted: 22 March 2007 at 7:40pm



Read in the name of your Creator

You will never know your fate

Then set out to discover life

The school cannot teach the seeker

They are programming achievers


Do you want a piercing advice ?

From the sage of a hundred generation

How can forgot about Mencius or Lao Tzu

Oh Chinese seeker, here here not in China

You will find the aswer

Al-Hujwiri says in Kashful Mahjub

A reality without a name in beginning

Now too many fighting over a sufi name

Ming bu fu shi-goes the saying


The Heaven and earth cannot contain

My precious secret, only the true one can bear it

All men within four seas are brothers

China is not the central kingdom anymore

The Tao of Heaven appear everywhere

The Tao of men slowly disappeared

Follow what  the Heaven Decrees

Call it- Ming, call it Revelation or Wahyu

Gnosis or Illumination sounds better.

Master Pai Chang said: Quick quick aprehend it !

or the wild ducks fly away from Zen Blue Cliff Mountains.


Try comprehend Tao and Islam

In beautiful calligraphic strokes

Why not learn the movements of Qigong Taiji

Stand still inwardly in harmony

Embrace the Tiger and return to the Mountain

This is your original nature( read I Ching)


The Reality had declared itself

At the History highest altars

Beyond forms and matters

Ask yourself why Marx and Mao rise up

To sweep away decadent beliefs(atheist China)


The masses cannot think

‘Old wisdom only in books’

help me oh my seeker friend !

you speak a very different language

like a Sufic-Wu Li dancing Masters( had read Gary Zukav)


Openly witness the One Reality

and affirm the Noble Messenger-Glorious Sage

Who honored you before your Ancestors

His wisdom light already in your chest

An Illuminated path neither East or West

Nurun alan-nur, yahdiLlahu li-nurihi man yasyaau.

Wa Allahu bi-kulli syain alim

Translate it for me. Be brave O seeker in you.

The Straight Path is in front of you.


The men of Tao delights in flowing water

The superior men delight in mountains

Why, the wise sages alway in the move, never still

Master Kung says: Set your heart upon the Way-Tao.

Support yourself by its Power-Te'.


The Messenger of Peace says:

Seek knowledge even unto China

A few seconds of reflection is better than a thousand prayers

Your life is a testing journey

To the Garden or the Fire


Do not be cheated by pretenders

All the Gurus self appointed leaders

Shaykh Ibnu Athaillah indicated in Hikam:

Idfin wujuka fil-ardhi khumuli

Enrich yourself in the earth of obscurity

In order to bloom perfectly later


The I Ching Hexagram says:

When the Sage is in a lowly position

Is like a dragon concealed in depths.

One the should nurture/cultivate inner virtues

In obscurity while awaiting the proper time to act.

The rest is your choice.

Yin and Yang, don’t let the Shadow of fears and doubts

Cover your future destiny


Uncover the Light of iman within that will

Lead you to the Garden of Bliss Eternally

Ya ayyatuhan nafsul-muthmainna irji ila Rabbiki

Radhiyyatan mardhiya. Fadhkhuli fi ibadi

Wa adhkhuli Jannati.

Otherwise you get only the sunburns (Yang) or

Remains in the shades (Yin) of ignorance forever.


abuzuhri shin
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Joined: 12 September 2006
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Quote abuzuhri Replybullet Posted: 15 May 2007 at 5:04pm

Renaissance and Kota Bharu

Last week by unexpected wind of fortune, I was blown away from my Putrajaya office ( Ministry of XX) to attend Enhancing Networking Skills for 40 senior federal Malaysian PTD officers at Renaissance Hotel from 8 to 11 May 2007. A five star jewel in Kota Bharu, the state city of Kelantan province about 400km north east of kuala lumpur.

What a shining suprise when our consultant speaker introduced herself as Nor Julia Lai from International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) email: [email protected]. She first taught us to recognize 4 main human characters before engaging others in social, business, political or spiritual networking duels.

Who is a peaceful, supportive amicable DOVE, who is a wise conservative cool OWL, who is a introvert expressive showy PEACOCK and last who is a fast paced, ruthless, egoistic, leader like a EAGLE ? She broke down our ice, closed mindsets and fears when interacting with other races or world outside our offices. She got a fierce daughter who aims to study in the Beijing University after her MCE/SPM to recover lost ground because her half chinese blood. She also outlined what is EQ versus IQ, what conflict and disaster can arise if you are not balance or sensitive to your surroundings. Hey..are this not about Feng Shui, Yin and Yang , about recognizing Superior man/woman Chuntzi and Hsiao Ren ?

It remind me about the Tao of Relationship by Ray Griggs where my daughter now in Machester University expertly spins out a poem as follow:

My poem is about seeking
what is sought is never defined
Why, bcos words are metaphor.
The experience they create is vicarious.
Words obscure understanding by creating
illuison of understanding'
They confine and limit the deception that
the mystery or truth has been captured.

'Words only represent one's light
where there is naming, the name is
mistaken for what has been named.

Sages have always know this.
They transcend names.

Heaven bless the one who sings the truth

Or keep wispers of iman for the few

There...Syakira Yeoh her friend in Bukit Jalil Sport School now ranked number 10 in Asian Tour Bowling share a common interest..bash any guy who dare ridicule my pure noble chinese lineage ! May be our chulai Adien Yein 30, Suffian Yim 20 and Azlan Yeng 17, children of Medical Professor Dr.Norella Kong Chiew Yong of UKM Hospital able join forces to confront those forbid us to decorate our chinese surnames. Long live our Kong forefathers !

Next posting may be we can reflect the words of Julia Lai : " no one can understand why I marry my hubby 31 years back- a moment of madness if you recall that at the age of 22, we defy all odds !". Now I can take a deep Taichi breathe and look at those bewildered PTD officers with a wry smile...
cai jian.


On Thursday 10 may 2007 after evening lecture at Renaissance Hotel, I phoned Fadzli Ng, Kelantan Macma (Malaysian Chinese Muslim Association) branch new Secretary who replaced Br.Johari Yap leaving for New Zealand soon to accompany her wife Ph.D study. He responded immediately and took me in his old Citroen car to visit Macma office in Jalan Kebun, Kota Baharu. There we met Haji Rafi Ong who operated a Restaurant Islamic Saudara Baru at the ground floor. I signed the guest book and took photos with Fadzli Ng and Rafi Ong, then have drinks at his expense.

Before leaving the Macma meagre office my heart jump with joy when saw the blueprint of 3 storey new Macma building at Kubang Kerian land donated by Kelantan Goverment drawn by my architect friend Ridha Luan of University Technology of Malaysia (UTM). He also blessed with a Kelantanese wife and four children, aptly named Elina Lua Meng age 9, Muhammad Lua Ming Te age 8, Elissa Lua Meng age 4 and Ibrahim Lua Ming Te age 2.

We cannot think of their current success but had to mention the support and help given by Macma Kelantan Chairman Dato’ Haji Anuar Tan, a first chinese elected State Exco and Assemblyman of Kota Lama in Kelantan unequalled elsewhere where he defeated a BN Malay Umno man in a 95% majority malay area ! He was given royal Dato’ by Sultan of Kelantan and very close to Nik Aziz the aging ulama Chief Minister. May Allah bless him in his tireless work for islam and uplifting the chinese muslim community.


This unique political event remind us of Tun Omar Ong Yoke Lin leadership who was well accepted as a former senior Malaysian Chinese Association  Vice President, Federal Minister during Tunku Prime Minister era in 1960-70s and lastly as Senate President of Malaysian Parliament before retired in 1980s. There is another illustrious General Omar Pai of Taiwan or during the Nationalist Kuomintang rule of China in 1930s second in command after supremo Gen. Chiang Khai Shek. It was during this turbulent times Hj Ibrahim Ma and his family decide to migrate and live permanently in Malaysia and contributed greatly to the Islamic da’wa revival works.

abuzuhri shin
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Joined: 12 September 2006
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Quote abuzuhri Replybullet Posted: 03 June 2007 at 6:01am

Seek, you shall find. Knock, the door will be

opened unto Dailin Nur Tea Hut.

This world is a watery shadow of Ocean love

that sea of light cannot be contained

in single human beings, so leave fragments

and be the Mountain..that people alway remember you


The love you must enter lives in the Saints

and Prophets. It is already the ocean, whereas

most loving still filters through countryside

enjoying the passage


As you become existence

you will distribute creation

lavishly blessing everybody

Wa ma arsalnaka illa rahmatulil-alamin..


(page 348 The Essential Rumi -Coleman Barks 2004)



Bravo To Prof.Datin Dr. Norella Kong and Prof. Dr.Izham Cheong.


This evening during our week end solitary Travel outside the Dragon Gate Mountains, we have found out  two prominent names of Chinese Muslim Professors in the National University of Malaysia (UKM), in the Internal Medicine Department. First, Prof.Datin Dr. Norella Kong ( wife of Prof.Dato’ Khalid Abdul Kadir, Dean of Monash University, Kuala Lumpur Branch) and secondly, Prof. Dr.Izham Cheong. They are qualified to teach and train doctors at Masters level for Master in Cardiology, Master in Health Science and Master of Internal Science. The detail subjects are as below:


The course will be divided into three stages :-

a) First stage (Year I) Consists of Basic Medical Sciences and clinical instruction at the Junior Medical Officer status. This part of the course can be done either in the Department of Medicine HUKM or in a Medical Department in any government or private hospitals in Malaysia recognised by the Postgraduate Committee.

b) Second stage (Year II and III) consists of :- Clinical teaching in the form of rotational postings in specific specialities such as Neurology, Nephrology, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Endocrinology, Haematology, Dermatology, Respiratory Medicine, Rheumatology and Infectious Disease. Candidates are required have one case report from every specialty posting in Year II and III Candidates are required to carry out a clinical research in Year II to IV and to submit its report to the Committee on Postgraduate Course through the Department of Medicine. This report must be approved by the Committee on Postgraduate Course in Medicine before a candidate can be conferred the degree of Master of Medicine (Internal Medicine).

c) Third stage (year IV) consists of:- Research, ward and clinic work as a specialist in Internal Medicine in-training under the supervision and with the guidance of a lecturer or a consultant physician from the Department of Medicine.

Qualification : 1. Applicants must posses either M.B.B.S., M.B.Ch. B, M.D. or its equivalent from a recognised University. 2. Must have at least two years of clinical experience after graduation. 3. Candidates must also be registered with the Malaysian Medical Council

Last Greeting of Peace By Autumn Wind  Professor Dr. Azman Lim.

 Not to be left out after a final search, we found the name of Professor Dr. Azman Lim another kindred soul and pure hearted believer from the Lim Family Surname, now serving the Department of Microbiology and Immunology of same the University (UKM).

Note: Source from


abuzuhri shin
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