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Introduction: Who am I?
 IslamiCity Forum - Islamic Discussion Forum : General : Introduction: Who am I?
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Quote abuzuhri Replybullet Posted: 06 August 2007 at 6:42pm

When this seeker still not muslim in 1978, he read about Shaykh Zarruq and Shaykh Alawi in the Library of University of Malaya, kuala lumpur. Now he had found the connection with this great sufi sh.Darqawi of Morocco in early 1800s:


My Encounter With The Letters of Shaykh Mawlay al-Arabi ad- Darqawi

( Madina Press 2005, Cape Town)  page 89:


 “  I was so strong in my intoxication and sobriety that my skin almost ripped apart and my essence was nearly obliterated. My Lord strengthen me with a strength of which we do not know and had not heard. No one had spoken to us about it. That was that He –glory be to Him ! put my strength in my weakness, my heat in my coldness, my might in my abasement, my wealth in my poverty, my power in my incapacity, my wideness in my constriction, my expansion in my contraction, my victory in my defeat, my finding in my loss, my arrival in my being cut off, my love in my aversion, my rightness in my wrongness, my profit in my loss, my elevation in my humiliation and so forth. Because of that my feet were firm on the Path so that i could be in this difficult time without a companion, i.e without a Teacher. There is no doubts that time had very few charms and many ugly qualities.


Know my brothers, may Allah teach you good and shield you from evil ! whatever people of earnestness without jest move, or we might say, fumble in any affair, by Allah, news about that comes from all countries and is famous among the slaves and freemen, the young and old. The matter is hidden from everyone, although everyone talk about it. This confirm what the Messenger s.a.w said: ‘ whoever conceals a secret, Allah will clothe him in its cloak’. Understand and take note of what is said immediately.”


Page 91 : “ Strip yourself of the wolrd of impurity as the sheep is stripped of its skin. Forget it, and do not remember it at all. Then, Allah willing, your luminosity wil grow stronger, i.e the meanings will come to you with their immense, powerful, forceful armies. They will carry you swiftly to your homeland. However test it. The knowledge of realities lies in the testing.


The sensory has overpowered people and seized their hearts and limbs. It has left them deaf, dumb and blind in spite of the existence of their ulama, salihun and amirs. There are very few of them indeed who are safe from it”.


Letter 60, page 99 : “ If he acts as we have mentioned, divine waridat will come to him. They are knowledge by divine gift which flow as water flows by the clouds of mercy, the thunder of mercy, the coolness of mercy, the wind of mercy, until the rain of mercy begins to fall on his heart every hour. Then there is new knowledge and new action “.


Postscript :

This book is distributed by Madinan Distributor, No. 4 (Shi-Death in mandarin) Jalan Pawang (Magician Road), Off Jalan Keramat Hujung (End of Miracles) 54000 Kuala Lumpur ( derived from The Muddy Ecstuary at Masjid Jamek). Printed by Art Printing Works Sdn Bhd ( Co.No.9406-D) my old chinese faithful printer in Bangsar, now moved to Petaling Jaya who printed a lot of Prof.Syed Naquib al-Attas books in the 1980s and 1990s. Available at all MPH bookstores in Klang Valley at RM40.00 (again a death sentence to the thieving nafs. Master Izi gave 30 blows to unripe questioners.


May be you better ask my american desert friend jamal morelli of Fez about how many thousand of fuqara shaykh darqawi taught when he passed away in 1235 hijra or 1814 AD about 80 years old. He was buried in Bu Barih at tribe of Bani Zarwal at Jabal az-zabib, may Allah protect it. It was a two days journey from city of Fez by mules and camels)

abuzuhri shin
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