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Quote rememberallah Replybullet Posted: 31 July 2012 at 12:31pm
In islam we can not ask separation from our madu {to whom we have to deliver our message of islam and get them to islam} that is our first duty as muslims....those who have forgotten it and are betraying Allah ask for separation......the greatest muslims came to india to unite and make them part of Ummah and were so successful that india is second most populous muslim nation due to their efforts.......the lowest of muslims seek to go aeay and look the other way, leave a mark on the heart of our madu so deep that dais can not make inroads to their hearts......i think kashmiris should not ask for independence and live with the rest of muslims in india....religion is no ground for division.....creation of pakistan was a big mistake that took the two communities {hindus and muslims} oceans apart though they live next door......indian army entered kashmir in this fashion after 1989 when violence was started in the name of independence and kashmiri hindus were killed and their property taken and their women raped by us muslims, and majority of them still live in exile and remember their ancestral home in which now some muslim family is living.....
why what will they get? what did pakistan get? how can we leave our madu?? even if our madu is negative towards us we have to remain positive towards them for the sake of Allah.....that Allah wants us to get them to islam, as muslims we know Allah is our God just as He is theirs, how can we let creatures of Allah go to hell?
Quran is witness -  when prophet musa sought separation from his madu Allah made him wander for 40 yrs in wilderness.....when prophet yunus sought separation from his madu Allah put him in the belly of the whale for 40 we muslims are seeking separation from our madu everywhere and see how we are in the wilderness and in the belly of the whale.
Prophet Muhammad {pbuh} said at the time of fateh mecca "today i will be like my brother Yusuf"....when will we muslims say that today we will be like the one whom prophet Muhammad {pbuh} became??
Quran is witness, time is witness to Quran, and Allah is witness over the time- Prophet Yusuf's story started in the belly of the whale ie in troubles of all kinds, attempt to murder, enslavement, false rape charges, unjust imprisonment by the non-muslim king......but his act of running the khilafat ie not seeking separation but well for his unjust madu, even in his slavery to non-muslim masters took him out of the belly of the whale ie his troubles and restored him his honor.....truly honor and dishonor is in Allah's hands.
When will the eyes of us muslims open? How has satan took us so far?
may Allah guide us
The whole world is like Hazrat Umar but no one is like his sister and brother in law.
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