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Quote ummziba Replybullet Posted: 18 August 2006 at 11:53am

Assalamu alaikum Sister Hanan,

I know you won't lose any sleep over Patty's name calling, but so you know, I give you "two thumbs up"!

Assalamu alaikum Sister Herjihad,

Good post!


You have made it quite apparent from many of your posts that you will scream "hater", "anti-american", "bigoted" and the like to just about anyone who does not see the world in the same way that you do.  Like it or not, you seem to represent the kind of American that makes so many others in the world just shake their heads in disbelief at the incredulity of your refusal to see the world through anything but your own eyes.

Peace, ummziba.


Sticks and stones may break my bones, but your words...they break my soul ~
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Quote Angela Replybullet Posted: 18 August 2006 at 12:22pm

I have one response to Hanan's assertion the average american is somehow for the war...  Do you realize that the support for the war has dwindled to less than 1/3? 

So, by laws of averages, the Average american does not support the war.

Though, I will give you credit and Patty might disagree with me.  Those of us who are vocal against Israel, the War on Terrorism and against the administration are often treated with hostility by those that do.

There is a silent majority here in the US.  Most americans would rather end the war, bring home the troops and focus on domestic issues. 

The administration has been doing a good job of keeping this silent majority quiet by using fear, intimidation and propaganda.

I am disgusted by the assertions made by some of you that Americans are somehow all white bigots and apathetic warmongers.

This is where I loose respect for your arguements. 

First off, this is a nation of many cultures.  You can enter every major city and find clusters of ethnic groups living together.  Yes, there is racism.  But what gets the news?  Certainly not the good.

There are 295 Million Americans....and yet, a handful of stories, politicians and criminals is all you see. 

How about those poor americans who DON'T give a second thought to the middle east?  Did you ever stop to think why?  They are too busy trying to survive.  They don't have the money or education to fight to get the government to stop.  This applies to most of the middle class as well.  Many are just trying to survive.

You talk about the racism in America, but I see Arabs being just as racist against others.  America does not have a monopoly on Racism.  If anything there are far worse societies when it comes to this. 

We have a freedom of press, which means all our dirty laundry gets aired for all to see.  But many of the complaints I've seen here are universal sins of many countries.

The US has the misfortune right now of being the only true Superpower in the world.  Therefore, no one looks at the arms dealing coming out of Russia.

Originally posted by Herjihad

But when America is the one exporting the bombs and money and your country is the one they are landing on, how can (And get this, Brother Israfil, your original topic) people not "dislike" America?

This is why most of the warlords in Africa carry AKs?  Why Hizbollah has Katushka Rockets? 

The majority of illegal weapons sales do not come out of the US.  There are two major groups that get Weapons from the US Israel and Pakistan.

Now, Since all the world doesn't universally have problems with this group, its only the Middle East that has issue with us selling to Israel.

I notice that in peoples signatures, many of the worst American haters live here.

So can I ask why?

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Quote Patty Replybullet Posted: 18 August 2006 at 1:27pm
Originally posted by Hanan

Patty wrote: There were, and are, MANY signs which reveal how many have died since the war began too, and I believe you realize this. In the very tiny village next to where I live there is a big field which is filled with tiny white flags, each one representing the death of an Iraqi since the beginning of the war, and it changes everyday.

Anti-war activists put them there, not the average white American. Needless to say the activists are treated like so much dirt by their fellow Americans.

No, it is NOT that Americans don't care. It is just the opposite....but many still persist in their attempts to portray us as people who don't care.

Americans in general don’t care about anything but the dead presidents. That is one thing Blacks and Whites have in common, and they kill for it if they have to.

How many care when an American dies? Not many, I'd wager. So how compassionate is that?

As soon as AMERICANS start caring about the teenagers and other much-too-young-to-die soldiers, then maybe the world would see that Americans have a heart and start caring too.

Why should I care about the death of a soldier who’s mother says that she is proud that he died for his country. The mothers of the suicide bombers say the same thing, but they are hated by Americans for saying it.

Is his country under threat? Terrorists? Doesn’t this mean that the government of Americans isn’t doing its job.

The greatest country in the world? Not true! Sweden is the greatest country in the world!!! Can you refute that?

It is my opinion that Americans hate themselves and therefore think that everyone else hates them too. When will they realize that we have much more pity for them than any other emotion.

Where did I post anything bigoted or hateful in my post.  I was pointing out that in our small community even we place flags to remind us of the many deaths which have, and are occurring in Iraq.  I work, along with my Church, for many efforts for peace.  I do not support President Bush.  I never have said that I support him.  I detest politics!

You insult me on a regular basis, and you have no idea what my thoughts really are.  As you have just been here a few weeks, how could you possibly know me?  Or have you been here a bit longer under a different "name"?  Or are you perhaps being "coached" by another person?

So, I am supposed to hate the country I was born and raised in because I cannot control the federal government??  How ludicrous! Of course this country has faults....every country has faults.  But I wonder sometimes why so many people from other lands want to come here to live in such an evil place, and those who are here are determined to stay...they certainly don't want to leave.  Why is that if this country is so terrible?

You have been misjudging me for several days now, and I have no idea why.  I have my opinions which may differ from yours.  That's natural to have differences.  But I am not blind.  I am well-read and have much compassion for all those who are suffering.  You choose to disregard anything I say, or even condemn me for calling the Iraqi people "fine Iraqi people".  It would not matter to you what I say because you (for whatever reasons) dislike me personally.  Both you and herjihad have taken to insulting me, talking rudely to me, and twisting my opinions and words.  I have absolutely no idea why.

But it doesn't matter, really.  I know what I am....that I do love all people as God commanded us.  That I spend much time working for peaceful efforts within my church and community.  So if it pleases you in some unknown (by me) way to behave as you are, then go ahead.  Hopefully the many Muslims here who do know what I'm really like will stand up for me....and if not, well that's okay too.  But it is very disheartening and saddening to see how you treat others you have no real knowledge of.

God's Peace.  (I do hope your reasons come to light one day.)

Edited by Patty

I don't know what the future holds....but I know who holds the future.
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Quote ops154 Replybullet Posted: 18 August 2006 at 3:32pm
Hanan showing that true spirit of herself!!!
Get it through your heads that I don't support Bush or the Israeli's! Thank your lucky stars for America is here to stay!!!
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Quote Whisper Replybullet Posted: 19 August 2006 at 10:06am


You have made it quite apparent from many of your posts that you will scream "hater", "anti-american", "bigoted" and the like to just about anyone who does not see the world in the same way that you do.

Don't listen to her at all and, please, don't worry. Tomorrow I will search around and find a few new words for you. They are just a bit bored with these three you have in hand.

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Quote Cassandra Replybullet Posted: 19 August 2006 at 12:32pm

Whisper, et al:  They are "Love", "Universal", "Family"....we'll get there one day, but we have to get outside our tribal and personal egos first.  Oh how little we have grown as a species!  

Just one more instance of "Cassandra's" prophecies being ignored.

When I joined this forum, I thought you were looking for answers!!! The questions are obvious enough. Get a Life, Folks!


P.S., Herjihad: Forgive me.  We seem to be sharing The Colour Purple.  Pistols at Dawn?  Or shall we just get together for a cup of tea? "She who shall not be named" now seems to be a distant memory.  I am happy to go back to Green?

Edited by Cassandra
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Quote Israfil Replybullet Posted: 19 August 2006 at 5:51pm

I have indeed come to the realization that America's image has been tarnished overtime, due to not only its policies, but its actions to various peoples over this planet. With that saying all what has been said here in opposition to the United States is somewhat accurate. I can understand the dislike for those of you who really dislike (or even hate) the United States. But the problem with those of you who complain about the one-sidedness of the United States too, have the same one-sidedness that America reflects.

The average response to "resistence" fighters and "suicide bombers" does not have the same resounding disdain as the average "American hater." Obviously, for many reasons noted here is the excuse that such an individual is reacting from the many decades of oppression of the United States. I really want people to see both sides of the spectrum. It is easy to dislike or hate America but not easy to dislike or hate the individual who professes belief in Islam and kills in the name of religion. I hate both actions. One by my country and one by so-called people of my faith. Any lief that is taken innocently by someone of my faith is not supported by me let's get that clear. But also, we as Muslims must also take into account for ourselves including me, on our moral accountability.

I cannot stress that enough because as we all believe God will judge each of us accordingly. A friend of mine had an interesting theory that since we as humans reach the end of our evolutionary cycle (of the formation of our being etc) from hunter-gatherer to parasite we have indeed over populated and over consumed our resources (at least almost) to the point where we humans will, in the near future kill each other for the other persons resources. Sounds far fetched? No closer to the truth then the average stop sign in your city.

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Quote Hanan Replybullet Posted: 19 August 2006 at 6:39pm


Edited by Hanan
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