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Interfaith Dialogue
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Quote Andalus Replybullet Posted: 02 June 2006 at 4:13pm

Originally posted by AnnieTwo


How can I convince you AnnieTwo?

Not by blasting away at the Bible, not by presenting former Christian testimonies who have embraced Islam.  I could counter with former Muslims who have embraced Christianity.

You must explain why you believe that Muhammad was a prophet.  What proof do you have?  Why should one believe that Muhammad was a prophet?  The Qur'an is not proof.

It is your faith, isn't it?  You have faith that he was a prophet.  Isn't it all based on faith?

Were you always a Muslim?  Were you born one?  What is your testimony?


Your Gospel contains obvious mistakes.

Please address this point of contention I presented. ;PN=3

Insha'Allah, I will present more points in the future. They are points that have caused me to reject your faith. 

A feeling of discouragement when you slip up is a sure sign that you put your faith in deeds. -Ibn 'Ata'llah
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Quote Mishmish Replybullet Posted: 02 June 2006 at 6:27pm

Annie wrote:

"A Muslim who says that they were a former "Christian" and has converted to Islam, is not being accurate."

I am a former Christian who is now a Muslim. What part am I being inaccurate about?

Everyone in my family are still Christians. My mother was raised in the Catholic Church, but fell away into more Evangelical Christianity as she became an adult. My father and his family were Baptists. My father has passed away. They all still believe that Jesus is the son of God, although my sister Shari who spent many years as a Jehovah's Witness does not believe that Jesus is God. She does however believe that you must accept Jesus as your Savior. They also all believe in the Trinity, except my sister Shari. They cannot logically explain it, just as I could never logically explain it when a Christian, but they believe it.


My grandmother used to tell us stories about revelation and the Bible when we were babies. I grew up on Christianity. I received my first Bible, a white leather King James Version with gold gilding and gold leaf on the front, when I was 5 years old. It had a picture of a very blond, blue-eyed Jesus in the inner jacket, with children and sheep gathered around him as the sun shone through his halo. It was a gift from my Uncle John who was a preacher.  I attended numerous conferences, lectures, etc... regarding Christianity. I was baptised, then baptised again when I reached puberty because I wanted to reaffirm my faith. Even at this early age I was having problems accepting some of the beliefs and dogma of the Christian religion. I thought by being baptised the lack of logic would just wash away.

You will also find that I am not ignorant of Christian doctrine. You cannot say you disbelieve something until you know what it is you disbelieve.


It is only with the heart that one can see clearly, what is essential is invisible to the eye. (The Little Prince)
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Quote zulqarnain Replybullet Posted: 09 June 2006 at 11:25pm
Fredi, Economics was tough but it went well, by the Grace of Allah. But let me tell you people something. Ali Sina "bends the meaning of the word in a context". I know this when I read how he interpreted one of the Sahih Hadith. If he was true to his words, he would PUBLICLY challenge Prominent Muslim Scholars, not posting replies on the internet .
And We have not sent you(O Muhammad!) but as a mercy to the worlds. (Al-Quran 21: 107)
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