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Quote JohnDM Replybullet Posted: 24 May 2005 at 11:31am
And I forgot, that June 10, 2005 is 1,368 days after September 11, 2001.

And 1,368 days as feet is the height of the North Tower, and 1,368 is
twice 684 x 10 is 6840 the reference number for the Stars and Stripes,
the flag of Death at 190 x 36 lots.

But the North Tower is the 'Tower of Adam and Eve'.


Because Adam was created 8:45am May 28, 3873BC and 3,902 years
before the St. Peter began preaching in Jerusalem at Pentecost at 9am
May 28, AD30 and so the start of the Christian Church.

And at 9am May 28, 3871BC Eve was created, that is two years after
Adam, and 12 hours later at 9pm May 28, 3871 there was a great
wedding ceremony, for Adam married Eve, and 3900 years before the
Church, the Bride of Christ, began.

Now the difference between Adam's creation and the wedding ceremony
is 730.994152 days, (it really is) and this time period divided by
1,000,000 and reciprocated is 1,368 days or feet, the height of the North
Tower or the World Trade Center. So a wedding canopy of the Stars and

And counting from the coronation of the Queen on June 2, 1953 until
June 10, 2005 it is 52.0203 years or 19,000 days.

And counting from 5am on Columbus Day of October 12, 1492 as the
Admiral stood on the sandy shore of Watling Island, to the date of the
New World Order on December 25, 2012 is 190,000 days.

And counting from 4am June 10, 2005 to Columbia Day of December 25,
2012 is 7.541675 years or 2,754.538 days and cubed is 2,0900000e+10
and this is "I bring Death (19) to the World (11)" for 19 x 11 is 209.

And 209 x 209 is 16 lots of 2,730.0625 feet that is the height of the
North Tower at 1,368 feet + the height of the South 'Bloody' Tower at
1,362.0625 feet.

So I suggest June 10, is going to be a BAD DAY.

"Ignorance is no refuge"
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Guest Group

Joined: 25 March 2005
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Quote JohnDM Replybullet Posted: 24 May 2005 at 12:47pm
Obviously, I just don't suggest a date for anything in the past unless it
has other 'witnesses'.

For example Eve entered the Garder area and stood before the Tree of the
Knowledge of Good and Evil at 9:30pm September 1, 3836BC.

This was 12,880 days after her creation from a bone out of the rib of

And from the Holy Ghost coming upon Mary at 2:30am January 1, 6BC,
the seed of which caused the birth of Jesus at 2:30am October 1, 6BC.

Counting from 2;30am January 1, 6BC until 3:03pm Friday, April 7, AD30,
and three hours before Passover, when Jesus Christ died on the Cross, is
12,880 days.

So Jesus, called Adam Two was indeed following the same time code as
Adam One.

Now Adam arrived at 9:30am September 2, 3836BC knowing his wife Eve
had spent the night with the Adversay, the Deceiver Ahriman.

So I assume she took the fruit from the 'Tree of Ahriman' and so
committed adultery.

Adam was upset, but Eve lied. At about 11am the 'spirt' of sarcophagus
came into the Garden, meaning that there was 3,829.330293 years from
11am September 2, 3836BC to 2:30am January 1, 6BC and the conception
of Mary. And 3,829.330293 and /100 and cubed and /Pi thrice and x 40
and cube root is the internal volume of the sarcophagus in the King's
Chamber of the Great Pyramid at 41.68626181 cubic feet.

The internal volume of the sarcophagus symbolises the Tower of Babel or
the New Jerusalem.

Anyway, at 6pm September 2nd 3836BC and 8.5 hours after Adam
arrived, the mighty fallen elohim, named Ahriman leaves the Garden
having taken the dominion which Adam had over mankind.

So Adam and Eve, stood there in the Garden naked, with the banner of
the Skull and Crossbones lying on the ground.

At this time, the question is, "Did Adam have sexual intercourse with his
wife? And if so did Abel come from this union? And did the night spent
with the Adversary cause Eve to be pregnant with Cain, for she gave birth
to the twins Cain and Abel.

And so Eve gave birth to Cain and Abel 273 days later and Cain killed
Abel 6,120 days (sons of God at 1,530 x 4) after conception and 5,847
days after birth, aged 16 years.

And counting from the creation of Eve at 9am May 28th 3871BC to her sin
at 9:30pm September 1, 3836BC is 12,880 days + 6120 days is 19,000
days. Thus Cain is the assassin and kills his brother Abel after 19,000
days, or 52.0202 years, the number for Death is 19. So the first murder
has the reference number 19.

And it continues with time and space fitting nicely together.


"Ignorance is no refuge"
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Guest Group

Joined: 25 March 2005
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Quote JohnDM Replybullet Posted: 24 May 2005 at 10:29pm
NASA – Big Bang – Serpent Rouge

First to the Serpent’s ‘Tower of Babel’ around the Earth.

The geostationary orbit: is a circular orbit in the equatorial plane, any
point on which revolves about the Earth in the same direction and with
the same period as the Earth's rotation. (188) Note: An object in a
geostationary orbit will remain directly above a fixed point on the equator
at a distance of approximately 42,164 km or 26,200miles from the center
of the Earth, i.e. , approximately 35,787 km above mean sea level.”

And 26,200 miles, is the ‘Babel’ the distance from the geostationary
communication satellites to the center of the Earth.

And Bloody South Tower of the World Trade Center at 1,362 feet x 100
and 136,200 miles divided by 1.5 and Pi twice + the Serpent at 17,000
miles is 26,200 miles, so we communicate via the Serpent Rouge so to

NASA said one that the first generation of stars to shine in the Universe
first ignited only 200 million years after the Big Bang, much earlier than
many scientists had expected.

In addition, the new portrait precisely gives the age of the Universe at
13.7 billion years old, with a remarkably small one percent margin of

The contents of the Universe include 4% atoms (ordinary matter), 23% of
an unknown type of dark matter, and 73% of a mysterious dark energy.
The new measurements even shed light on the nature of the dark energy,
which acts as a sort of an anti-gravity.

The light we see today as the cosmic microwave background has traveled
13.7 billion years to reach us. And we are told that within this light are
infinitesimal patterns that mark the seeds of what later grew into clusters
of galaxies and the vast structure we see all around us. And the patterns
in the Big Bang afterglow were ‘frozen’ in place only 380,000 years
(190,000 x 2) after the Big Bang. The temperature averages 2.73 degrees
above absolute zero temperature, with slight temperature fluctuations,
which vary by only millionths of a degree.

Now 13,700,000,000 years x the Earth’s side real year of 365.2563612
days x 864,000 seconds x light speed at 186,282.208 miles per second
(299,792kms) and squared x Pi x 9 times is equivalent to 2.620000e+46
x 7 times.

So male human blood at 340.5 pounds per A.E. cubic cubit x 4 is 1,362
pounds and as feet was the height of the South Tower, and divided by 1.5
and by Pi twice + the Serpent at 17,000 miles is 26,200 miles, a reference
seen in the Big Bang at 13.7 billion years.
"Ignorance is no refuge"
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Guest Group

Joined: 25 March 2005
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Quote JohnDM Replybullet Posted: 24 May 2005 at 11:11pm
The Great Black Frog - the Washington Monument

OK, now the Great Black Frog, the Deceiver Ahriman was hopping and
laughing on September 11, 2001 because as he saw the horror he
thought back to 11:14am Friday, April 7, AD30 and he saw that Jesus
Christ was suffering on the Cross, having been nailed there for 2 hours
14 minutes, so 3 hours 46 minutes before death after 6 hours of

The Great Black Frog smiled as he counted backwards from September
11, 2001 to 11:14am Friday, April 7, AD30 is one seventh 13,800 years.

And Ahriman knew that his reference number 17,700 less 13,800 was
3,900 years from the creation of Eve at 'Pentecost' May 28, 3871BC and 2
years after Adam to the foundation of the Church at 9am May 28, AD30.

Of course Ahriman knew that the Washington Monument was his own
symbol. In that the height at 555 feet 1.25 inches x base width of 55 feet
1.5 inches x top shaft width of 34 feet 5.5 inches gave a volume of
39,075.6361 cubic yards and cubed twice is 12 x 1.77000e+40.

So the Washington Monument is emphatically that of the Great Black Frog,
the Deceiver Ahriman, who has within him the Old Dragon at 322 + the
Beast at 933 + the False Prophet at 515 is 1770 or three Frogs each at

Ahriman also likes his old symbol, the sarcophagus in the King's
Chamber, for the volume of the granite 'frame' is 40.800060 cubic feet
and cubed twice and square root is 17,700,000.

And then there is external volume of the sarcophagus at 82.486863 cubic
feet x 100 and squared is light speed at 186,282.386 miles per second in
space, x the Earth's sidereal year at 365.2563612 days.

And 82.486863 cubic feet and squared and cubed twice x Pi is
9.8192000e+34 or Death at 1.90000e+15 x 1.90000e+15 x the Serpent
1700 x 16 lots and so his own 40.8 cubic feet wraps around Ahriman
himself and so he covers the 'woman' at 41.6862618 cubic feet, the
internal volume of the sarcophagus.

Clever were those Ancient Egyptians with their pieces of knotted
measuring string, knowing, 'Number Form Follows Measurement


"Ignorance is no refuge"
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Joined: 24 May 2005
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Quote ibn_abi_waqqas Replybullet Posted: 25 May 2005 at 7:02am

This should be re-emphasized. My post is in answer to the original thread, not the ensuing jumbled stuff:

The Arabic wording of the verse definitely suggests the modern discovery that the universe is expanding.

Some people cite old translations of the verse in order to prove that Muslims now mistranslate it in order to fit it with the new discovery. However, they are wrong: Those translations are all interpretations rather than genuine translations. "... wa inna la moosi'oon" means "... and we are extending it in size" or "we are expanding it".

Say: "This is my way: I do invite to Allah - on evidence clear as the seeing with one's eyes- I and whoever follows me. Glory to Allah. I will never join imaginary gods with Allah."
(Qur'an: 12,108)
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Guest Group

Joined: 25 March 2005
Location: United Kingdom
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Quote JohnDM Replybullet Posted: 25 May 2005 at 11:04am
Expanding? But lets get real and measure what is there.

The Galactic ‘cosmic ray’ Pyramid.

Galactic cosmic rays (GCRs) are the high-energy particles that flow into
our solar system from far away in the Galaxy. GCRs are mostly pieces of
atoms: protons, electrons, and atomic nuclei which have had all of the
surrounding electrons stripped during their high-speed (almost the speed
of light) passage through the Galaxy. Cosmic rays provide one of our few
direct samples of matter from outside the solar system.

So cosmic rays are high energy charged particles, originating in outer
space, that travel at nearly the speed of light and strike the Earth from all
directions. Most cosmic rays are the nuclei of atoms, ranging from the
lightest to the heaviest elements in the periodic table. Cosmic rays also
include high energy electrons, positrons, and other subatomic particles.
The term ‘cosmic rays’ usually refers to galactic cosmic rays, which
originate in sources outside the solar system, distributed throughout our
Milky Way galaxy. However, this term has also come to include other
classes of energetic particles in space, including nuclei and electrons
accelerated in association with energetic events on the Sun (called solar
energetic particles), and particles accelerated in interplanetary space.

From the 1930s to the 1950s, before man-made particle accelerators
reached very high energies, cosmic rays served as a source of particles
for high energy physics investigations, and led to the discovery of
subatomic particles that included the positron and muon. To measure
cosmic rays directly, before they have been slowed down and broken up
by the atmosphere, research is carried out by instruments carried on
spacecraft and high altitude balloons, using particle detectors similar to
those used in nuclear and high energy physics experiments. The energy
of cosmic rays is usually measured in units of MeV, for mega-electron
volts, or GeV, for giga-electron volts. (One electron volt is the energy
gained when an electron is accelerated through a potential difference of 1
volt). Most galactic cosmic rays have energies between 100 MeV
(corresponding to a velocity for protons of 43% of the speed of light) and
10 GeV (corresponding to 99.6% of the speed of light). And the average
percentage is thus 71.3% of the speed of light.

OK, and I need to mention that the ‘magic’ speed of light, so the
scientists tell us is 71% of the speed of light in a vacuum which is
186,282.478 miles per second, so 71% is 132,260.5598 miles per
second, and this ‘magic’ speed squared twice is twice 1.5300000e+20
the reference for the sond of God, the angels of light is 153 and 170 less
the tithe is 153. And counting 1 + 2 + 3... + 14 + 15 + 16 + 17 is 153.

Now the ‘Third Pyramid’ is the Pyramid of Mycerinus at 356.5 x 356.5 x
218 feet. And the base width by two sides is 713 feet.

And the ‘Cosmic Rays’ at 71.3% of the speed of light at 186,282.592
miles per second is 132,819.488 miles per second. And 132,819.488
miles per second x 3 seconds x Pi and cubed twice and square root is
thrice 9.15750000e+26.

And the volume of the Great Pyramid is 91,575,000 cubic feet. And the
height of both Twin Towers is 2730 feet. And the reciprocal of
91,575,000 cubic feet x 4 is 2.730002730e-09.

So thanks to the Third Pyramid’s base width the First Pyramid can be
formed and fashioned out of the speed of the Universal ‘Cosmic Rays’.

Clever those Ancient Egyptians who measured with a knotted piece of



Hatshepsu's Board Game.

A daughter of Thothmes I, an extraordinary woman was
Pharaoh Hatshepsu. She intermarried with her brother,
Thothmes II, and ruled jointly with him until he died,
and alone as Pharaoh for 15 years follewed for a time
with her younger brother Thothmes III. During Hatshepsu's
reign some of Egypt's most brilliant architecture was
built. It was at this time Moses was growing into
adulthood at her royal court. Moses, we are told,
learned all the wisdom of the Egyptians.

Now to 'Amen-Khnum-Hat-Shepsu'.
In the 17th chapter of the 'Book for the Dead',
it says, "Making transformations at their will;
and playing being in a pavilion, a living soul (draughts)."

This board game was usually played by two players each with
six pieces, and each set was distinct from the other.
The pieces were often cone shape, (pavilion, a cone over
the pyramid?), or else surmounted by a pointed or spherical
head with or without an animal's head. The boards had nine
squares, cells, along one direction, and 17 along the other,
totalling 153 cells, a number related to nine writhing serpents.
The 153 cells were alternately coloured red or black.
Thus, by number, this is a game of the Great Serpent.

One of the games, found in the tomb of Queen Hatshepsu, is an
inlaid or veneered draught board with the squares divided by ivory
strips. The board consists of 30 cells, three rows of ten, and
on the otherside of the board is a layout of 20 cells. The board
is 12.5ins long, 4.125ins wide and 2.5ins deep, with a drawer in
the middle to keep the pieces. By adding together the three
measurements it is 19.125ins and by 8 lots = 153 and divided
by 9 = 17, the Serpent, so another game where the Serpent is
involved through its number.

And 17 x 24 = 408, the number formed from the Archangel of Darkness,
and the volume of the frame of the sarcophagus at 40.80 cubic feet,
within the King's Chamber, a chamber which has a Coffer with the same
ID numbers, the same numbers written into draughts, the 'game of the
pavilions', the 'game of the living souls'. And like Hatshepsu, because she
played this game, it is recorded by Herodotus, that Rameses III,
played draughts with Isis, the wife of Osiris, and that he sometimes one,
now isn't that nice. Anyway, they do seem to like the number '17'.
"Ignorance is no refuge"
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Guest Group

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Quote JohnDM Replybullet Posted: 25 May 2005 at 1:32pm

Moslem Thinking?

It does seem as if Moslems want not to research into that which reveals
the presence of spiritual beings that are usually unseen by us humans.

Question. How many Moslems study Ancient Egypt of the Pyramid Age?

For example is there one Moslem on this planet that knows that the
architect of the Great Pyramid knew the speed of light?

Now we know the North Tower of the World Trade Center was 1368 feet
high and is 24 times 57 feet. And 57 feet is the maximum length of the
sacred rock beneath the Dome on the Rock shrine or mosque.

And Building Seven of the World Trade Center was 570 feet high, a
building of Death.

Now we know that the South Tower was 1,362 feet high and is 4 times
340.5 pounds per Ancient Egyptian cubic cubit filled with male human

And the Twin Towers at 1368 + 1362 feet is 2730 feet.

And the volume of the Great Pyramid at 91,575,000 cubic feet x 4 and
reciprocated is 2.730002730e-09

Now the length of the average base of the Great Pyramid is 440 cubits at
20.612 inches of 755.77334 feet. And the width of the granite base
expands by 3 inches per 20 degrees Fahrenheit, so on a very hot day the
base width will be 756 feet or 126 x 6 feet.

Now the width of the Great Pyramid at 755.77475 feet and cubed and
squared and multiplied by the speed of light at 186,282.535 miles per
second and square root is equivalent to 1,368,000 x 136,200. And the
Twin Towers were 1,368 feet and 1,362 feet.

So did the architect of the Twin Towers know that he was using both light
speed and the measurements of the Ancient Pyramid or was this some
freak coincidence which is a stupid suggestion.

So how clever were those Ancient Egyptians who used a knotted piece of
string to measure whatsoever.

But then some Moslems have a problem with 'Number Form Follows
Measurement Function'.



There is a Biblical reference to what some feel is that of the Great
Pyramid, namely:

"At that time there will be an altar for the Yahweh in the middle of Egypt
and a monument to the Yahweh at the border of Egypt. This will be a sign
and a witness to Yahweh, the All-Powerful in the land of Egypt. When the
people cry to Yahweh for help, he will send someone to save and defend
them. He will rescue them from those who hurt them." Isaiah 19:19 –20

The Knox translation is:

“There will an altar set up to the Lord for all Egypt to see, and at its
frontier a pillar dedicated to him, a trophy there, in Egypt, bringing the
Lord of hosts to mind. Cry they out to him, when they suffer oppression,
he will give them a saviour, a champion, to deliver them.” Isaiah 19:19 –

And the Moffatt translation:

“Then shall there be an altar to the Eternal in the heart of the land of
Egypt, a pillar to the Eternal on the frontier. This shall serve as a reminder
and a witness to the Lord of hosts within the land of Egypt; so that, when
any who are oppressed cry to the Eternal to send a champion, he will
intervene and rescue them.” Isaiah 19:19-20.

So we have a specific reference to an ‘altar’ and a ‘monument’ that will be
in Egypt. The location of this ‘altar’ and is sketched in terms which seem
to be contradictory; in that it will be at the ‘border’ of Egypt at the same
time it will be in the ‘middle’ of Egypt. The apparent contradiction really
shows that is where the Great Pyramid is, on the delta quadrant, and on
the edge of a rocky plateau. It is some eight miles south west of Cairo
and 12 miles north of the ancient city of Memphis.

If the Great Pyramid is the ‘altar’ then such a description is added to this
unique stone monument of the ancient knowledge of geometry,
mathematics, astronomy, and architecture. An ‘altar’ was once called, “ Ta
Khut’ the Light, a ‘Pillar of Light’.

And the historian James Ferguson wrote in his ‘History of Architecture’,
“The most perfect and gigantic specimen of masonry that the world has
yet seen.”

William Kingsland the engineer who thoroughly measured the Great
Pyramid, wrote, “Though the Great Pyramid is in Egypt, is it of Egypt.”

So to how I believe that the Great Pyramid, or its supernatural twin, is the
Altar of Yahweh.


The architect of the Great Pyramid must have first designed on his
drawing board an octahedron with all 12 edges at 440 cubits. And so an
octahedron at 203,500,000 cubic feet and less 10% and halved is
91,575,000 cubic feet the volume of the Great Pyramid with four base
sides of 440 cubits or 755,77341 feet, the same measurement as each of
the 12 edges of the octahedron. And so 755.77341 feet cubed x 0.4714,
makes this vast octahedron with a volume of 203,500,000 cubic feet, and
less 10% is twice 91,575,000 cubic feet, the volume of the Great Pyramid.
"Ignorance is no refuge"
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Quote Angel Replybullet Posted: 27 May 2005 at 5:31am
Yes, those Ancient Eyptians where quite something
~ Our feet are earthbound, but our hearts and our minds have wings ~
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